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Bread and Circus – Week in Review – The Corbett Report

Posted by JerseyG

Rand Paul fan who stomped woman’s head wants apology; Assailant Mike Pezzano goes missing

Rand Paul with his newly fired Bourbon County, KY coordinator and woman-stomper, Tim Profitt

By Rady Ananda

UPDATE 10/28 4 am: Mike Pezzano emerged from silence and spoke with Fox 41, condemning the head stomping by Tim Profitt.

New info and more videos have emerged since the brutal stomping a Rand Paul protester received under the jackboot of yahoo, Tim Profitt, who pathologically sees himself as the victim.  Mike Pezzano, who helped in wrestling 23-year-old Lauren Valle to the ground, disappeared until yesterday after his identity was broadcast on the web.  Valle suffered a concussion which may prompt Lexington, Kentucky police to raise the charges from misdemeanor to felony assault.  Tea Partiers ID’d Pezzano from a photo taken of him and posted to the web.

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Rand Paul Supporter Stomps Protester

By JerseyG

Rand Paul is a war mongering, zionist supporting, right winger.

His supporters are the worst of the tea partiers.   Was it really necessary for them to pin down that woman from moveon.org as that cretin steps on her head, smashing it into the ground?   That guy was Paul’s campaign worker.  Where is Paul’s condemnation of this incident?  His campaign issued two lameass statements but no real apology.  He needs to “man up” and apologize publicly for the behavior of his brown shirt supporters.  Talk about Orwellian symbolism….. God help us if this man and more of his ilk are elected.

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