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Corbett’s satire on 9/11 (video)

By Corbett Report

Everything you ever wanted to know about the 9/11 conspiracy theory in under 5 minutes.

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Disclosure 2011 (video ad)

Intro by Forbidden Knowledge TV

You might need to be a proud owner of a tinfoil hat to get all of the conspiracy jokes in this cute, animated short, pretending to be a fake advertisement targeted to the would-be controllers of the world, in a spoof of a 1950s laundry detergent commercial geared towards housewives:

Hey! Are your ideas for global takeover falling apart?
Are you losing sleep over humanity’s mass-awakening?
Is false-flag terrorism fizzling out?
Global Warming gone cold on ya?

Well, don’t give up! Get Disclosure (Brain Washing Powder)! You’ll be able to unite mankind with a phony problem and enslave them with a One World Government — and Taxes!

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Martial Law Plans Revealed?

Oh, the rulers are so full of secrets, and just hate it when anyone exposes any of them… but here’s a good commentary on CONgress:

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Ideas On The Path Toward Revolutionary Regression: Issue 1

What's A Little Blasphemy Among Friends At The Y?

Think of these tidbits entreats, open-ended brainstorming sessions between me and the voices in my head.  Short and sweet,  usually after work, caught in traffic on the way home to be caught in domestic “bliss,” I sense a flash of inspiration comingled with the justifiable ire of a former citizen of a democratic republic that has since gone mad with Mussolini-style fascism.

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Scan WOW: Change your physique for TSA

By WakeUp2NWO

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