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Oakland mayoral recall underway; Police issue statement; Cop who shot Olsen ID’d

By COTO Report

Today, the Oakland Police Officers Assn. issued a statement publicizing the conflicting orders coming from the Mayor’s Office, while efforts to recall Mayor Jean Quan have begun.

Additionally, the officer who shot Oakland protester and Iraq Vet, Scott Olsen, has been identified by Anonymous as Deputy Sheriff Scott Bergstresser, of the San Francisco Sheriff’s Dept., Emergency Services Unit (Badge #1342).

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A Poem for Scott Olsen, the Veteran and Protester Put in a Coma by Oakland Police

By Steven D
Booman Tribune
Wed Oct 26th, 2011 at 08:39:13 PM EST

My rubber bullets smashed in the face of a veteran
and then I picked up a kitten ever so gently.
I was the perfect picture of a policeman.I was only one person in one battalion
just doing his job, and doing it superbly.
My rubber bullets smashed in the face of a veteran

but orders are orders. I followed the game plan,
and my bosses said I acted honorably.
I was the prefect picture of a policeman

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