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Revolution Is a Legitimate Option

Seize DC! September 10, 2011

By Timothy Gatto
The Peoples Voice

The current state of affairs in America is untenable. The government that the American people put into power has turned its back on the majority of Americans. Both major political parties are sustained by corporate dollars for their political campaigns and by out-and-out bribery. There are fundamental ills that are destroying the United States that must be addressed. These are:

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Secret Service visits CLG member, asks about Seize DC

Seize DC! September 10, 2011

By Lori Price
Citizens for Legitimate Government

In two-hour session, Secret Service agents ask, ‘What do you know about Seize DC?’

Citizens for Legitimate Government readers are aware of the numerous .govs and .mils in the CLG website logs. [See: CLG Sunshine Project.] The US Senate, Secret Service, CIA, Naval Research Laboratory, DHS, DIA, etc., troll the CLG website on a regular basis. Now, apparently, the Feds have started to troll the people in addition to the site. On Friday, a CLG Newsletter subscriber and CLG Facebook friend/Twitter ‘follower,’ informed CLG that he received a visit from two Secret Service agents at his home.

The Feds’ inquiry target, Chad Smith*, sent CLG an email that included the following information.

“After receiving a visit from two Secret Service agents and a two-hour interview about “my credible threats against President Obama” the police state is here! I never advocated violence against Bush or Obama so I believe that we have Facebook moles or that Facebook and Twitter are just letting the government have access to any information they wish (without warrants). 4th Amendment? Not anymore! Just keep this in mind going forward.”

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