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Poll Shows Public Wants Medicare for All

BMedicare4Ally Glen Ford

President Obama attempts to depict proponents of Medicare for all as lefty health care “extremists.” But that’s precisely the kind of “robust” public plan favored by two-thirds of Americans, according to a recent poll. Obama is to the Right of the people, and the GOP is off the map.

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Fiscal Responsibility and Health Care Reform

medicare for allBy Robert A. Levine, M.D.
New England Journal of Medicine

The complexity of the present system, with multiple sources of coverage, is the main cause of high administrative costs for US healthcare, amounting to over $500 billion annually. Unneeded procedures, ordered by and that enrich physicians, amount to over $800 billion this year alone. To reduce administrative costs and simplify the system, a single-payer system that provides universal coverage is mandatory, writes Dr. Levine.

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The End of Camelot: A Liberal Lion Wakes No More

By Rady Ananda

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