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G20 Sound Cannons Can’t Stop the Public Voice

By Rady Ananda

This three-minute YouTube by Al Jazeera captures some of the concerns of those G20 protesters whom global elites brutalized with rubber bullets and sound cannons, despite our inalienable rights to assemble peacefully and state our piece.

One local Pittsburgh TV station also caught on film what some of our intelligent youth have to say, two days before the military and local police attacked marchers, Continue reading

The G-20 Announces a “New World Order”


Citizens Respond

Michael Collins

PITTSBURGH — A new world order is emerging at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh with a decision by the group to become the premier coordinating body on economic issues.  Continue reading

Military Attacks American Citizens with Sound Weapons, Tear Gas at G20

By Paul Joseph Watson

Secret Service confirms that police are shooting G20 protesters with “bean bags.” Video confirms Pittsburgh Police use sonic weapons, breaching eardrums of thousands – residents, travelers, media and protesters. Police presume collateral damage to be worth suppressing 1st Amendment Rights.

Police officers block a street during a protest prior to the ...

REUTERS UPDATE: Secret Service confirms that police are shooting G20 protesters with “bean bags.” But check out what they look like. Continue reading

San Diego County deploys sonic weapon, unaware it can deafen citizens permanently

Sonic Weapons Used in Iraq Positioned at Congressional Townhall Meetings

LRAD used in San Diego 9-09 x eastcountymagazine.orgBy Miriam Raftery

September 11, 2009 (San Diego) – “Long-range acoustic devices [LRADs] for crowd control can be extremely dangerous. These are used in Iraq to control insurgents. They can cause serious and lasting harm to humans…We want to know WHY our Sheriff Dept has this weapon,” Sal Magallanez of San Diego-based Liberty One Radio said in an e-mail sent to East County Magazine, prompting a joint investigation.

Continue reading