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The Bourne Stupidity: Brits outed for Taliban imposter

By PressTV

Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s chief of staff says British diplomats brought a fake Taliban commander to sensitive government meetings.

Mohammad Umer Daudzai made remarks in an interview with The Washington Post on Thursday.

“The last lesson we draw from this: International partners should not get excited so quickly with those kind of things.”

The imposter tried to impersonate Taliban commander Mullah Mansour. He disappeared after an employee who knew the real Mansour raised the alarm.

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RAWA on International Women’s Day

Emancipation of Afghan women not attainable as long as the occupation, Taliban and “National Front” criminals are not sacked

Feb. 2010 Local warlords in Ghor province in Western Afghanistan publicly flogged two Afghan women.

By Revolutionary Association of Women of Afghanistan

Today, on the 8th of March, Afghan women are mourning for the gang-rape of Bashiras and Saimas, for being flogged by most lowed elements, for being auctioned in open market and for their young daughters who put an end to their miserable lives by self-immolation. But the perpetrators of all these crimes are forgiven; therefore they enjoy complete immunity, are still holding their official positions and tightening it through plundering our people and country.

Though we don’t expect anything different from the most corrupt and dirty puppet regime of the world, the pain of Afghan women turns chronic when the world believes that the US and NATO has donated liberation, democracy and human and women rights for Afghanistan; Continue reading

Welcome to Orwell’s world

By John Pilger

Obama’s lies over the Afghanistan war remind us of the lessons of Nineteen Eighty-Four

In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell described a superstate, Oceania, whose language of war inverted lies that “passed into history and became truth. ‘Who controls the past,’ ran the Party slogan, ‘controls the future: who controls the present controls the past’.”

Barack Obama is the leader of a contemporary Oceania. In two speeches at the close of the decade, the Nobel Peace Prize-winner affirmed that peace was no longer peace, but rather a permanent war that “extends well beyond Afghanistan and Pakistan” to “disorderly regions, failed states, diffuse enemies”. He called this “global security” and invited our gratitude. To the people of Afghanistan, which the US has invaded and occupied, he said wittily: “We have no interest in occupying your country.”

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The Baggage of American Extremism

No Enemy, No Negotiations: Only the Dead Are Real

By Gordon Duff , Senior Editor

Information Clearinghouse “Veterans Today” — When General Petraeus asked for the “surge” in Iraq, he also opened negotiations with top Sunni and Shiite militia leaders, opened not only “negotiations” but started passing out cash.  This combined with the “hammer” of a powerful new military force was the temporary military solution he had been tasked with, one that was, within limits, successful.  The lack of real diplomatic negotiations after that has bogged the US down in Iraq where it now looks like we may spend years.

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Civilising Afghanistan To Death

afghan us opium x RAWABy Jeff Sparrow

In Afghanistan, if the US military thinks you might be connected to the drug trade, they can simply shoot you on sight.

Over in Afghanistan, the locals have once again displayed their backwardness, this time by objecting to the US military’s compilation of a hit list: a register of suspected drug lords for army units to kill on sight. Afghan officials object that foreign troops summarily executing people identified as criminals via secret evidence will — get this! — undermine the local justice system.

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Pakistan Press on Waziristan Campaign

The battle for Waziristan
By Sayed Bokhari
DAWN.Com Sunday, 18 Oct, 2009

The army has spent weeks cutting off militants’ escape routes and softening
up targets in the region, using limited intelligence-led ground and air strikes.
— Photo by AP

Though military operations are launched unannounced to catch the enemy off guard, the case of Operation Rah-i-Nijaat has been altogether different.

While at the time of writing troop movement and reports emanating from Peshawar indicated that the operation had begun in South Waziristan, since June there have been regular indications that the army was ready to start hostilities against the Taliban in the area.

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Afghan Women to Tour US: End the Occupation; Liberation Only Comes from Within

RAWA Zoya Tour


President Obama’s anticipated deployment of additional troops to Afghanistan is being justified in part by the Taliban threat to Afghan women. To mark the eigth anniversary of the start of Operation Enduring Freedom, a member of a prominent Afghan women’s rights group will tour the United States this month, with a different message to Obama and Congress: “Liberation can only come from within – end the US occupation.”

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Gaza Blockade Is Great for al Qaeda

taliban in gazaBy Antony Loewenstein

The recent shootout in a Gaza mosque has highlighted the way Israel’s blockade of the strip radicalises people and encourages terrorism.

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My Country of Horror and Possibility

(c) Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images

(c) Veronique de Viguerie/Getty Images

By Fatima Bhutto

“There are so many odds against us that we almost shouldn’t be. But somehow we are.”

Widely speculated to be a future heir to the Bhutto political dynasty, Fatima Bhutto, 27-year-old niece of the late Benazir Bhutto, has captured public imagination across Pakistan. A poet and writer, she openly denounces birthright politics and uses her pen to advocate for a truly democratic nation.

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Afghanistan: The Explanations Don’t Stack Up

From the 2008 film, Opium War

From the 2008 film, Opium War

By Michael Brull

Our war in Afghanistan is usually justified as an anti-terrorist mission or a nation-building exercise. But neither of these explanations is actually true.

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