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Hey, Congress: Need Money? Cut Pentagon Budget

Not $1 More campaign

There’s a lot of talk in Congress about our budget these days and it’s all about one thing: Spending less money. But there’s one place that nobody, not Congress, the President or the press wants to talk about belt-tightening – the Pentagon.

It’s just plain silly: Over half of all the money Congress makes decisions on goes directly into the Pentagon’s pocket, and that doesn’t even count the money for the actual wars! If we’re already discussing cuts to stuff that Americans really need – like job training, home heating assistance, and research into clean energy – then EVERYTHING needs to be “on the table” for cuts.

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Yes Men prank AP on GE promise to pay back taxes

By The Yes Men

GE Returns Billions to Public… NOT

USA Today, AP fall for US Uncut ploy; GE stock loses billions

Washington, DC – US Uncut, a burgeoning grassroots movement pressuring corporate tax cheats to pay their fair share, posted today a fake GE press release announcing that they would return their illegitimate (but legal) $3.2 billion tax refund, and that they would lobby to close the sort of corporate tax loopholes that had allowed them to skip taxes in the first place. Several major media outlets, including USA Today, ran the story as true. (Here is a link to the original USA Today story; here is the first article debunking the release.)

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Bank whistleblower gets 40 months prison time


In a surprisingly heavy judgment, Bradley Birkenfeld, the former UBS AG private banker who blew the whistle on a wide-ranging scheme in which the Swiss bank helped wealthy Americans dodge income taxes through secret accounts, was sentenced to 40 months in prison Friday morning.

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