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Houston cops who stomp 15-yr-old charged with misdemeanor

By Rady Ananda

The recent public release of a video capturing police brutality that resulted in seven Houston police officers being fired while only four have been charged with misdemeanors has prompted fresh outrage. In the video above, we see 15-year-old Chad Holley running from the cops after a robbery on March 23 of last year. After being knocked to the ground by a police car, he immediately rolls onto his stomach and puts his hands behind his head. Before cuffing him, Houston police begin kicking him in the head and punching him several times in a clear felonious assault.

Note that one cop, standing between the boy’s legs, kicks him in his groin four times, and smashes his knees in an apparent attempt to break them. Another cop slugs him several times while others hold the boy down.

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Canada’s stealth martial law: Public Works Protection Act

By Paul Jay

YOUR RIGHTS CAN DISAPPEAR IN A SNAP – The Ontario Cabinet imposes something close to martial law without you even knowing

Everybody in Ontario should understand the Public Works Protection Act. It sounds like some obscure piece of legislation that couldn’t matter very much to most people. But look again. With a snap of the Ontario Cabinet’s fingers, they can essentially eliminate your right to assemble and eliminate probable cause before your person or your car could be searched.

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