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Sebelius-backed biotech firm reorganizing under criminal probe

KBA urged Homeland Security to locate bioweapons lab in Tornado Alley

Kathleen Sebelius with Tom Thornton in this 2008 Topeka Capital-Journal image.

By Rady Ananda

The head of Health and Human Services not only denies that Americans have a right to bodily health and food of their choice, but Kathleen Sebelius is hell bent on spending taxpayer money to promote genetically modified food and drugs. One of her projects, Kansas Bioscience Authority, a publicly funded venture enterprise developed to promote biotechnology, is currently under criminal investigation. CEO Tom Thornton has resigned.

KBA also lobbied the Dept. of Homeland Security for the highly controversial bioweapons and cattle disease lab in the state, along with former Governor Sebelius, now President Obama’s Cabinet Secretary. Under her governorship and full support, the Kansas Economic Growth Act of 2004 passed, funding KBA’s mission with $581 million in tax revenue to develop a bioscience industry in Kansas.

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DHS: 70% Chance Disease Will Escape Proposed Bioweapons Lab in Tornado Alley

File this in the “Well, Duh!?!” department. Farmers and ranchers have been screaming about this for months. Tornado Alley is generally considered to include Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Kansas averages 47 tornadoes a year, while Oklahoma averages 52, Texas 124 and Nebraska 37, per DisasterCenter.com. The tiny yellow-red star in Kansas is where gov wants to locate the lab. And let’s not kid ourselves, translate NewsSpeak of “biodefense” with”bioweapons development.”  ~Ed.

New Study Questions Safety of Proposed Biodefense Laboratory
By Martin Matishak
Global Security Newswire

This November 16 article should have stated that a calculation that there is a nearly 70 percent chance a pathogen could escape the planned Bio and Agro-Defense Facility in Kansas was made by a National Research Council panel based on data from a U.S. Homeland Security Department risk assessment. The NRC panel also estimated economic losses of between $9 billion and $50 billion from a postulated foot-and-mouth disease outbreak.

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