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Ontario Cops Gone Wild: False arrests, beatings, and naked detentions

By Rady Ananda

Ontario police have a penchant for brutality, sexual assault and false arrest, the latest example exposed during a civil lawsuit filed last month.

During preparations for the G20 Summit last year, Sean Salvati was arrested in Toronto for saying, “Well, good luck on Saturday.”

Here’s police video of the incident:

“One of the officers grabbed the neck and began punching me,” Salvati said in an interview with the Star [on June 23]. “(He) mentioned something about ‘These are your rights.’ You know? Like: ‘You think you have rights? These are your rights.’”

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9/11: Long-awaited International Hearings Set for September, 2011

By Toronto Hearings

Four days of international hearings (September 8-11, 2011) will be held at Ryerson University in Toronto on the tenth anniversary of this pivotal event.

The events of September 11 have provided a pretext for a War on Terror that has replaced the Cold War as a global conflict framework within which military invasions and occupations have taken place.

The focus on military solutions to complex human problems has sidetracked humanity at the very moment when peaceful interaction is needed to address genuine challenges facing humanity.

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The Toronto G20 Police State Crackdown

By Dana Gabriel

image by CasaZaza – click to enlarge

It appears as if the G20 summit in Toronto is shaping up to be a showdown between anarchists and police. Caught in the middle of the security circus are local residents. If there is violence and property damage, peaceful protesters will also be demonized. The recent bombing of a bank, perpetrated by a so-called anarchist group, has given an excuse to enact more police state measures during the summit. The curious timing of the attack emphasizes the threat of terrorism and further justifies the huge security apparatus being assembled.

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