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PA faces $4 billion dollar deficit; refuses to tax gas frackers

This is part 2 of TRNN’s coverage of the corporate takeover of Pennsylvania’s natural gas reserves. Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Governor-elect Tom Corbett: “Coming into the job in January, the Republican prosecutor-turned-governor will immediately have to tackle an estimated $4 billion deficit. And because he made a no-tax pledge during his campaign, he will have to do so primarily by slashing spending.”

Free Gas in Pennsylvania?

By Jesse Freeston and Malak Behrouznami
The Real News Network

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Ecuador faces coup: News reports from around the web

By various sources
Reproduced in full below the fold

SOAW reports: On September 30, 2010, around 8am, 150 or more Ecuadoran troops took over the international airport in Quito in protest to congress cutting benefits to police and military. Thousands of Ecuadoran troops have been trained at the School of the Americas.

NarcoNews reports: Oh, crap. Another year, another coup in Latin America. But the military brass have sided with the democratic order – its top general went on TV right strongly backing the elected government. If it holds, this will be the first time in the history of the hemisphere that the Armed Forces of a country stood up against a coup d’etat from the first moment. 

TRNN reports that right wing factions are exploiting left-wing anger at President Rafael Correa for backing down on some of his promises to not exploit the lands for resources which they see as their homelands.

Venezuela Analysis reports: Ecuador is a close ally of Venezuela, and a fellow member of the progressive Bolivarian Alliance of the People of Our America (ALBA). Chavez called on the Ecuadoran military to “not allow them to massacre the Ecuadorian people” and to “rescue President Correa.”

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