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America’s Strategic Repression of the ‘Arab Awakening’

By Andrew Gavin Marshall
Global Research

Taking the position that everything is organized from on high in the corridors of power is a flawed analysis, as is taking the position that America was caught entirely unaware.  We must not see this as an either-or development, but rather a congruence of over-lapping and inter-twining developments. American strategic objectives are aimed at ultimately repressing and co-opting the organic revolutionary uprisings in the Arab world. For the past six years or so, America has been developing and starting to implement a strategy to manage the ‘Arab Awakening’ by promoting “democratization” in a process of “evolution, not revolution.” The need to ‘control’ the ‘Global Political Awakening’ is the most prescient problem in American foreign policy. However, the evolution was evidently not fast enough for the people living under the Arab regimes, and revolution is in the air, writes Andrew Gavin Marshall.

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