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The Van Jones Affair: An ‘Unfriendly Environment’ for Progressives at the White House

VanJones 9-09 xBARBy Glen Ford

A shining progressive star of the Obama administration was unceremoniously dismissed to satisfy the McCarthyites of the GOP. But it must be noted that

Glenn Beck didn’t fire Van Jones, Obama did.

Jones’ “talents are best put to use outside of this ‘progressive-unfriendly’ administration.”

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NBC video: Meet the Press Attacks the Internet, Bloggers & Free Speech

THOUGHT POLICE!  I think they’re just jealous we’re cutting into their market share.

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Obama’s Enviro Guru supports 9/11 Truth: Rethugs get him fired


By Rady Ananda

Oy, the long reach of 9/11 complicity… here we are, eight years later, and the man credited with colorizing the environmental movement with his Clean Energy Jobs Bill, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi embraced, has resigned from the Obama Administration. Right wing neocons pushed for Van Jones’ dismissal citing his “coarse rhetoric” and thought crime. The thought crime is 9/11 Truth, and the vulgarity was calling Republicans “assholes.”

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