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Local Official: Up to 350,000,000 gallons of oil released by BP’s blow-out

Oil spill: BP reverses, admits there’s oil in local waters
By Kimberly Blair
Pensacola News Journal

Escambia County Commissioner Gene Valentino: “You can’t convince me that the dispersants addressed 175 million gallons of oil — and some scientists say double that — that was released into the environment.”

Despite persistent denials from BP last week, thousands of pounds of weathered oil is being pulled from under the surface of Pensacola Bay every day.

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Opened Gulf still soaked with oil; dispersants still being used

Democracy Now! interviews Dahr Jamail 
23 Aug 2010

Areas of the Gulf of Mexico reopened to fishing still show oil and dispersants, according to local fishermen and independent journalist Dahr Jamail. Witnesses report that BP’s contractors are still spraying surface oil with dispersants. With Obama assuring us that Gulf seafood is safe to eat (despite this JAMA report to the contrary), Gulf Coast residents have to wonder if we are not under attack by our own government and the oil barons it serves. ~ Ed.

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