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Sights and Scenes from the One Nation Rally in D.C.

By William Hughes

VIDEO: the National Mall, on Oct. 2, 2010, in Washington, D.C., at the Lincoln Memorial, a massive rally/march was held. Its organizers advocated for jobs, peace, quality education, a single payer healthcare system and for other important social justice issues. ANSWER’s National Coordinator Brian Becker demanded an end to wars that cost a billion dollars every two days, instead demanding that the money be spent here.

[My favorite chant from the below video: Obama ain’t no socialist. WE ARE. WE ARE.]

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The Last of the Mavericks

By Puddy Dunne
Coalition of the Obvious

It is rare for me to even acknowledge Congress as anything but elected lobbyists and globalists, but I have to mention one.

Stars and Stripes 4 sale was my site for the Clinton-Bush gang and I spent years following and cataloguing the Congressional shills. One of the few I had little ammunition against was Russ Feingold (WI).

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