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COTO Report Goes Down Under: An Interview with Maxwell Igan

By Megan ‘Verb’ Kargher

On behalf of COTO Report, I am pleased to present this 68-minute interview with documentary filmmaker, musician and non-violent non-compliance expert, Max Igan.

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Watching two scientific paradigms collapse: GMOs and vaccines

By Meryl Williamson

Those promoting genetic engineering have claimed it is the cutting edge of science. Those in opposition are treated as ill-informed. African scientists who reject genetic engineering are treated as a needy, backward underclass and “starved for science.” Vaccines are considered the greatest gift of modern medicine and those opposed are said to be putting others’ lives at risk.

But whatever high ground the biotech and vaccine industries have claimed for themselves scientifically is crumbling. Both paradigms are beginning to collapse.

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Bell Tolling for the Swine Flu: Video Interview with Theresa Forcades, MD

Video interview with Theresa Forcades, MD, September 23, 2009
Spanish with English subtitles, in six parts, 55 mins.
A Report by Alicia Ninou and Judith Abadias

Theresa Forcades I Vila has a degree in medicine from the University of Barcelona; specializing in internal medicine at New York State University; a PhD in public health from the University of Barcelona; and a degree in theology from Harvard University. After working for many years in the medical field, she later became a Benedictine Nun.

Dr. Forcades reflects on the history, and gives scientific data on, A/H1N1, listing serious irregularities related to the swine flu. She explains the social and political consequences of the declaration of a pandemic, while counseling folks to remain calm.  She calls for an urgent activation of all legal mechanisms to prevent mandatory vaccination, and the participation of all citizens in this matter.

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United Nations plans to emerge as the controlling government: How declaring a pandemic enlarges the United Nations power

PPJG Original Article  Author: Marti Oakley (C) Posted August 22, 2009 at  2:33CST

cop soldierspirate cropd (45 x 45)Reposted exclusively at COTO Report


In 2005, the Inter-Governmental Working Groups (IGWG) of member states, a United Nations group, created what was to become the International Health Regulations, 2005.  This initial plan was revised in 2006, 2007 and again this year 2009.

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Refusing vaccination labels you a ‘criminal’ says WHO

skull vaccineBy Marti Oakley

The World Health Organization determined in 2005  it has the authority to dissolve sovereign governments and take control should there be a “pandemic.”  This applies to any country signed onto WHO….which of course we are.  In June, WHO raised this “mild” week-long flu to level 6 pandemic. 

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