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Kansas Authorities Merge with US Military at Heartland Preparedness Center

Military part started on Heartland Preparedness Center; rest awaits city, county OK

By Rick Plumlee
The Wichita Eagle

There’s some upbeat news for the long-awaited Heartland Preparedness Center.

Not only is dirt being moved for the facility, but the military part of the construction is being done for nearly half the $68 million originally estimated — without scaling back the project.

Construction could start Oct. 31 on the Kansas National Guard Armory, followed in late November by a maintenance shop. Both projects are slated to be completed in March 2013.

If all the pieces fall into place as expected, the center would be the nation’s first homeland defense center merging city and county public safety and the military, officials said. The Kansas Highway Patrol is also trying to join the partnership.

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