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Notes from Mutant Message from Forever

By Jayne Lemon
Art by Casa Zaza

Last week I picked up a book that I’d read awhile ago, Mutant Message from Forever, published in 1998 and it opened to page 248. It’s about the Australian aboriginal people, written by Marlo Morgan and dedicated to Burnum Burnum, Elder of Wurundjeri Tribe.

I’m still grappling with this wisdom; see what you think:

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The Great Teeter Totter

teeter-totterGuest blogged by Howard Switzer 

We certainly live in interesting times.  In a hurry to punish ACORN, a non-profit agency helping poor people with survival issues, food, housing etc., recently caught on tape helping a couple posing as a poor prostitute and pimp, Congress recently passed a law to pull the funding of any organization found using government funds for illegal activities.  I was delighted they passed such a law because while it was intended to de-fund ACORN, an organization who helped poor people, it can now easily be applied as well to the big corporations such as the major defense contractors, major banks, major pharmaceutical companies, the big HMOs and health insurance companies and a good many more.  

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