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Emperor George and the Lost War in Iraq

By Susan Lindauer

Once upon a time there was a President named George who wanted to be Emperor. (Not a bad idea. He was a lousy President. He really needed a different job.)

President George had traveled to Mexico—once. So he figured the whole world was pretty much like Texas. He thought about it for, oh, five minutes. What he needed was a country far, far away to invade. Surely those foreigners would be charmed by his folksy swagger (being more primitive and all). They’d appreciate him more than those Gosh Darn Americans, who had awfully high expectations of a President. Why, he imagined these foreigners would bow and scrape and wow over his every golf shot.

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John Pilger’s ‘The War You Don’t See’ an indictment on journalists

12/22 UPDATE: Film now on YouTube (and below).

By Rady Ananda

In The War You Don’t See (2010, 95 mins), investigative journalist and filmmaker John Pilger chronicles the massive lies that keep the Western world in war on the Middle East and elsewhere. Pilger interviews key journalists involved in propagandizing the wars, along with others, like Dahr Jamail and Mark Manning, who reported independent of the military, as well as Julian Assange, whose whistleblower organization WikiLeaks has released hundreds of thousands of documents evidencing the wholesale, indiscriminate killing of entire populations.

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