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Israeli report claims $2bn stolen from Palestinians

Jonathan Cook, Foreign Correspondent     The National

February 3. 2010

Nearly 50,000 Palestinians from the West Bank are working in Israel and continue to have deductions taken from their pay. Ahmad Gharabli / AFP

Jerusalem // Over the past four decades Israel has defrauded Palestinians working inside Israel of more than US$2 billion (Dh7.4bn) by deducting from their salaries contributions for welfare benefits to which they were never entitled, Israeli economists revealed this week.

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The war on public-sector unions

By Lee Sustar

State and local governments are making deep spending cuts wherever they can, and taking aim at the power of public-sector unions.

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Four Years After Katrina, Workers Still Exploited in the Big Easy

WageTheft newOrl x Inst4Southern StudiesBy Michelle Chen 

Four years on, New Orleans is slowly building itself back up, but the people fueling the effort are sinking ever deeper into an economy founded on exploitation.

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