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Yes Men prank AP on GE promise to pay back taxes

By The Yes Men

GE Returns Billions to Public… NOT

USA Today, AP fall for US Uncut ploy; GE stock loses billions

Washington, DC – US Uncut, a burgeoning grassroots movement pressuring corporate tax cheats to pay their fair share, posted today a fake GE press release announcing that they would return their illegitimate (but legal) $3.2 billion tax refund, and that they would lobby to close the sort of corporate tax loopholes that had allowed them to skip taxes in the first place. Several major media outlets, including USA Today, ran the story as true. (Here is a link to the original USA Today story; here is the first article debunking the release.)

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The Yes Men Fix the World Premieres Tonight at 9 PM

yesmen_252x190Have You Met the Yes Men?

Meet Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno, the Yes Men. According to the Yes Men’s website, their goals are “impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humilate them.”

Watch the mayhem unfold tonight at 9 PM, only on HBO.

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