Now Is the Time Like Never Before

By Michael DiBari

We live in amazing times. Revelations are happening at a rate never before calculated. Where before it took time and effort to find out the truth, it now takes but a few strokes of a keyboard. The effect this is having on society is profound, and its just beginning.

What does this mean? It means the elite power-brokers of the world, that have been running things from behind the scenes for hundreds of years, are being exposed. And exposure is death to these people. And what’s bad for them, is good for anyone that values freedom and individual liberty.

May I quote Thomas Jefferson: “The issue today is the same as it has been throughout all history, whether man shall be allowed to govern himself or be ruled by a small elite.”

But don’t expect to hear about this cretinous cabal of inbred elites in the newspapers, blogs, or news networks, which they own. You will only read about it in the many independent news-blogs, and from those citizen journalists, that you will find on places such as YouTube.

In real-time, citizen journalists are making the Corporate Owned News (CON) irrelevant. When you can read more truth in the comments section of the CON, than from the articles they print, that is the definition of “irrelevant.”

But don’t expect the cretinous elites, known as the Illuminati, or the more exposed Bilderberg Group, among the other secret and semi-secret elite criminal organization names they go by, to give up their ill-gotten stranglehold on our very survival easily. There will be blood. There already is blood. The blood of the 3,000 murdered on September 11, 2001, and all those millions that have died since in the carnage it has spawned. And they’re not done killing us. Their quest has just begun.

The elites are in control of a good deal of the organized means of suppression, mostly through the sysop programs run through their propaganda networks, the intelligence agencies, and the entertainment industries. Even though the truth is rushing forth as never before, and the CON is crumbling, its power to steer public debate can not be underestimated. And the elites still have enough sadistic, goon authoritarians to cause a lot of damage, and damage they will cause. Of that I assure you.

How we act now is of all importance. Even if you believe that there is nothing that can be done to avert what is happening, and going to happen, you have to speak out, and act as though you think it would make a difference. You do this because what is taking place now has never happened before. While we still can we have to use this tool, and every other tool at our disposal, to see the enemies of freedom exposed, so that we can see them shrivel and burn in the light. The more we do now, the less blood will get shed.

This battle is not new. It’s as old as mankind and civilization. What’s different now is the times in which we live. In a matter of 3 generations we’ve come from a mostly rural society, to one that can travel to inner and outer space. And on a planet mostly ruled by the ruthless elites, that has blossomed into dozens of independent countries, that have unfortunately come back under the Illuminati’s cold grip, through their money manipulators in the World Central Banks (WCB).

But this too can be overcome. It’s only figures on a screen. The money the WCB says you owe doesn’t exist. It’s a false debt. An illusion much like the power they have over us. It’s only real if we give it credence. But, ignoring it seems too easy.

It can be as easy as non-compliance. Putting your money in a local Credit Union. Stop watching TV and using credit cards. Buy local goods and services. Just acting on the knowledge is enough. If they weren’t so easy to defeat they wouldn’t spend so much effort keeping the truth hidden.

Let me end by saying once again, that to remain silent is not an option. If you can’t speak-out for whatever reason, then support those around you that are putting their lives at risk to speak the truth. Donate to them. Buy their products. Turn others on to them. It’s all a percentage game, and right now the change is in our favor.

Now is the time for all good men, and women …


And “yes,” you can order copies of my DO THE MATH poster, 12 X 18 inch, on 40% cotton paper. And receive 20, 2 X 3.5″ stickers to spread the word.

6 responses to “Now Is the Time Like Never Before

  1. to remain Silent is NOT an option.
    speaking out is the least we can do, and not just once, but every day to anyone you can.
    the amount of gullible uninformed and msmediated is large, but every word that upsets them and makes them worth it:-)

  2. nice piece, Mike. along these same lines, check out these other videos by citizen journalists
    Occupy the Gill Tract

  3. and see more pictures of DiBari, me and others working on our first video news production at the bottom of this post

  4. What a crew!! looks like the move to New Orleans was synergistic in the extreme: keep up the great work.

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