We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

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This is the definitive and most informative documentary on the events that took place, on 12/14/12, in Sandy Hook, Ct.  If you don’t know that you were deceived by government officials and the main stream media on that fateful winter day, then it’s time you have your mind blown as you watch the truth unfold, minute by minute, within the 2 hours + of this film.

Coming up on the two year anniversary of this event,  I am pleased to present to you this collaborative effort by some excellent independent journalists that have worked very hard to get the truth out.  No money was collected in the making of this video. This effort was strictly a labor of love by these dedicated researchers that share the single minded belief that the public has the right to know the truth.  ~jg

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3 responses to “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook

  1. HufferdCruzeiro@aol.com

    symptoms, symptoms, symptoms — there’s a hundred of them we could name….

  2. this link still works

    watch, download and share everywhere

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