40-yr-old NY nuke plant in fault zone fails safety inspection, seeks exemptions

By Russia Today

According to the New York Attorney General, the nuclear power plant at Indian Point has sought over 100 exemptions from the fire safety code which may make it extremely difficult to secure the nearly 40-year old facility in an emergency.

The aging plant provides about 30 percent of New York City’s electrical power is now a target of state regulators, who hope to block Entergy Corp from extending plant operations further.

When the plant was recently found in violation of federal safety rules company officials merely sought to be excused from the rules, as opposed to addressing the problems.

“In the wake of Japan’s crisis, our country’s nuclear facilities should be bolstering their safety measures, yet Indian Point is looking to weaken its precautionary measures,” remarked New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

A spokesperson for the plant argued the company put in place alternative safety measures instead, as opposed to federal requirements and argued the plant was perfectly safe.

Recent US Nuclear Regulatory Commission data indicated Indian Point is America’s most vulnerable plant to an earthquake since it rests near a fault line, however the NRC, who boasts an invested interests in ongoing nuclear energy, argues the plant is safe and in compliance even though exemptions were granted.

That leaves many still afraid, as the entire city of New York City lies in a potential evacuation zone if there was ever an accident.

5 responses to “40-yr-old NY nuke plant in fault zone fails safety inspection, seeks exemptions

  1. india should stop developing nuclear plants

  2. how amazing! Regulations aren’t already tough enough. I’m in industry and know that the few (really few) regulations (that exist) aren’t tough enough in my sector…………………) and there are companies with potential global reach if things go wrong that try to excuse their noncompliance to the existing narrow requirements with ‘ we compensate with our own measures?’ Ha! I think they are dreaming. I hope the decision makers think that this company is dreaming and won’t budge……….. Anyway, here is a nice site that gives ‘European style’ news on what is known in other countries about the nuclear disaster that’s happening in Japan (if you can’t read German, maybe your browser can help to translate). They also have a signature list that tries to get governments shut down old plants and phase out all plants within the decade. If they shut them down there, mayeb the US and other nations will come to a similar conclusion earlier? Here’s the link.
    One of the facts I’ve learned from this site (as opposed to US media) is that radioactive rain has already fallen onto MA, PA and OH (and probably more areas since this report).

  3. When asked about Fukushima, most respond, “Ya, I heard about that” like it’s past tense. Shows mainstream media is on top of their game

  4. We have been fighting the plant at Indian Point for as long as I can remember. The only thing that will stop it is for citizens to bury it themselves. Nobody in the US can stand tall enough to move the NRC. They are the Pied Piper to the mainstream’s BS, and I am sure their hands are in the pockets of the administration and vice versa. That, or it’ll just have to take a hit, and NYC will run or die.

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