The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On

The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On by Anthony Lawson

This video concentrates on the two major 9/11 issues: The Unidentified Planes and The Controlled Demolitions.

3 responses to “The Legend of 9/11 — 10 Years On

  1. anthony lawson rocks.
    thank you much cz.
    will drill down through all his work.

  2. Excellent piece of film. Succinct. To the point. Easy to understand. Nothing difficult about it. How much easier does it have to be said before the masses start waking up to what really happened?
    Don’t answer that Alibury or Internetinflated. We already know your take on this subject.

  3. Mr. Lawson made it quite simple to understand and also honored the memories of those affected by this greed deed. Thank you Mr. Lawson.

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