Last Man Out on 9/11 Makes Shocking Disclosures

William Rodriguez, 9/11 Hero and the last man out of the Towers, with President George W. Bush at White House award ceremony; with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad at a private 9/11 presentation.

By Richard Roepke
Before It’s News

Most folks know that William Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who saved hundreds of lives, the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center before they collapsed, and that his testimony that the basement of WTC1 exploded before the plane hit was ignored by officials. But many may not be aware that another maintenance worker reported the same for WTC2, or that three witnesses to events inconsistent with the 9/11 Commission Report who went public turned up dead — one of whom reported stepping over dead bodies in WTC7 before the Towers came down. Though lengthy, this investigative report reveals more details that deserve the attention of all who believe in truth and justice. ~Ed.


William “Willy” Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who helped save hundreds of lives, and the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center (WTC) Towers (before they collapsed — 20 people survived the collapse: 16 crawled to safety and four more were later rescued.)

Inasmuch as the thrust of this narrative is meant to be about the honor, nobleness, and benevolence of heroism, be forewarned.

In its effort to reveal the essential goodness that resides in the hearts of most human beings, it also inexorably exposes the vilest evil that festers in the minds of a few.

Once past the heroism, this story begins to slice through the slimy underbelly of a vile, pathological beast that controls our lives, and gives us glimpses of the innards of this creature that grins gleefully at our gullibility and simple innocence while trampling on our most basic human rights.

This story is a wake-up call to the citizens of planet Earth.

Decorated Hero

Employed at the WTC for 19 years as a maintenance worker, Rodriguez was responsible for the upkeep and safety of the stairwells within the 110-storey North Tower. On the morning of 9/11, Rodriguez was the only person at the WTC site with the master key to the North Tower stairwell doors. [NB: For fire containment purposes, only doors on every fourth level were normally left unlocked.]

In the immediate aftermath of the attacks, Rodriguez personally rescued fifteen injured persons from the WTC by leading—often carrying—them to safety. Having evacuated the injured from the basement levels, he rushed back into the tower and led firefighters up the stairwells. Unlocking doors to various floors as they ascended, he aided in the successful evacuation of unknown hundreds of survivors.

At great risk to his own life, Rodriguez re-entered the structure three times, and even rescued people trapped between floors in elevator cars by lowering ladders down into shafts. Having helped lead everyone he could find to safety, he finally decided to exit the building.

Rodriguez is believed to be the last person to leave the collapsing North Tower alive.

He survived the building’s collapse by diving beneath a fire truck, where he lay trapped, completely buried in a mountain of dust and rubble for over two hours. Barely able to breathe, he thought he would “die for sure” under that truck where he was literally entombed.

An agnostic, he prayed for the first time in his adult life. As he now unshakably believes, God does listen to heartfelt prayers, and miracles do happen.

A policeman who had been standing across the street had caught a fleeting glimpse of Rodriguez as he leapt under the truck a split second before the tower collapsed in an avalanche of debris.

It was this officer who later returned with help believing that the man under that truck might still be alive.

Rodriguez has been spiritually transformed by this experience and has embraced his faith again with deep reverence.

For his outstanding heroism during America’s desperate hour, William Rodriguez received a special commendation for valor from President George W. Bush at a special White House ceremony.

And that is the extent of the official story as it pertains to William Rodriguez’s involvement relating to rescue efforts following the 9/11 attacks.

But, as you shall see, his incredible heroism was but the tip of the 9/11 iceberg.

“Bombs! Bombs!”

Heroism and accolades aside, what is truly incredible about Rodriguez’s story is a shocking fact that has been concealed from public knowledge, and remains largely unknown to this day.

Rodriguez and a handful of co-workers who were down in the basement at the time of the attack, actually heard and felt huge explosions beneath their feet in the lower basement levels.

While this anomaly in itself should have been cause for serious investigation, it is the timing of these explosions that is extremely troubling:

They occurred several seconds before the first airplane impacted the tower.

The first of these explosions, which occurred about 7-8 seconds before the plane struck the tower was so powerful it literally threw Rodriguez upwards, clean off the floor, as parts of the false ceiling collapsed onto and around him.

Rodriguez heard and felt at least three explosions going off down in the basement levels within seconds of each other.

Absolute pandemonium broke out, with screams of “Bombs! Bombs!” rising above the din as terrified workers scattered in all directions, frantically seeking ways to escape.

[NB: There were a total of six basement levels. Level-2, immediately below Rodriguez’s position and the apparent location of the first explosion, was a “Mechanical Floor”—a restricted access area.]

But the “bombs” were by no means confined to the basement levels.

During his subsequent rescue efforts on the upper floors, Rodriguez claims he heard explosions going off “all over the building.”

Felipe David, a colleague, who was working at the far end of basement Level-1 across from Rodriguez, fell victim to the second explosion. David was walking towards a supply room when the entire wall suddenly exploded in front of him.

Burned beyond recognition, David managed to stagger towards Rodriguez when Willy took one look at the man and froze.

The skin on his face had almost completely peeled away exposing raw, pink flesh, and the burnt skin of his outstretched arms was hanging horrifically, “like sheets of loose cloth.”

David was the first casualty whose life Rodriguez saved by carrying him up to paramedics at street level, after which he returned to the basement in spite of police orders.

The 9/11 Commission Hearing

At the closed-door 9/11 Commission hearing, Rodriguez testified under oath that explosions were going off in the basement of the North Tower before the first plane impacted the building.

He explained in great detail to the Commissioners the numerous cases of serious injuries he had personally witnessed that were caused by these explosions.

He even provided the panel with a list of firsthand witnesses to the explosions, people who were ready to testify under oath.

One of the individuals Rodriguez recommended the panel summon was his friend and fellow employee, John Mongello.

Mongello was in the lobby of the neighboring South Tower when the first aircraft plowed into the North Tower where Rodriguez was located.

It would be another sixteen minutes before the second aircraft would rip into the one Mongello was in.

Yet, within a minute of the first plane hitting the North Tower, an elevator in the South Tower exploded to smithereens right before his eyes!

Mongello and others were literally blown backwards by the blast, as people—many, horribly burned—began to run willy-nilly shrieking in pain, shock, and sheer terror. Thick, black smoke could be seen billowing out of the now exposed elevator shaft, and the pungent smell of “gunpowder” was very evident.

Again, just as with the North Tower, this explosion occurred inside a building that had not yet been struck by a plane!

How could a plane crashing into the North Tower possibly have caused elevators in the South Tower to explode?

The esteemed 9/11 Commission never bothered to ask.

Worse, and to his utter disbelief, Rodriguez later discovered that his statements were completely omitted from the official record. As a result, not one word of this decorated hero’s startling testimony appeared in the much-ballyhooed 9/11 Commission Report, a document that continues to be touted as “the most detailed, definitive study of the events of 9/11.”

Furthermore, Rodriguez was told, quite emphatically, not to speak about the explosions to others until “further investigations” had been carried out. As the world knows, this has yet to happen.

As a result of much public pressure, the Commission’s investigation records were finally made public—seven years later, in January 2009.

Rodriguez was stunned to find that his testimony was among those marked “restricted,” and thus inaccessible to the public. His crucial evidence remains restricted to this day.

Waking Up

Naturally, Rodriguez was flabbergasted by the Commission’s clearly suspect actions, but anger at the subterfuge was soon eclipsed by his far deeper anxiety.

The bombs.

He was convinced beyond a doubt there were explosives planted within the Towers. The official explanation—jet fuel, which is simply kerosene—made no sense at all.

Besides, he had overheard many exchanges on firemen’s two-way radios that day that confirmed virtually all the jet fuel had burned off, and the few remaining scattered fires looked like they could easily be knocked out.

He was convinced the explosions he had seen, felt, and heard that day were not caused by kerosene.

They were caused by deliberately positioned explosives.

What cemented his belief and reinforced it even further was something he saw on television the next day:

WTC building 7 collapsing into its footprint like a house of cards. In a matter of seconds. [1]

He had walked by that building numerous times. WTC7 was a 47-storey steel-framed skyscraper that was located a few hundred feet away from the Towers, and a plane had not even struck it. But, just like the Twin Towers, it, too, it suddenly collapsed into its own footprint.

The first thought that struck him was, “That building was a fortress. How could it just have fallen like that?”

Having experienced the explosions in the North Tower firsthand, and then having seen footage of Building 7 collapse in freefall, there were no doubts whatsoever left in his mind:

All three buildings were purposely demolished with explosives.

[NB: In regard to WTC7, the 9/11 Commission Report, again, mentioned absolutely nothing about this 47-storey skyscraper’s sudden and unbelievable collapse. Nor did it mention a word about the numerous eyewitness accounts of multiple explosions within that building. Not one word. It was completely ignored.]

As to who might have planted the explosives, he was at a loss. He couldn’t conceive how the alleged terrorists could have pulled it off; they couldn’t possibly have gained access to these buildings. He was convinced there had to have been other players involved—insiders.

He found such a prospect not only ominous in the extreme, but also disorienting and confusing on many levels. Suddenly, nothing seemed to make sense. Only one thought consumed him.

Who were the killers?

Strange Recollections

Having worked at the WTC for close upon two decades, he obviously was very familiar with its general layout. The North Tower, in particular, was nigh a second home to him. An extremely affable fellow, Rodriguez had many friends in the WTC community. His days almost invariably began with breakfast with co-workers at the employees’ cafeteria at Windows On The World, the elegant restaurant on the 107th floor.

Especially following the 1993 bombing, security in the towers was extremely tight. That was glaringly obvious wherever he went. So how did the culprits manage to gain access?

He started to look into the security company in charge of the WTC complex, Securacom, and was more than a little surprised by the identities of two of its top executives.

President George W. Bush’s brother Marvin Bush and his cousin, Wirt Walker III, were both principals of the company. Further, he found this very same company was in charge of security at Dulles airport and United Airlines—both central to the attacks.

Brushing this curious connection aside as coincidence, he began to wonder about the practical difficulties the perpetrators would have encountered in gaining access to the buildings. He tried to recall having seen any suspicious people, or strange occurrences.

Pieces began to slowly come together.

He recalled seeing small teams of men in white “HazMat” coveralls busily moving about the building in the weeks preceding the attacks. Their presence didn’t strike him as particularly odd at the time, except for the fact that they used the stairwells almost exclusively and avoided using the service elevators. But he now began to wonder about these men’s real identities and true purpose.

One particularly bizarre incident snapped into focus, one that was so frightening he recalls it made his “hair stand up.”

A few weeks prior to the attacks, he was working in a stairwell on the 34th floor, which he knew to be completely vacant. Suddenly, he heard the strangest sound—one he’d never heard inside the tower in his nearly twenty years there.

It was a powerful, ominous, “rumbling” sound of something extremely heavy being rolled about. It sounded like a “huge metal dumpster on steel wheels, containing something extremely heavy—tons—being rolled around” a floor that he knew to have been totally empty—devoid even of furniture.

Yet, Rodriguez categorically maintains there was “someone” on that floor moving some monstrous contraption about.

Oddly, he admits to having been gripped by intense fear at the time, but he was having difficulty verbalizing to me the exact nature of his apprehension. While this didn’t strike me as having been a particularly inauspicious occurrence, it was clear he had been deeply affected by it. He immediately reported the incident to the main office, but was reassured it was a vacant floor.

Rodriguez was emphatic that he felt so frightened by this incident he didn’t dare open the door to look inside because he literally feared for his life.

He intuitively sensed grave danger behind that door, and did his best to avoid the 34th floor thereafter.

[NB: It is worth considering that long-term occupancy (and thus control) of a whole floor would have granted occupants virtually unlimited and unobstructed access from all sides to the entire 47-column central core of the tower via the elevator shafts. By sequentially disabling individual elevators for ‘servicing,’ the occupants would have had clear access to the entire 1,350-ft central load-bearing core—from the topmost floor right down the 6th level basement sitting on bedrock.]

Willy does not strike me as a man who can be frightened very easily, and this one anecdote has always intrigued me. The emotions I saw in his eyes, and his body language as he was describing the event were real. I was left with no doubt that what he experienced that day was extremely frightening and deeply impressionable.

Man on a Mission

I first met Willy in 2004 when he was touring the country with millionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter. Walter had recently awoken to 9/11 truth, and was an indomitable firebrand.

Frenziedly mass-producing DVDs, organizing public events and seminars, and doing everything he possibly could to get the message out to the world, he was a one-man tour de force on his own mission of truth.

Such was his fervor, he once even stood in lone protest outside the White House bearing a placard that read, “9/11 was an inside job.” I recall being greatly impressed by the spectacle of such a wealthy, successful man willingly facing scorn and ridicule by going that far out on a limb in the service of a cause as incendiary as 9/11. Quite a guy, Jimmy.

Walter, seeing in Rodriguez the clear mark of authenticity, drive, and commitment, soon took Willy under his wing. Once the two teamed up, Rodriguez was telling his extraordinary story at various public gatherings that Walter was helping organize.

Willy had been “advised” by officials to keep to himself his “different” views on the events of that day, but that wasn’t about to stop him. His deeply traumatic experience and the shocking anomalies he had witnessed simply would not allow him to keep from asking the kind of questions most found exceedingly “uncomfortable”—even outrageously ‘unpatriotic.’

Dalliance with Politics

The White House ceremony had all but guaranteed his meteoric rise to stardom as a national hero. However, his newfound celebrity status would soon have its concomitant obligations.

More than a few high-ranking officials had advised him of the “sensitivity” of the times, and told him in no uncertain terms that it would be unwise for him to pursue his disquieting inquiries into “unfounded theories.”.

It was proving to be “very embarrassing.”

Ironically, at the same time, there was also tremendous support and encouragement being lavished by these very same officials, soliciting his participation on an altogether different agenda: To promote “patriotic unity” and emphasize to the nation the dire need for America to strike back hard at the ‘enemy.’

And things actually got rather intoxicating for a while.

Rodriguez the hero was soon inveigled with promises of political office in the Hispanic community, and carrots of all kinds were dangled before him.

He found the attempts to win him over by various Republican power-players to be almost overwhelming. The heady publicity had suddenly thrust him on the national stage, and he was deemed by Party strategists to be the ideal Republican candidate to woo the more than 30 million Hispanic voters in the country.

Charismatic, articulate, good-looking, fluently bi-lingual and a national hero to boot, he was a natural—the perfect political candidate.

Before joining the WTC staff, Rodriguez had worked for ten years as an aide to New York Governor Mario Cuomo, helping organize press conferences for high-level policy-making events, so he even had the basic political training already under his belt. [He also possessed stage panache to boot. An avid amateur magician, he had worked in his younger days as an assistant to The Amazing Randi.]

The Republican Party even made arrangements to send him to train for political office, and offered Rodriguez millions of dollars in campaign financing to run on the national Hispanic platform. For a brief while he was a rising star with stellar prospects.

But this titillating new potential career also carried with it a huge price—one, he soon discovered, that was in tension with his probity, and sense of righteousness and duty.

It didn’t take him long to decide. He refused to be seduced into concealing a truth he believed the world absolutely needed to know.

There was no doubt in Rodriguez’s mind that the official narrative re 9/11 was far from true. He believed it was his patriotic duty to alert his fellow Americans to what actually happened that terrible day. “I had to choose whether to tell the truth, or play their game,” he told me. “I couldn’t get myself to play their game.”

Tempting as the alternatives were, the forces of truth had prevailed.

Celebrity No More

That pivotal decision caused all Republican encouragement and offers of political support to evaporate.

The decorated 9/11 hero was now quite suddenly not only a Party pariah, but also persona non grata in the halls of high power.

By taking his courageous stand, Rodriguez had unwittingly assumed a very dangerous role, one that would pose a direct threat to powers that lay behind the veneer of party politics.

He had just signed his own political death warrant.

Naturally, the muzzled media didn’t appear willing to report any of what Rodriguez had to say. As always, they felt obliged to promote whatever the propaganda ministry wanted the masses to believe.

It takes enormous courage to go against such opposition, but that’s the kind of man Willy is. He says he owes it to his many friends—more than two hundred of them—who were butchered that day by an evil shadowy group in pursuit of some diabolical geopolitical agenda.

Shocked, inconsolable and deeply disturbed to this day, he continues his campaign with extraordinary energy and an admirable sense of purpose.

When I suggested it might be time for him to throttle back a notch, he responded, “I can’t. I am driven because I have a need to find out who the real killers are. The alleged Arab hijackers couldn’t possibly have rigged all those explosives. No way.”

The Mission Goes Global

Jimmy Walter wasted no time financing a “9/11 Truth World Tour” to raise awareness about the 9/11 fraud by first taking the message across America and later around the world.

And money was no object. Not one to approach such a grand and noble undertaking with anything less that total commitment, Walter famously offered a $1 million cash reward to any engineer or scientist in the world who could prove, in an academic technical paper, that the three towers could have collapsed the way they did without explosives.

Despite massive national publicity—the million-dollar challenge was even sent to the engineering faculties of over 100 universities, as well as a host of major architectural and structural engineering firms—there were no takers.

None. Zero. The prize remains unclaimed to this day. [But is this surprising? How does one prove water isn’t wet?]

Walter’s group was comprised of a team of world-class experts:  architects, engineers, pilots, firefighters, metallurgists, chemists, and psychologists, among others [2]. The group made a slew of public presentations in major cities across the US before moving on to Europe, and later, Venezuela, Singapore, Japan and elsewhere speaking to packed audiences everywhere they traveled.

Walter and Rodriguez even made private presentations to former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. They were surprised to find both these leaders were more than a little knowledgeable about the cover-up.

Willy told me that the home of Nicolas Maduro, president of the Venezuelan Assembly, was brimming with books, videos and documents about the 9/11 cover-up. Maduro, Venezuela’s top legislator, intoned that he was ready to create an international investigative committee to look into the “international crime scene” that is 9/11, and that this would be structured via Chavez’s government.

Walter and Rodriguez also appeared on every major Venezuelan television and radio station, both private and state-owned, and gave presentations to several universities. They were also scheduled to appear on Chavez’s weekly broadcast ‘Alo Presidente’, but this was canceled at the last minute for unspecified reasons.

And things evidently got quite dicey during their trip. Rodriguez discovered that undercover FBI agents on the ground in Venezuela had asked the hotel where he and Walter were staying to turn over a list of names of residents. On hearing this, the Venezuelan National Assembly provided both men armed military protection for the entirety of their trip.

A Sudden Serious Setback

All of these valiant efforts by these two incredibly courageous men eventually amounted to naught. Quite unexpectedly, and inexplicably, all the energy, enthusiasm and momentum they had amassed suddenly appeared to have hit a brick wall.

They were informed, rather sheepishly by cohorts of the two leaders, that 9/11 was simply too big an issue to “rush into,” and that it would be advisable to postpone further action to allow time for “more research.”

Such is the awesome fear-inspiring power and global reach of the amorphous perpetrators of this monstrous crime.

Eventually, in utter frustration at his inability to make any real headway after over three years of tireless effort and colossal expense, and hampered by poor health, Jimmy Walter finally decided to call it a day.

That little adventure had cost Walter over $6 million of his personal money.

Jimmy’s parting words to me, in 2007, embodied a truth that continues to resonate and gain currency as the years roll by:

“Trying to outdo the mainstream media by throwing a few million bucks around is like trying to outshine the sun with a flashgun.”

It’s hardly surprising you’ve heard nothing about these men’s heroic initiatives on the local evening “news”—little more than bread and circuses, artfully packaged and insidiously seeded for consumption by the gullible, clueless masses.

Witnesses Begin to Drop Dead

It wasn’t long afterwards that Rodriguez got his next wake-up call. Kenny Johanneman, another of Willy’s close friends and former WTC colleague, had also been in the basement with him when the bombs were going off.

Willy, now working on behalf of the community of Hispanic victims, survivors and their families, had decided to contact everyone he knew who had been present at the WTC that day so he could record their personal experiences on video.

During a lengthy interview, Johanneman recounted his experience in great detail, holding back nothing. Johanneman, who had made it his personal mission to tell everyone he knew—and anyone else who’d listen—that he had seen “floors blow up in the basement before the plane hit,” appeared extremely eager (almost nervously so, Willy now recalls) to get his story on tape.

Three days after the interview, Rodriguez received the bad news.

Kenny Johanneman had suddenly “committed suicide.” Gunshot to the head.

This is frighteningly reminiscent of Barry Jennings, the former New York Housing Authority Emergency Coordinator and key 9/11 witness who suddenly died of unknown causes days before the release of NIST’s “amended” report on the collapse of WTC7.

Jennings is on record [3] stating, unequivocally and emphatically regarding Building 7, that “explosions were going off all over the place”—while the Twin Towers were still standing!

Jennings also stated during an interview that he was “stepping over bodies” in the main lobby of WTC7 as he was being led out by firemen. The lobby, he testified on video, “looked like a bomb had gone off inside it.”

Not only had no aircraft hit this building, the Twin Towers were still standing.

[NB: This is virtually identical to John Mongello’s testimony about elevators exploding in the South Tower before a plane even hit the building.]

Mr. Jennings, too, suffered a sudden and mysterious death at age 53.

Dylan Avery, a documentary producer, commissioned a private detective to investigate Jennings’ suspicious death (and the subsequent disappearance of his wife and two children). Within days the man returned Avery’s’s check to him and, giving no reason, refused to continue with the case.

The latest casualty in the long line of 9/11 expert witnesses to die under suspicious circumstances was Dutch demolition expert Danny Jawenko, president of Exposieve Demolitie BV, a leading Dutch controlled demolition company.

Having watched a video of WTC Building 7 suddenly fall at freefall speed, Mr. Jawenko had the courage to stand up and authoritatively assert [4] that he was “absolutely positive” WTC7 was brought down by controlled demolition.

On July 18, 2011, while driving home alone in his own car, Mr. Jawenko’s vehicle suddenly accelerated, swerved off the road and crashed into a tree at high speed.

Danny Jawenko was killed instantly.

The Mission Ratchets Up

During Rodriguez’s long crusade, he also contacted the FBI, but they never followed up on his reports. [It’s almost certain they did, but were probably allowed to take it only so far.] The same holds true with the mainstream media.

CNN spent a day interviewing Rodriguez at his home, but when it was broadcast the following day it had been thoroughly edited: they glamorized the heroic rescues and the White House tamasha, of course, but wholly excised anything pertaining to the explosions. It was a total whitewash.

Some reporters have subtly warned Rodriguez to keep quiet, as his outspokenness could jeopardize his life. “You don’t know whom you’re dealing with,” one major-network insider told him. But Willy had already defiantly looked death in the face and will probably continue to tell his story, damn the torpedoes.

He says he is speaking for his friends who were forever rendered speechless, and adds, “I am living on borrowed time; I probably should be dead anyway.”

It’s probably this do-or-die attitude that has imbued Rodriguez with the guts to take his dauntless campaign as far as he has.

How gutsy is he, and how far is he willing to go?

In 2004 Rodriguez was the lead plaintiff in a RICO lawsuit filed against President George W. Bush and 155 of his henchmen, accusing them of complicity in the 9/11 attacks, conspiracy to commit murder and other crimes.

This is hardly the behavior of a man afraid of getting whacked.

But don’t hold your breath waiting for a sensational courthouse drama with Dubya sweating it out in the hot seat. The court dismissed Rodriguez’s claims against the USA, DHS, and FEMA, and gave Rodriguez until July 7, 2006 to show cause why his lawsuit should not be dismissed with respect to the other 153 defendants. Due to a falling out with his attorney Rodriguez failed to do so, and the court dismissed the case.

But he’d be the first to tell you this was never about winning.

It was about getting the public to wake up to the facts about 9/11—the single most heinous crime and unconscionable fraud ever foisted on the inhabitants of this planet.

Preparing for the 10th Anniversary

The 9/11 Truth movement is growing almost exponentially, with literally hundreds of groups active worldwide, and more blossoming by the day.

But this took a few years to get going.

So utterly overwhelming was the initial mainstream propaganda barrage, and so raw were people’s emotions and sensitivities in the aftermath of the attacks, those who were quick to see through the fraud couldn’t even begin to think of organizing a handful of local activists, let alone a worldwide network.

Gradually—and thanks almost entirely to the Internet—lines of communication began to open across the country and around the world, helping activists to organize, communicate, build cohesion, and spread the word to the millions still asleep.

It was only a matter of time before people would become aware of the mountains of shockingly obvious evidence that’s freely available online—such as WTC7 in freefall. Common sense would then inevitably kick in and take over, helping them to pierce the veil of the official myth on their own. There is, after all, a limit to denial.

As a result of the steadfast efforts of thousand of dedicated activists, what began as a trickle is now fast reaching torrential proportions.

Reaching critical mass is no longer a distant hope. Especially given the millions waking up around the world to 9/11’s offspring—the bogus ‘war on terror’, DHS, the militarized police state, the monumental Bankster fraud—critical mass re 9/11 is now imminent, and an absolute certainty.

Thousands of activists around the world are helping spread the 9/11 message via public presentations, free DVDs, and even huge highway billboards.

All too aware of the astonishing rise in public awareness, desperate operations are currently afoot by the ‘powers that be’ to counter this worrisome trend.

Major Hollywood stars—including Robert DeNiro—have been signed up to read the fairytale script pushing the ‘Official Conspiracy Theory.’ I.e., how nineteen clueless Arabs who, without tickets or boarding passes, climbed aboard four airliners, hijacked the craft using little box-cutters, and then brilliantly outwitted the most formidable military force on the planet and its entire multi-trillion-dollar defense apparatus for almost two hours—all without a single fighter interceptor in the fearsome American arsenal so much as turning a wheel for the entire duration.

This upcoming mass-media pageant, of course, will be further bolstered by the government’s openly proclaimed—and ongoing—assault on 9/11 “conspiracy” groups.

Obama’s regulatory Czar, Cass Sunstein, has officially initiated a nakedly aggressive program of “cognitive infiltration,’ an insidious initiative where government agent provocateurs have been ordered to covertly penetrate 9/11 truth movements and attempt to structurally disable these organizations from within by sowing disinformation.

One can only wonder why this kind of deep sabotage would be necessary—unless these “conspiracy nuts” now poses a real and present danger to the powers that be.

But, take heart, dear reader: although truth lives a wretched life, it outlives a lie every time.

Every time.

Besides, it would take a lot more than a covert program of “cognitive infiltration”’ to dismantle 9/11 truth—that would first require rewriting the laws of physics.

On the side of Truth, we have literally thousands of professional architects, engineers, firefighters, pilots, scientists, and other similar groups comprised of professionals with impeccable credentials who are planning their own public relations initiatives.

But, in a country where 78% of its citizens get 92% of their news from television, these groups have their work cut out for them.

Despite the challenges that lie ahead, I cannot bring myself to agree with Jimmy Walter’s assessment that this would be an undertaking tantamount to “trying to outshine the sun with a flashgun.”

Rather, I would prefer to invoke the wisdom of Victor Hugo:

“No army can stop an idea whose time has come.”

The Power Of One

Meanwhile, there is one brave man packing a ‘flashgun’ who’s working wonders on his own. And he dismisses defeat as an impossibility.

I was elated to discover that Willy Rodriguez’s undiminished efforts are still in full swing, and about to reap rich rewards.

The man is on fire. He’s been reeling off interviews with major media outlets around the world at a ferocious rate, gearing up for a full-blown one-man 10th anniversary assault on the Dark Force.

Rodriguez recently mentioned some of the interviews he already has in the bag:

Yomiuri Shinbun (Japan), Arbitron (worldwide), Shanghai Morning Post (China), Express News (Pakistan), Global National News (Canada), Telemondo (Latin America), Le Point (France), RT (Russia), Radio Televicion Espanola (Spain), Reuters, and CNN (again). There are many more in the works that will be ready by 9/11/12.

[NB: Willy was quick to mention he’d learnt a bitter lesson from his last encounter with CNN—now, he rattles off his responses as seamlessly as possible to deny cutting-room butchers their “edit points!”]

Rodriguez is also polishing up a brilliant new documentary all his own, “From The Rubble,” which will also be released in time for the 10th anniversary. I watched the raw version last evening in its entirety.

It’s a brilliant bit of work—profoundly emotive, incredibly detailed, fact-filled and chockablock with riveting interviews with WTC employees, firemen, police officers, paramedics and other first-responders. These are all rescuers who were there, hands-on, in the thick of it, and witnessed the entire tragedy firsthand.

Even in its current rough state, I can unreservedly state it’s the most compelling 9/11 documentary I’ve seen to date.

Time To Give It Our All

Given the appalling trail of deaths of 9/11 witnesses over the past ten years, it would make sense that the best way to ensure the safety of surviving key witnesses like Rodriguez would, ironically, be for these individuals to continue to stay planted in the public spotlight.

Considering the serious threat these brave souls pose to the criminals at large, this might be the only strategy that could offer them a modicum of safety.

The more people who know about this brave man, and the many other men and women like him, the greater the chances of thwarting their ‘suicides’ or ‘heart attacks.’

On behalf of every one in the 9/11 Truth movement; in memory of the three thousand Americans who perished needlessly on that tragic day; and the million-plus innocents who have been slaughtered (and continue to be massacred) in distant lands on account of this fiendish fraud; it would be fitting, proper, and necessary to conclude with a message to all those who have awoken to The Big Lie, yet choose to do nothing:

Silence is complicity.


[1]  (Building 7)

[2]  (Architects & Engineers) (Military Leaders) (Pilots) (Firefighters) (Scientists)

[3]  (Barry Jennings Interview)

[4] {Danny Jawenko Interview)

374 responses to “Last Man Out on 9/11 Makes Shocking Disclosures

  1. And may a thousand of the fortunate and famed in this hollow, leaderless land, and then waves of thousands, millions of their fellow Americans, women and men and youths, on every side and from every prominent and forgotten and forsaken community, now stand to follow the example of William Rodriguez, as new founding fathers and mothers, to once again pledge their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor, and (if they have them) their souls for an advent of truth, justice, and REAL courage this 9/11. Amen!

      • A 100% Congressional Amnesty for ‘ALL’ acts of state treason going back 5 decades to JFK & Bobby, or you’ll never get your so called constitutional democracy ever functioning again because of the conspiracies that grew in ever greater intensity, that’s a 100% Congressional Amnesty for ‘ALL’ acts of state treason merely in exchange foir telling 100% of the truth when asked in congress.

        Maybe no-one cares anymore, but if they do & they had ‘ANY’ involvement in this massive black op, then they’ll need the amnesty to avoid being set-up in some way.

        A 100% Amnesty in exchange for 100% truth.

        The amnesty needs to also cover ‘ANY’ crime the ppl were blackmailed over to gain cooperation in the 911 treason.

        Robby Daniel.

        • They gave the mind-control program amnesty and then never got the truth. Only the determined lawyers and investigative writers uncovered what has been found out. Consequently, we are left with decades of the abusive application of the state secrets privilege and related policy abuses. Will the current Congress have the guts to reintroduce the equivalent of 2012’s H.R. 5956 and pass it to give future victims a fighting chance.

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  4. ‘Most folks know that William Rodriguez is the 9/11 hero who saved hundreds of lives, the last person to escape alive from the World Trade Center, and that his testimony that the basement of WTC1 exploded before the plane hit was ignored by officials’ – not quite!
    I have met William many times in London, and hugely respect him. But he wasn’t the last man to survive the Tower’s destruction, and he never said he was.
    He was the last man to escape BEFORE THE TOWERS COLLAPSED; but some others survived in the rubble of the Towers, and were later rescued.
    This is not nit-picking; Willie will confirm this as the truth. I am sure Mr. Roepke did not intentionally misreport this, but it is essential to get it straight; we have enough problems making errors like this that are then jumped on by the ‘debunkers’.

  5. I once worked with a woman whose husband had been injured on the first floor right as the plane hit. They believed it was kerosene (jet fuel) descending the elevator shafts and exploding (a preposterous story) . She got furious when I asked if he remembered smelling the kerosene. They didn’t dare disbelieve the official story. Sadly, most people’s beliefs are driven by emotions.

    Note to the PTB, we’re onto you — NEW FALSE FLAG 9/11 in next 90 days. Pass the word.

  6. The 16 survivors in Stairwell B of the North Tower are only one relatively minor problem with the myth that’s grown around William Rodriguez, and is largely promoted by him. He claims that demolition explosives burn people with jet fuel, blow off elevator doors, are so quiet that they can only be heard by people on the same floor where they’re planted, and don’t collapse buildings until ~1 hour and 42 minutes after they’re detonated. He also seems to think that 2 stories below ground level is the best place to be in order to determine when a plane hits ~98 stories higher, and has a timeline that’s uncorroborated by any of the thousands of people in the building or immediate vicinity. His claim of unlocking doors for firefighters overlooks the fact that building codes prohibit the locking of access doors TO emergency stairwells, so there was no need to open them to allow people to escape from any of the floors the first responders were able to reach.
    His Marvin Bush/Wirt Walker yarn is pure fantasy that’s long since been thoroughly debunked. There’s no evidence that Walker’s related at all, and GeeDubya’s little brother had been a board member of Securacom/Stratesec, but left that position in June of 2000, ~15 months prior to 9/11. Board members don’t run day-to-day operations, his company only furnished and installed electronic surveillance equipment in the WTC buildings for the Port Authority, and they did not run security at the WTC; the PAPD did.
    Rodriguez and Danny Jowenko don’t have X-ray vision that works even on grainy videos, so it’s quite remarkable that they can look at WTC 7 collapse videos and see exactly what was happening inside in the preceding minutes. Neither of them is in any danger of being offed by their secret, imaginary villains, but if Willie would like to appeal his lawsuit, he’ll probably face stiff monetary sanctions and a well-deserved trip to the can, since it was very rightfully dismissed with prejudice. Aside from suing practically the entire US government for blowing up the towers and WTC 7, he’s also claimed that UA 93 may have been brought down “by ultra high-tech United States weaponry, namely microwave weapons emitted from a C-130 aircraft”:

    Click to access RodriguezComplaint.pdf

    Rodriguez has found a new career in the 9/11 “truth” business, and if you’d like to help him “spread the truth,” he even accepts PayPal:
    Whatta guy, huh?

    • Grow up you pathetic gormless shill.

    • This guy(person) is a total plant for the PTB wanting us to believe that there’s “real” “people” who still stand behind the “real” explanation.

    • Keep. believing the lies. It’s easier to believe in lies than to search for the truth. those who really care will not give up in search of the truth. sheep are easy to Lead and make it easy for the wolves.

      • By all means, keep searching for the truth. But don’t look for truth from William Rodriguez. His hero story was impossible, and too many truthers believed it because he told them what they wanted to hear.

        • Brian Good. You must be kidding. Smh. What are you so jealous about? Seriously….

        • Hello Brian, It’s Petra, your fellow truth-detective – you got there way before me in this case obviously. As I was getting ready for work the other day, YouTube videos were playing randomly and while I was half-watching a video on Willie, it suddenly hit me – he’s a total crisis actor/plant (of the hero variety that that they always have in their false-flag nonsense). OMG! It’s a never-ending unpeeling of the layers of hoaxery. Perhaps Barry Jennings too considering the whole family’s disappeared … to some nice desert island somewhere no doubt. I’ve learnt from an insider via Ole Dammegard that the power elite justify their hoaxing of us through clues, ridiculousness, things that don’t add up, contradictions, many and strange changes in the story, the actual truth and on and on. And if we don’t pick up the obvious problems in their story the fault’s on us, not them. So Willie performs several functions:

          * at some level he tells the truth about explosions although not sure that these explosions match the real ones.

          * he indicates he rescued heaps of people and there were lots of dead bodies – I believe that while people were targeted and that these people were killed along with a number of “collateral damage” victims, the number who died on 9/11 (regardless of the hundreds of thousands who’ve died since) is much lower than stated.

          * he helped thwart litigation by pretending to attempt court hearings and having them “fail”.

          As if someone who was an aide to Mario Cuomo for 10 years is then a maintenance worker for 19 at the WTC. Doncha love it? They mash their hoaxery in our faces.

    • If you really want to know who the truth…..follow the money. Who benefits by an unstable middle east? The for profit defense corporations who work hand in hand with the American government. How do these companies influence the war powers in the administration you might ask…..well they hire retiring 3 and 4 star generals who can then act almost as salesmen. From 2004 to 2008 for example… less than 80 percent of retiring generals jumped into private consultation for various companies such as Raytheon to Lockhead. How much do these guys make? Typically about 200K a year….how do they acquire bonuses?…..use your imagination. The fact remains….as war and conflicts continue, the more profit keeps rolling in. Did a company by itself pull off 9/11? Obviously not, but there are devils advocates everywhere where greed is king……and there were huge budget increases for US agencies across the board(empty checks really)after 9/11. Hell, we even created a new agency called Homeland Security with a ginormous budget. I’ll admit a good conspiracy is impossible to prove……..but relatively easy for some of us to see.

    • Your links don’t work but nonetheless wasn’t entirely futile as another link was provided so as it all turned out, my small business was able to make a substantial contribution. I know it’ll help. Surprisingly, I finally found another link that I’ve been looking for, through gogetfunding, big difference from gofundme although you wouldn’t think so. So anyway, just a shout out ya Albany. You go girl! Keep sreadin that good everywhere! Helluva gal.
      Thnx again kiddo.

    • You are one of those. Aren’t you?

  7. Albury:
    Nice little whitewash story and a smear on your part.
    I grew up behind the iron curtain.
    You REEK of the smell of propaganda, smear and disinformation we were so intimately familiar since kindergarten. We were acutely attuned and sensitized to it, to an extent you cannot even fathom.

    However, the on-the scene videos of the firemen describing what went on are still available to watch (youtube culled a lot of them, but they are still on numerous private websites – thank God).
    The firemen and other witnesses uniformly describe explosions both before and after the planes’ impact.

  8. What explosions were reported by any NYC firefighters prior to the 8:46 AM crash of AA 11 into the North Tower?
    Many first responders did hear explosions in the burning WTC buildings, as would normally be expected, but if you’re implying that they think they were demolition explosives, here’s the “firefighters” for 9/11 “truth” petition:
    How many signatories to it are FDNY? Aren’t they as smart as you are, or don’t they care what caused the deaths of more than 300 of their close friends, colleagues, and relatives?

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  10. I agree that you, Albury, are a spook. The first responders didn’t arrive till the first plane hit, so how could they answer to explosions before their arrival, eh?

    Rodriquez has my full support, I believe him because I have read the literature, worked with some ‘truth’ groups, and understand. well, physics for one. And I had a friend who died in Tower 2, so don’t tell me I’m the dupe, I have a damned good reason for wanting to get down to the ugly truth staring me in the face.

    Gandhiji said something like “No matter how bad things look and how long it takes, truth always wins”. He was right, and the world will know what happened that fateful day. ALbury, why don’t you go spook another blog, bonehead.

  11. The OP made the statement that “The firemen and other witnesses uniformly describe explosions both before and after the planes’ impact,” and I simply asked him to corroborate it, Morgana. If you truly understand physics and believe William Rodriguez, what held the North Tower up from 8:46 AM until 10:28 AM, and why did the collapse begin ~98 stories above him? If you also believe that a secret microwave beam emitted from a US government C-130 brought down UA 93, please refer to my first comment here for the link to use when sending him donations so he can “spread the truth.”

  12. Nice article. It’s good that Willy is on the move speaking the truth. It should be broadcasted to as many people as possible.

  13. Since the core columns in the WTC towers carried 1/2 of the load outside of them, plus the entire core load, and the columns below grade carried 110+ floors, while the 96th floor columns only carried ~14 floors, I can only marvel at your sagacity, Roggie. Were there invisible sky hooks supporting more than 500,000 tons of building for that ~1 hour and 42 minutes? Some of the steel below grade was 7″ thick, so it’s quite remarkable that it was “weakened” by explosives that no one on other floors even noticed prior to the crash of AA 11. 600 kg of high explosives were set off down there in 1993, killing a half dozen people and injuring more than 100, but aside from blowing some holes in the thick, steel-reinforced concrete floors, they didn’t weaken any of the structure, and no one suffered 3rd degree burns because of them.

    I wish I could “understand the architecture and construction of the towers” as well as you do, but I think “the airplane had something to do with the collapse” because it severed more than 40 columns on one side and in the core, and started these fires:

    Silly me…

  14. Allbury, its not silly you it’s nonsense you. That is being very polite for the crap you try and peddle.
    You can jump up and down and hold your breath as long as you want 2 + 2 , does not equal 8. I am positive you would never present your arguments at a trial where perjury charges could be the fate of those liars that have decided to perpetrate a conspiracy against our country and constitution.
    If you want to argue structural there are a thousand engineers and architects willing to take on any and all comers, but your hand is shown as soon as you lie about Bush at Securecom, Marvin oversaw the largest Elevator renovation in elevator history from 1996-2000, he started there in 1993 and mpimented the 8.3 million renovation. The Wirt Walker III was CEO of Securecom/Stratesec from 1999-2002.
    There is a mountain of irrefutable evidence that’s goin to hang all the Nazi slime hiding their War crime asses here and in Zionist Nazi territory, Israel.
    Fireman have given affidavids and there are videos documenting both the explosions and the firemenm responses over their intercom’s. Justice will prevail and Israel will pay for the USS Liberty & 9/11, along with a host of other crimes they commited to throw off the pursuers of Justice and Truth. Those Rabbi’s that won’t accept the satanic Talmud know this is a war fof a world nased on truth, integrity, and Justice, or on the enslevement of mankind. You prefer the ladder. I remind you that the world united, kicked the Nazi asses before and we can do it again.

  15. Securacom didn’t do elevator renovation, tcatt57; they furnished and installed electronic surveillance equipment under contract to the PA in the WTC buildings. Marvin Bush was a board member of the company until June, 2000, and there’s no evidence that Wirt Walker’s even related to the Bush family. The tower collapses resulted from the failure of perimeter columns opposite the ones severed by the planes, and the 236 perimeter columns were nowhere near the elevators.
    Plenty of FDNY heard explosions inside the burning WTC hi-rises, and that is not evidence of demolition explosives. Please feel free to tell me how many FDNY are in your “truth movement.”
    9 US presidents have now accepted the fact that the Liberty incident was mistaken identity, so get over it:
    Israel had nothing whatsoever to do with al Qaeda’s suicide attacks of 9/11, nor did anyone else you’re libeling with your nonsense.

  16. What did I post that was incorrect, Roggie?

  17. Please explain how the North Tower managed to stand for more than 1 hour and 42 minutes and then collapse from the 96th floor downward at ~10:28 AM if the demolition of its foundation occurred at ~8:46 AM, roggie, and why only Rodriguez knows about the explosives that went off before the plane crash. Do you know of any explosives that burn people’s skin off, or of any controlled demolitions that have targeted elevator doors? I’m wondering why “they” didn’t just use that secret high-powered microwave weapon on the towers too, instead of just on UA 93, aren’t you? Be sure to send ol’ Willie a big donation so he can “spread the truth.”

    • They did use the directed energy weapons (Raytheon made) aimed at the towers. That is why there are cars parked in lots and on the side streets that were never touched by any debris that were ablaze, destroyed and completely rusted immediately. Rust usually takes a while. Even the top of the buildings were frothing up and that is why some scott packs at ground level blew up right on the trucks, when nothing was going on. It cut a giant slice in the street too. But that part was cleverly redacted or “they” tried their best to redact the first responder reports. But you already knew that, didn’t you?!?

    • Wow
      I thought you were here for the better of all mankind. Turns out you’re just blowing smoke, talking shit, stirring up trouble, whatta gal, riiiight?
      Good news is you came to the right place. If you want to debate and banter, incessantly- feel free.
      In the end, the rest of us in the educated and logical world, on solid ground, continued pressing on. We left nothing but you and our dust in our wake. Have fun talking to and playing with-
      Yourself. Congrats. You’re just another ‘out-there’ conspiracy perpetrator.
      Lemme say it like this, you picked a decent battle but you picked the wrong arena.

      So, curious how your karma’s been over the past few years….??
      Some people never learn.

  18. boomerangcomesback

    I just popped over here and read the piece and comments. Mr. Smith rotates on his circular shill reasoning in a never-ending cascade of question/answer/shill. I for one, have no time for his brand of pied-pipering over the cliff. Smith, it is amazing you are still shilling… you have wasted so many peoples’ time over the years on OEN, and others. I guess you have nothing better to do.

    Rogue, don’t waste any more of your time with this punk. Your brain power and voice is of far more value used elsewhere. Anyone who’s looked at the “real” facts of 9/11, rapidly and easily discerns Smith’s agenda, and dismisses him with a flippant wave of the hand.

    Thanks for putting this piece up Rady!

  19. That was certainly fact-filled, roggie. Once again, please explain how the North Tower managed to stand for more than 1 hour and 42 minutes and then collapse from the 96th floor downward at ~10:28 AM if the demolition of its foundation occurred at ~8:46 AM, and why only Rodriguez knows about the explosives that went off before the plane crash. Do you know of any explosives that burn people’s skin off, or of any controlled demolitions that have targeted elevator doors?

  20. Were the demolition explosives that ol’ Willie heard the 1 hour and 42 minute time-delayed ones that only work ~1200′ higher than where they go off, roggie? Since they weren’t heard by anyone on other floors or outside, they must have been amazingly quiet ones too.
    Be sure to send him a nice donation and buy some of his junk so he can “spread the truth”:

  21. boomerangcomesback

    Hi Rogue! Twas a nice sunny day until a wampum gullywasher just raged through. Sunny again, however.

    Why’s this Smith guy keep trying to establish the un-establishable? He says no one heard the explosions? What? No visuals either of squibs, I suppose? Don’t he read??? Has he not got a clue, yet?

    By now, with the 10 year anniversary of this Crime of the Century almost upon us; if an individual cannot figure out the “Inside Job” status of this blowjob, then he is either 1 of 2 things — 1) a shill or collaborator and justifier of the bogus boobus guv “meme”, or 2) a dunce.

    There are no other categories. You’re “With em, or Against em”. Wave your flag vigorously Smith, and straighten your pointy hat.

  22. Would you please list all of the eyewitnesses who heard the demolition explosives that Rodriguez allegedly heard BEFORE AA 11 hit the North Tower, boomie?
    Here’s a real controlled demolition:
    More than 1 or 2 people heard those explosives, and it didn’t take 1 hour and 42 minutes for the building to collapse.

  23. boomerangcomesback

    Pound sand. You can postulate yourself. Why don’t you google the Euro demolitions expert who plainly stated the collapse of WTC was a demo job. Subsequently, he was killed. No coincidence there, aye?

  24. Your “expert” looked at grainy, audio-free videos and claimed to know what was happening inside a building prior to its collapse. He apparently was equally good at driving.

  25. Mark Loizeaux and Brent Blanchard are demolition experts too, roggie:

    Click to access WTC%20COLLAPSE%20STUDY%20BBlanchard%208-8-06.pdf

    They were also at the WTC site after the al Qaeda suicide attacks of 9/11.

  26. Mark Walsh saw the planes hit and witnessed the fires:

    How, oh HOW did he arrive at the conclusion that those fires were intense? The plot thickens…

  27. So if you soak tens of thousands of square feet of furnished office space with ~9000 gallons of flaming jet fuel, the resultant fires will only be intense for the 10 minutes or so that the jet fuel itself burns, roggie?
    In that case, these must not have been intense ~1 hour later:

    Were the tower columns always concave like that, or did the top secret explosives do it?

  28. boomerangcomesback

    See the totally fabricated account and “story” below. It is thin air and cannot be confirmed that it happened. However, if it appeared on major media channels, many Americans would “toast” these infants as super-human. Whatever…

    Why YES! The bread in the toaster became “toast” due to the fact that the “babysitter” saw the two 2 yr olds, wheel their highchairs over to the counter, shinnied up, got the toaster out of the cupboard, plugged it in, climbed down again, slid their high chair over to the other counter where the bread was, took off the bread clip, slid two pieces of bread into their pants, moved the high chair back over to the counter with the toaster on it, climbed up, put the bread in the toaster, set the toaster on high, pressed the lever down, and VOILA! They made toast for breakfast.

    Intense heat caused the bread to turn into “Toast”. The “babysitter” saw it all, though no one knows nor can find this babysitter after the fact. Its like she disappeared or something.

    Smith, the real question for you, is “Why?” do you do what you do?

    Though I don’t care.

  29. I’m wondering why you’d think that major fires ignited by dousing a ~40,000 sq. ft. furnished office area with flaming jet fuel would self extinguish in an hour or two, boomie. It seems consistent with believing that demolition explosives that were so quiet that only people on the same floor heard them blew off an express elevator door, gave people 3rd-degree burns, and then collapsed a hi-rise ~1 hour and 42 minutes later starting ~1200′ higher up. Why do you do that?

  30. NIST did not “admit” that jet fuel burned off in ~5 minutes, roggie; they stated that it burned off in ~10 minutes, and that it pretty much only acted as a catalyst for the office fires it ignited. You may be “talking 500 degrees F. at max,” but building fires fueled by normal office contents routinely reach temperatures of 1800 F, and produce upper air level temperatures of ~1100 F, which is sufficient to reduce steel’s yield strength to just over 20% of its room temperature strength.
    Here’s what the tower fires looked like ~1 hour later:

    Once again, were the perimeter columns always concave like that, or did your top secret explosives do it?

  31. Were the tower columns always concave like this, roggie, or did your top secret explosives do it?

    SOME “structural steel is thick,” some is 14″ square tubular columns with 1/4′ thick walls, and some is only bar joists made of back-to-back 3″ X 3″ X 1/14″ or 2-1/2″ X 2-1/2″ X 1/4″ angles, with 1.09″ bar steel for diagonal bracing.
    If all of the towers’ mass disintegrated, it would not have taken ~40,000 people nearly 8 months to remove it from the site.
    Did William Rodriguez report a pyroclastic cloud too, or just ultra-quiet, ~1 hour and 42 minute time-delayed explosives that work ~1200′ higher than where they’re detonated, and burn people the same way as flaming jet fuel?

  32. It doesn’t matter if you come out with the story that there were bombs, or not. Everyone knows there were bombs..and they can just say the “terrorists” planted bombs. LOOK AT THOSE PLANES! THEY WERE HOLOGRAMS. They are dark grey, unmarked, with no FAA lights! No airplane can melt into a building like that! Please wake up! Please pray that you can wake up and have your own mind back! You can see the edge of the building through them. Chemtrail planes are holograms, too, and black helicopters can be holograms. Please learn about hologram aircraft. They are directed energy weapons; they are Tesla death rays. They are the only thing that could have sliced steel beams like that, and they are the only thing that could have turned the WTCs into dust. There were orbs all over the place, and big fake bird holograms. They were at the Pentagon, too, and at Fukushima! They are Foo Fighters…whether the missile defense system, Tesla Tech, or alien demons, controlled by ??????? THEY DID 9/11 and they are also doing all these earthquakes and volcanoes! There is a media blackout, practically! Volcanoes are erupting everyday! There is steam coming out of the ground in Southern California right now, and they are putting sprinklers on it! It’s a freaking volcano!

  33. This NIST photo is of the south face of the North Tower ~1 hour and 36 minutes after the crash, roggie:

    It shows inward bowing of the columns as much as 55″ (+/- 6″) from their original shape, and ~6 minutes later the building began to collapse when those columns could no longer carry the load above them. No sign of explosives was seen or heard immediately prior to or during the collapse. ~60,000 tons of building above the impact level just started falling, and not even the smoke patterns were disturbed.
    Was that because the explosives went off ~1200′ lower and ~1 hour and 42 minutes earlier?

  34. boomerangcomesback

    da da da ta da …Weird Science. Sing it, hum it. Rogue, A.S. doesn’t want to register the fact that 3 massive steel structures fell on the “same day” after only hours of foo fire. Never happened before, never happened since. And my barbie q still stands after many hours of cooking. Hasn’t even melted a little. Kerosene, office fires, melting steel? Whaaa! cries Charlie Brown. And even if they did defy physics, the 3 buildings fell straight down into their footprint, just like a controlled demolition.

    Smith, here’s some “juicy bit” you may want to attempt to understand. See, its probably a bit more complicated than 19 Hijackers with box cutters who hated Americans for their “freedoms”. Not that this is the whole enchilada, but its more interesting reading than reading your dribblings.

    • “Never happened before, never happened since” Fail
      Actually, it had happened 3 times since and once before.

      “And my barbie q still stands after many hours of cooking.” Fail
      You BBQ doesn’t use trapped heat to cook, it use well ventilated air to assist in the cooking. The office fires had much more than jet fuel used to burn. Office equipment etc burns much hotter especially when it is using up limited oxygen.

      “3 buildings fell straight down into their footprint” Fail 2X
      3 buildings fell due to extreme damage to them. t buildings had uncontrolled fires due to aircraft impacts. 1 had uncontrolled fires due to extensive damage caused by a 110 story building collapsing 300 feet away.
      With the amount of surrounding building damage, it was hardly on any footprint.

  35. What is the maximum temperature that the supporting steel in your barbeque normally reaches, boomie, and how much weight is it holding up? The WTC towers did not fall “straight down into their footprint[s],” nor did their steel melt “even a little” before they collapsed.
    It’s a toss-up here whether you, roggie, or his friend Sugartits is making the least sense.

  36. boomerangcomesback

    No. You teeter around the edges of the entire debacle, ignoring massive amounts of information that don’t fit your paradigm. Too bad…

  37. I asked you the maximum temperature that the supporting steel in your barbeque normally reaches, boomie, and how much weight it is holding up. I also pointed out that the towers didn’t fall into their footprints, and that the melting of steel was in no NIST collapse hypothesis.
    Is “No” your final answer?

  38. boomerangcomesback

    Truth Monger says:
    August 16, 2011 at 10:11 am

    LMAO, so you believe in that wacky conspiracy theory that cave-dwelling Muslims extremists made three WTC towers collapse the exact same way using only 2 planes? Hahahaha.

  39. The WTC hi-rises didn’t “collapse the exact same way,” but which hijackers lived in caves, and what difference would it have made in hijacking and crashing airliners, boomie?

  40. I was hoping that you’d explain some of the “shocking disclosures” that ol’ Willie made, roggie, since that’s the topic here. Can ultra-quiet demolition explosives burn off people’s skin and flatten an express elevator door in a basement, and then start a collapse ~1200′ higher and ~1 hour and 42 minutes later, or was it really done with that secret high-tech microwave weapon that brought down UA 93? Send him a big donation and he might clear that up for us.

  41. boomerangcomesback

    Zzzzzzzzzz {snore}. Bye-bye.

  42. How else am I going to learn, boomie? 🙂

    • If looking at pictures isnt too hard for you, you might like to look into the differences between a collapse, and an explosion.

      Click to access collapse-or-explosion-a-photo-essay-by-liam-scheff.pdf

      As your such an expert in all things 9-11, perhaps you could do the world a favour and share your knowledge by doing a youtube debate with him, I’m sure it would instantly go viral, you know, if you think you’re capable, and not scared? or maybe this fellow,

      • Why do you think it is required to compares apples-to-oranges when trying to explain the collapse of the WTCs?

        You clam the Madrid building was steel, yet it was a concrete building with steel structure around it. You noticed the steel melted off the concrete? Probably not.

        I have debated him and he blocked me from his channel and from commenting on his videos. Why? Because I have direct experience and he doesn’t. He got upset, called me childish names and blocked me. Why would a person ddo that if they thought they had the truth?

  43. boomerangcomesback

    Smith — Repent!

  44. Well there you have it. Why listen to the NIST SEs with doctorates and PE certification when Ed Asner can explain it all to you? 🙂

  45. boomerangcomesback

    Put a Fork in him…he’s well done.

  46. Have you guys checked to see what Rosie O’Donnell and Charlie Sheen think too?

  47. That you, boomie, Charlie, and Rosie have the nerve to suggest some sort of moral superiority over the NIST investigators and 9/11 Commission members is astonishing, obscene, and repulsive too, roggie, but I’d stop short of calling you “total loosers,” since I’m not sure what that means.

  48. What have NIST and the 9/11 Commission lied about, roggie?

  49. Exactly WHAT have NIST and the 9/11 Commission lied about, roggie?

  50. Be sure not to use any expert testimony in that “new investigation” you claim is needed, roggie.

  51. I was enjoying this pile of sh*t, roggie. Would you please tell me more about the extra-quiet explosives that went off in the North Tower basement and then collapsed the whole building from ~1200′ higher up ~1 hour and 42 minutes later, after burning someone’s skin off with flaming jet fuel? I’d like to know more about that secret high-powered microwave weapon that downed UA 93 too. Do I need to send ol’ Willie a gross of money so he can “spread the truth”?

  52. Do you have A.D.D., roggie? We need to discuss the extra-quiet explosives that went off in the North Tower basement and then collapsed the whole building from ~1200′ higher up ~1 hour and 42 minutes later, after burning someone’s skin off with flaming jet fuel. I’d also like to know more about that secret high-powered microwave weapon that downed UA 93.

  53. That’s not very nice.

  54. I’d like to discuss the extra-quiet explosives that went off in the North Tower basement and then collapsed the whole building from ~1200′ higher up ~1 hour and 42 minutes later, after burning someone’s skin off with flaming jet fuel. I’d also like to know more about that secret high-powered microwave weapon that downed UA 93. How’s that being a “shill”?

  55. Ultra-quiet, delayed-reaction (1 hour and 42 minutes) explosives that burn people with jet fuel and then collapse buildings starting ~1200′ higher only exist in the 9/11 “truth movement,” roggie. Maybe “they” used that top secret high-powered microwave weapon instead? 🙂

  56. Do demolition explosives really take ~1 hour and 42 minutes to work, roggie, and then from ~1200′ higher up in a building? ‘splain please.

  57. Yes, roggie; the yarn from Willie Rodriguez is truly IN-credible.

  58. Reynolds Wrap isn’t just for bakin’ cookies, yanno…

  59. Should President Obama authorize the use of those delayed-reaction, ultra-quiet, kerosene-based explosives in Libya, roggie, or that high-powered microwave weapon that we shoot from C-130s?

  60. Wishful thinking, I guess, roggie. I was hoping to get you back on topic.

  61. Then let’s discuss the “shocking disclosures” of ol’ Willie.

  62. Since no explosively-severed ends were seen on any WTC columns or other structural steel, roggie, what did this alleged nanothermite DO?

  63. What findings in the 9/11 Commission Report has any member or former member of the commission ever disagreed with, roggie?

      Whether or not you believe that governments carry out “false flag” terror, you might reasonably assume that the 9/11 Commission investigated September 11th, and concluded that Osama Bin Laden and his group of terrorists were solely responsible.

      Unfortunately, a quick look at the government’s investigations reveals that — not only has there never been a real investigation — but the behavior of government representatives in willfully obstructing all attempts at investigation comprises evidence of guilt. Specifically, in all criminal trials, evasiveness, obstruction, and destruction of evidence all constitute strong circumstantial evidence that the accused is guilty or, at the very least, not to be believed. 9/11 is no different.

      For example, the former director of the FBI says there was a cover up by the 9/11 Commission.

      And the 9/11 Commissioners knew that military officials lied to the Commission, and considered recommending criminal charges for such false statements, yet didn’t bother to tell the American people (free subscription required).
      Indeed, the co-chairs of the Commission now admit that the Commission largely operated based upon political considerations.

      9/11 Commission co-chair Lee Hamilton says “I don’t believe for a minute we got everything right”, that the Commission was set up to fail, that people should keep asking questions about 9/11, that the 9/11 debate should continue, and that the 9/11 Commission report was only “the first draft” of history.
      9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey said that “There are ample reasons to suspect that there may be some alternative to what we outlined in our version . . . We didn’t have access . . . .”
      9/11 Commissioner Timothy Roemer said “We were extremely frustrated with the false statements we were getting”
      Former 9/11 Commissioner Max Cleland resigned from the Commission, stating: “It is a national scandal”; “This investigation is now compromised”; and “One of these days we will have to get the full story because the 9-11 issue is so important to America. But this White House wants to cover it up”.
      The Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission, who led the 9/11 staff’s inquiry, said “I was shocked at how different the truth was from the way it was described …. The tapes told a radically different story from what had been told to us and the public for two years…. This is not spin. This is not true.”
      But let’s back up and look at the 9/11 Commission in more detail. Preliminarily, President Bush and Vice-President Cheney took the rare step of personally requesting that congress limit all 9/11 investigation solely to “intelligence failures”, so there has never been a congressional probe into any of the real issues involved.
      The administration also opposed the creation of a 9/11 commission. Once it was forced, by pressure from widows of 9-11 victims, to allow a commission to be formed, the administration appointed as executive director an administration insider, whose area of expertise is the creation and maintenance of “public myths” thought to be true, even if not actually true, who was involved in pre-9/11 intelligence briefings, and who was one of the key architects of the “pre-emptive war” doctrine. This executive director, who controlled what the Commission did and did not analyze, then limited the scope of the Commission’s inquiry so that the overwhelming majority of questions about 9/11 remained unasked (see this article and this article).
      The administration then starved the commission of funds, providing a fraction of the funds used to investigate Monica Lewinsky, failed to provide crucial documents (and see this article also), refused to share much information with the Commission, refused to require high-level officials to testify under oath, and allowed Bush and Cheney to be questioned jointly.
      More importantly, the 9-11 Commission refused to examine virtually any evidence which contradicted the administration’s official version of events. As stated by the State Department’s Coordinator for Counterterrorism, who was the point man for the U.S. government’s international counterterrorism policy in the first term of the Bush administration, “there were things the [9/11] commission[s] wanted to know about and things they didn’t want to know about.”
      For example, the 9-11 Commission report fails to mention the CIA director’s urgent warnings to top administration officials in July 2001 of an impending attack (indeed, the 9-11 Commission was briefed on these warnings, but denied they knew about them until confronted with contrary evidence). Moreover, numerous veteran national security experts were turned away, ignored, or censored by the 9/11 commission, even though they had information directly relevant to the commission’s investigation. And the 9/11 Commission Report does not even mention the collapse of World Trade Center building 7 or any explosions in the buildings (the word “explosion” does not appear in the report). There are literally hundreds of other examples of entire lines of evidence which contradict the government’s account which were ignored by the Commission.
      A very well-documented book by a distinguished professor shows that the 9-11 Commission was a whitewash. According to law professor Richard Falk of Princeton, the author of this book “establishes himself, alongside Seymour Hersh, as America’s number one bearer of unpleasant, yet necessary, public truths” (Seymour Hersh, as you might know, is the Pulitzer prize-winning reporter who uncovered the Iraq prison torture scandal). See a synopsis of the book here; and a summary of a portion of the book here.
      Indeed, the very 9-11 widows who had pressured the administration to create the 9/11 Commission now “question the veracity of the entire Commission’s report”, and have previously declared it a failure which ignored 70% of their detailed questions and “suppressed important evidence and whistleblower testimony that challenged the official story on many fronts”.
      Moreover, the former head of the fire science and engineering division of the agency now investigating the world trade center disaster, who is a professor of fire protection engineering, wrote that the world trade center buildings could not have collapsed due to jet fuel fires, that evidence was being destroyed, and that there was no real investigation into the collapses. He has called for a new investigation.
      And a leading firefighters’ trade publication called the investigation concerning the world trade center a “half-baked farce”. In addition, the official investigators themselves were largely denied funding, access to the site and the evidence contained there, or even access to such basic information as the blueprints for the world trade center.
      Indeed, the blueprints for the world trade center are apparently STILL being withheld from reporters and the public, and the government agency in charge of the investigation has grossly mischaracterized the structure of the buildings.
      And the government agency tasked with examining the collapse of the World Trade Centers did NOT investigate any anomalies in the collapse of the buildings, failing to even examine any of the following evidence: the buildings’ impossible near free-fall speeds and symmetrical collapses; the unexplained fact that the core of the North Tower failed first; the apparent demolition squibs; the fact that the buildings turned to dust in mid-air; the presence of molten metal in the basement areas in large pools in all of the buildings; the unexplained presence of unusual compounds in the steel; the unexplained swiss-cheese like holes in the steel; and the unexplained straightening out of the upper 34 floors of the South Tower after they had precipitously leaned over and started toppling like a tree.
      Indeed, an article from a respected civil engineering trade journal states:
      “World Trade Center disaster investigators are refusing to show computer visualizations [i.e. models] of the collapse of the Twin Towers despite calls from leading structural and fire engineers”.
      The article goes on to state “a leading U.S. structural engineer said ‘By comparison [to the modeling of fires] the global structural model is not as sophisticated’ . . . The software used has been pushed to new limits, and there have been a lot of simplifications, extrapolations and judgement calls . . . it would be hard to produce a definitive visualization from the analysis so far.’”. In other words, the government refused to release a visual model of the collapses, and even the non-visual computer models which the government used to examine why the trade centers collapsed are faulty.
      The same journal points out that “Some engineers . . . have accused NIST of repeatedly changing its explanation of the collapse mechanism.”
      See also this question and answer exchange at a recent government press conference (skip to 1 minute and 23 seconds into the video). And this short video on building 7 and the subsequent investigation (you may wish to disregard brief partisan portion).

      And did you know that investigators for the Congressional Joint Inquiry discovered that an FBI informant had hosted and even rented a room to two hijackers in 2000 and that, when the Inquiry sought to interview the informant, the FBI refused outright, and then hid him in an unknown location, and that a high-level FBI official stated these blocking maneuvers were undertaken under orders from the White House?

      Or that a former FBI translator who Senators Leahy and Grassley, among others, have claimed is credible, and who the administration has gagged for years without any logical basis — has stated that “this administration knowingly and intentionally let many directly or indirectly involved in that terrorist act [September 11th] go free – untouched and uninvestigated”?
      Or have you heard that the FBI long ago found and analyzed the “black box” recorders from the airplanes which hit the Twin Towers, but has consistently denied that they were ever found?

      Or did you know that the tape of interviews of air traffic controllers on-duty on 9/11 was intentionally destroyed by crushing the cassette by hand, cutting the tape into little pieces, and then dropping the pieces in different trash cans around the building as shown by this NY Times article (summary version is free; full version is pay-per-view) and by this article from the Chicago Sun-Times?

      And amazingly, many years after the FBI stated it did not have sufficient evidence to prosecute Bin Laden for 9/11, that agency apparently still does not have hard evidence linking Bin Laden to the crime.
      Still think the government really investigated and disclosed what happened on 9/11?
      Indeed, there are even indications that false evidence may have been planted to deflect attention from the real perpetrators.

  64. Actually, this is what the FBI said about OBL, al Qaeda, and 9/11, Mr. or Ms. Meat-eater:
    Since he was already on their “Most Wanted” list for the SUICIDE bombings of 2 US embassies in 1998, there was no useful purpose served by formally indicting him for the USS Cole SUICIDE attack, or the 9/11 SUICIDE attacks, and no reason to compromise intelligence sources or reveal classified information doing it.
    I asked for the findings in the 9/11 Commission Report that any member or former member of the commission has ever disagreed with, not whether some wanted the investigation to include more than it did, and no critique of the NIST reports provides any evidence at all for a controlled demolition hypothesis.
    Roggie’s a bit cranky these days, and may not want you addressing him either. Proceed with caution. 🙂

  65. Willy The Great Escape Artist” Rodriguez

  66. “Yes and Mr. Loizeaux is the prime suspect for designing the charge sequence and placement for the towers demolition.”

    Prime suspect from whom?

    “t is suspected that he took this job unaware that they would be demolished while occupied…must have been quite the horrific shock to discover what he had been involved in aye?”

    Where are you getting this? If he told anybody he “designed” the implosion, he would be given immunity to name names.

    I guess it is easier to make up funny stories and call childish names than actually think.

  67. “flung beams and could not have acted as a mass falling through the structures – they are clearly pulverized”
    Flung beams were pulverized?

  68. “We are not effecting steel, which connected in a grid as in this structure becomes a heat sink some hundred stories tall.”

    Can you explain why fireproofing is required on all steel beams that are used in skyscraper design? After all, there has never been a single building collapse due to fire. Right?

  69. “but the upper section blows to dust and fragmented beams as well.
    So there is no mass available to “crush the lower portion.””

    This is funny. For your claim to be true, there would have to be explosives place throughout the entire upper portion for it to instantly be pulverized and “lose mass”. No single video shows the upper portion exploding into such a state. They show a mass falling directly into the lower portion. Fail.
    Then, every floor would have to be setup with explosives to be perfectly timed by the fraction of a second. With the number of floors, the amount of explosive needed, wiring, detonators, prep work, you would think this would take a year and a half due to the number of floors, the amount of explosives, and all supporting equipment.
    The bomb dogs that searched the bldg would have gone crazy with that amount of RDX. But somehow they didn’t detect a single ounce. In fact, after the collapse, there has yet to be ANY trace of explosives found. Fail.
    So, you cannot explain how the upper portion lost mass, you cannot explain how the building collapsed due to explosives, and yet you are too quick to call childish names to those that do not believe you. Are you going to call me names now?

  70. “Now I want to get this and get this good Smith, there will be no more discussion between us as per the case of 9/11.”

    The final step of a CT debate. Claim they have facts and yet can’t explain a single one and run away….quickly. They also need to throw in a few ad hominems for good measure.

    I wonder how they are able to sleep at night realizing they are the bottom of the gullibility factor.

  71. It seems Hybrid does not want to talk about facts when she can use childish name-calling.

  72. “Some studies have found evidence that hospital admissions for depression rise during geomagnetic storms and that incidents of suicide increase.”

    Yep, we saw the same thing during full moons.and just after Super Bowls. Must be the government.

  73. Cut and paste? Really? I guess it sure beats original thought.

  74. “It is said that doing the same thinng over and again and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity.”

    That explains Richard Gage, and the rest of the 9/11 CT.

  75. “no steel melted in the Madrid fire bozo”
    From the news report:
    “With morning light, the damage from the spectacular blaze that lit up the night and attracted thousands of onlookers was evident. The top floors were little more than charred steel twisted into destroyed shapes. Everything else was burned away.”
    Yes, twisted.
    “Office fires do not get hot enough to melt steel.”
    Poor choice of words, since steel does not need to melt in order to collapse.

    “Madrid was totally gutted by that intense multi hour fire – and STILL had to be pulled down by demo crews.”
    Actually, the building was too tall to be pulled down. Due to the surrounding area, they couldn’t use explosives either. They decided to dismantle it piece by piece.

  76. “You have a problem with reading comprehension?”
    Actually, you need to write it clearer to avoid confusion. I had 3 people read it and they all agreed you referred to the steel beams being pulverized.

    Since the amount of explosives needed to “pulverize” the upper section would be such an amount that it would show it exploding in mid air and not disappearing into the dust, your assumption does not match any visual or physical evidence.

    The amount of energy created by the collapse exceeded 8 GigaJoules. This is easily enough energy to propel 50K lbs beam well over 300 feet laterally. The amount of explosives necessary to do so would also be visible in all videos taken. Keep in mind that explosives are directed (as in cutting), so they would cut the beam and not launch it anywhere.
    Every vidoe shows the upper portion falling into dust and do not show any explosions or disintegration until it is consumed into the lower portions.
    Lateral force is created as a axe chopping down on a piece of wood. With vertical enough energy, you can send extremely heavy objects laterally as explosives cannot unless you have extreme amounts. The bomb doge proved there were no explosives in either of the buildings.

  77. “The point being, Madrid did NOT collapse. It had to be deconstructed even after the raging fires engulfed the whole building.” Then why the claim that it “had to be pulled”? Why did you use the term “pull”? Strange word choice.

    The three mentioned are far more educated as you and your poor attempt to skirt the issue is funny.

    “You are simply wrong. As I describe, the plumes and fragmented beams, are the upper portion and it cannot be intact and exploded at the same time.”
    There is no source by anyone to say the beams were from the upper portion. Since you are not providing any substance with your made up claims, it is clear you can’t produce any. It stayed intact until it was destroyed at is hit 88 floors below. The beams were launched by the extensive energy created by the collapse.

    I never mentioned Bazant. Hint: a ton is equal to 1000’s of lbs. 2 in fact. As I mentioned they were aprprox 25 tons or 50,000 lbs. Math is not your specialty is it.

    Can you tell me who corroborates the claims made by Jones? Can you tell us all why Jones refused to have outside scientists access to his notes and procedures which is standard scientific method? Maybe you can tell us why jones never tested for explosive residue? He had actual samples from GZ. He wold be in possession of the real smoking gun. but he decided to skip that and focus his energy on the failed thermititc material which has been debunked by a real journal and real scientists using the real scientific method. I guess you never were told by your CT “source” about that.

    Thanks for the amusement Mr Wonka. We get to take a load off from the dose of humor from the tinfoil crowd.

  78. “But as we just discussed – IT DID NOT COLLAPSE.”

    Yes, because the core was concrete (nothing like WTCs) and only the steel was affected by the fire.

    “Let’ get this straight one more time hotshot, there has NEVER been a steel framed highrise collapse due to fire. Not before, not after, and certainly not during 9/11.”

    This is funny since I have heard this 1000s of times and yet it has happened several times in history.
    -The McCormick Center in Chicago and the Sight and Sound Theater in 1967.
    -Kader Toy Factory Fire in 1993
    -Delft University of Technology in 2008
    -McCormick Place in 1967
    -205 West Jefferson Street, Falls Church in 2001
    -Factory in Worcestershire England in 2006
    These are just a few I found that show steel framed buildigs that collapsed from fire. Hint: None of these had been hit by an airliner and all but 1 had active fire fighting in progress. It took me 4 minutes to find all of these.

    Who is futile? Did you need a new tinfoil hat? It seems yours must have slipped off.

  79. I show them all of your postings and we decide which to respond to. I have access to several experts in the many fields of 9/11 and we all get a great laugh as I expand the group of those that want to see your posts. So far, we have way more to ask you that you probably have time.

    but, as you sink in your canned talking points, we will help fill in the dirt. We ALL know you won’t help yourself from digging and digging. We will give you a hand in your poor attempts at explaining what happened on 9/11.

  80. “in the initial moment of decent the upper portion is blowing to dust plumes and fragmented beams, at the same time the lower portion begins to blow.”


    ” It does explode in mid air, that is my whole point ”

    Why do all vidoes show that the upper portion falls into a cloud and you claim it explodes in mid air? Can you provide a single video that proves your claim? Everyone I ask doesn’t understand your writing. You contradicted yourself and cannot substantiate your claim other by repeating it.

    I suggest you get some experts together and have them help you write out you posts. You don’t understand the topic enough to express your non-expert opinions and certainly cannot explain it so that educated people can understand what you are trying to express.

    How do you know you are talking to a person bent on finding the truth?
    “I am not going to accept any other version” Yep, this is a true seeker if I ever saw one.

  81. “Citation? Who are your “real scientist” and “real scientific methods”?”

    Since you are the expert on scientific research, I’ll give you a hint. Go to the scientific journal you sourced for the evidence of thermititc material and look at the list of those that peer-reviewed it. It gives the names, expertise, and methods used to refute the claims made. This is how peer-review works. How is it that you don’t know this? I guess your VAST education experience has been in other subjects.

    Is it any wonder why the number of those that still believe in your 9/11 fairy tale gets smaller each year? At the height of the CT, it was at 3.6% according to Gallop. That was the hey day for CTs.

  82. So, based on your limited talking point was based so that it had to be a “highrise”. The funny part is that had these been high rises, they would have still collapsed. If a 2 story building collapses due to fire, imagine if it were 10 stories, 40 stories, 110 stories.

    Now add the fact that the fires were actively fought. Do you think that would have saved a highrise? No.

    Now add the fact that the fires in the WTCs were sprread scross the floors simultaneously and not from one side to the other slowly as they were in other building fires. Wouold that have saved then? No.

    Now add additional damage from an airliner. Do you think that may have been a factor in the WTCs? Do you think that may have been a factor in other buildings?

    It is clear that you are stuck on specific talking points that haven’t changed in the last several years. But, if you cannot refute them, it is considered “distracting” as they pile more facts than you can possibly answer.

    So tell us, why did you mis responding to specifics and chose to be vague? Explain to us any of these ewxamples why they do not prove that steel cannot be affected by fire? After all, that is the point, is it not?

  83. “The “source” is the visual evidence of the collapse itself.”

    You have a video showing beams going from the upper portion to other buildings? Your vagueness is still funny. We want to know, what is your level of education? I have an MBA with 16 years of military and 2 decades of handsd-on explosives expereince, we have mechanical engineers, and a small group of other explosives/demolition experts.

    Care to provide this piece of “evidence”? We all would LOVE to see this.

  84. “Yes I have read of Cass Sunstein and his cognitive disonance teams”

    Wow, you read a book. I guess that trumps all of our collective experience.

    We all know what urban means. The funny thing is that you pretended to think it is called “city camo”. Then, you were dragged around by our lure to follow us along in any direction we wanted.

    You CTists are so easily lead around, it is funny. why do you think Griffin Gage, jones et al make so much money off of you guys. All they need to do is spring up “new information” or a “new claim”, and you will fall for it and parrot it around as if it were factual. How do you think Griffin can publish a book and refi his home each time it get gobbled up by his “followers”?

    So yes, we are clever and you…well…are not.

    Quick question to get us back on topic. Can you tell us how many people William Rodriguez saved on 9/11? I have a funny response becuase we know what you’re going to say.

  85. “But of course you avoid mentioning that the fires in WTC were only located on a couple of floors, and were NOT raging infernos by any stretch of your imagination.”

    NIST Report:
    “The jet fuel greatly accelerated the fire growth. Only about 60 percent of the combustible mass of the rubblized workstations was consumed. The near-ceiling temperatures varied between 800 ºC and 1,100 ºC. (p 125-6/175-6) ”


    “Aside from isolated areas, perhaps protected by surviving gypsum walls, the cooler parts of this upper layer were at about 500 ºC, and in the vicinity of the active fires, the upper layer air temperatures reached 1,000 ºC. The aircraft fragments had broken through the core walls on the 94th through the 97th floors, and temperatures in the upper layers there were similar to those in the tenant spaces. (p 28/78) ”

    And, the cuase of the collapse…
    “A floor section was modeled to investigate failure modes and sequences of failures under combined gravity and thermal loads. The floor section was heated to 700 ºC (with a linear thermal gradient through the slab thickness from 700 ºC to 300 ºC at the top surface of the slab) over a period of 30 min. Initially the thermal expansion of the floor pushed the columns outward, but with increased temperatures, the floor sagged and the columns were pulled inward. (p 98/148)”

  86. Was that plagiarism supposed to have been an answer to a specific question or are you required to cut/paste as a part of your duties?

  87. Non-answer X2. Are my questions THAT hard?

  88. “All of this based on computer modelling, no real fire tests.” Fail
    NIST did several active office fire tests and they were clearly noted in the reports.
    “NIST only modelled up to the point of “initiation” Fail
    NIST didn’t need to model a collapse scenario as it is known by basic physics that there was not enough resistance to stop the momentum of the upper portion once it was in motion. Newton’s 1st Law
    “There were fire teams that reached those floors and called to the teams below that one or two lines could take care of the fires.” Fail
    Excellent example of not understanding one’s own talking points. The fire crew reached floor 78 of WTC 1. That means they were at the very bottom of the damage between floors 77 and 85. That means through the smoke and damage, they would never have been able to assess the damage and fire 2 – 7 floors above them. Eyewitnesses to such a small observation f the picture.

  89. I realize you rely on canned cut/pastes. Maybe if you divided them up sot hey can be addresses independently, it would help your case. There are just too many false claims that are listed to explain each one.
    As have never served your country, it would be a process to explain to you how alert aircraft work and what they can and cannot do.
    Based on your canned questions about the alert aircraft, maybe you should ask yourself a few questions first.
    1. Looking at the timeline of the attacks, at what exact time did the FAA/NORAD/military fail to do their job?
    2. Where on the east coast were alert aircraft posted on 9/11?
    3. Once a call goes out, how long does it take to take off and go on station? Where is that station?
    4. Of the 100s of alert calls to NORAD, how many were for domestic aircraft deviating from their flight path?
    Once you can answer these simple questions, It would be easier to explain to you why there was no failure of the system.

    Something tells me you will not/cannot answer these simple questions.

  90. “Given all the features that indicate controlled demolition…”
    Based on you education, training, and experience, tell us the top 5 ways of telling if a building was brought down by controlled demolition?

    When did Jowenko witness the evidence of the WTC collapses? What members of ETH visit the site and make their conclusion? What is considered “the highest probability”?

    Do you have any original thoughts? Or are you forced to cut/paste all your information? If you are, then include the footnotes and the link so we don’t have to take your claims second hand.

  91. “I clearly cite Chandler at the beginning of this article.”

    You poor soul. Putting a name is not a citation. Again, a utter lack of education has got you into trouble.

    Childish name-calling has gotten the best of you. You can’t even express a point now. So sad. What a true waste of a life. Maybe if you can learn to operate a lawn mower, I can find a job for you.

  92. boomerangcomesback

    The evidence here points to Smith needing additional “help” to continue his shillage. Cute.

  93. boomerangcomesback

    9/11 and the Orwellian Redefinition of “Conspiracy Theory”
    by Paul Craig Roberts

    Bloomberg, huh? They were sent in under orders, then sacrificed, now relegated to a “safe zone”. Sounds consistent with the rest of the immoral acts:

  94. I was wondering how long it would take before I was accused of being ieaffiliates, boomie, and you guys rarely disappoint. For the extra obtuse here, please look at this timeline and explain how NORAD should have stopped any of the hijacked planes:
    Touching History, by Lynn Spencer deals in actual facts, not “truth movement” malarkey.

  95. Since I wouldn’t piss on GeeDubya if he were on fire, it’s a “barrel of horseshit” to call him my hero, assuming that roggie was referring to me. NatGeo was apparently in on the plot too. 🙂

  96. boomerangcomesback

    Albury, don’t flatter yourself that I figured you morphed into ieaffiliates. I said no such thing. I suggested it “appeared” that your recruited “help” for your shrill shill digressions from reality.

    Anyways, it is amazing that ilk like you spend so much negative energy attempting to further build upon a foundation of lies. There are so many lies in the official 9/11 story, so many omissions, so much subterfuge, so much misdirection, blah, blah, blah, that it is readily seen by even children that the “story” is propaganda. You and your ilksters want to continue to drill down on minutiae and “science” all the while ignoring the tattered undershorts blowing round your faces. The “official story” is so full of shit that it “depends” {HA! HA!} on the most egregious and unbelievable lies to stop it skidding to an abrupt stop before its introduction is over.

    Face it — The holes in the “official story” are gigantic black holes that must continually suck in more lies to exist at all. That wee little missle hole in the Pentagon that blew up ONI and it’s incriminating investigative files is enough to blow the whole Lie Fest to smithereens. All along the watchtower, inconsistencies, audio, video, evidence, lack of evidence, reports from on-the-ground professionals, etc., etc., SCREAM OUT for justice and uncovering of the Truth of this momentous False Flag. Your ilk and your endless conflations and misdirections stacked up on the pile of lies only indict YOU as a complicit criminal. Your vanity is the direct cause of your foolishness in the face of mountains of evidence which harpoons your squeaky sales pitch.

    Again I say — Repent.

  97. Here’s plenty of evidence for you, boomie:
    Not one eyewitness saw that “missile,” but 130+ saw the airliner, and thousands saw the wreckage afterward. Were all of the civilian first responders in on the plot too?

  98. boomerangcomesback

    How is it Smith, that you don’t show the very small round hole that was punched in the side of the building? You argue without disclosing all the facts and evidence, and lack of evidence (bodies from the plane, proper associated parts, damage from wings on side of building, confiscated videos, etc.). It is pointless to point anything out to you, because you operate in a false reality. See Rogue’s comment above.

    You might convince an individual of your pathetic govt. “story”, one who’s attention span and IQ allows them only a cursory look, a swallowing of sound bytes, a believer of TV authoritarians. But it is YOU who are seen for the FOOL when an individual has studied, considered, and evaluated the multiple components of this FF. Whatever. Enjoy your delusions, they are yours to keep.

  99. Does anyone know what a “desertation” for a masters degree is? :::guffaw:::

  100. Boomie: “You might convince an individual of your pathetic govt. “story”, one who’s [sic] attention span and IQ allows them only a cursory look [blah, blah, blah…]
    The first link I posted lists many eyewitnesses who are convinced of my “pathetic government ‘story,'” and had a lot more than a “cursory look” at 757 wreckage, bodies, etc. Do missiles create huge fireballs of jet fuel, boomie? Why did American Airlines pay April Gallop?

  101. Sure looks like an explosion. Nothing anyone says, will convince me otherwise.

    • The words of a real person seeking the truth not matter what…

      “Nothing anyone says, will convince me otherwise.”

      Can anyone tell me why not all explosions are explosives? Anyone? Anyone?

  102. Duff is a coward who bans anyone who disagrees with his crap. He pulled down a number of my posts on his “veterans”today dog-and-pony show, and even lied about it when I emailed him. He later admitted it and told me I was blocked, but could not give me a legitimate reason.
    If you’re dumb enough to believe that this clown has “briefings” with high-level military and government figures, and gains special insight from them to share with readers on the Internet, that’s your problem. He’s nothing more than a liar and profiteering charlatan preying on the gullible.

  103. Congratulations for being part of a “truth movement” that bans anyone who’s honest and posts facts. What are they afraid of?

  104. boomerangcomesback

    Rogue, they probably enjoy repeatedly going through the airport radray control experiment with the “happy ending” of a TSA groping. I’m sure they’ll say this is warranted on children to grannies to “protect” American lives…but I’ll let them answer. See, the Patriot Act and fascist governments “Get Off” on implementing exactly the Opposite of actions many would recognize as illegal curtailments of individual freedoms. Then they rebrand it as instituted to “protect” your freedoms and liberty. The Devil in the Dialectic. But perhaps understanding this and watching it happen and grow ever more virulent is beyond their capacity. Pretty much the standard for investigating crimes is to consider Power, Control, and Money Motives. Yet, these individuals chase the lies around and around in a circle, under some childish and bizarre premise…like 19 brown people pulled off this caper, so the U.S. is justified in erasing Iraq and its people from the land of the living. “Yeah, but they’re ‘Free’ now!” Uh, huh. Just like the Libyans are finding out. Just like Americans are finding out.

    And make sure you vote for Perry NWO squids!

  105. boomerangcomesback


  106. boomerangcomesback

  107. boomerangcomesback

    See small hole. Very small. This is not the only photo of it. What large jetliner Smith? The one that dropped the missle and flew over the Pentagon and away as was reported? Or do you mean the flight path that veteran pilots said they could not accomplish (much less a newly trained Cessna pilot)? Where’s your powers of observation and common sense?

    • Why did your fake video not show the airliner flying over the Pentagon? How did they get the light poles to fall as it flew by?

      • idrinkkoolaid

        Probably the same way they got massive steal beams to conveniently break apart in easy to haul sections before they could be analyzed by experts.
        Would it be so hard for them to plant timed charges to topple light poles? Oh wait!! i bet we could just simply locate the poles and prove or disprove my theory. NOT iii

        i am sure this post being over 5 years ago will go unnoticed. 😉

  108. boomerangcomesback

    Lucky shot too, with taking out the ONI offices, computers, and files on investigations into criminal fraud. Rumsfeld’s report on 9/10 about the Pentagon missing 2 Trillion. Yeah, probably just a side note. Like the Saudi hijackers picked that as a main target when other targets were far easier to hit. All coincidence…sure.

  109. A Ring, where the small hole was, is the innermost one, boomie, and most of the plane wreckage did not get that far. E Ring was where AA 77 entered. Hilarious video, btw. 🙂

  110. “How did the elevated building mass destroy 80,000 tons of structural steel at nearly freefall speed?


  111. “When the proper syntax would be, “*an* utter lack.” And this smart ass is talking about “lack of education.” Lol


    “Yes yes…it’s a spelling bee when nothing else works for the stooges.”


  112. boomerangcomesback

    You must be a politician in shill’s clothing, because You are one gigantic LIAR and deflector of all that is honest, true, and good. You are not hilarious, you are a pathetically deranged sadist who fancies himself as smart, but who makes the most idiotic of observations concerning reality.


    See, whenever you are called on your scurrilous bloviations, you are receiving one less chance to change your stance as a traitor to humanity. Soon…you will run out of warnings and chances, and your fate as an evildoer will be secured forever. Repent. You convince no one with all of your shilling. An exercise in futility as is your life unless you come to your senses.

  113. It seems you refuse to look at a totalisty of the evidence and will only focus on that which helps your opinion. This is common for CTists becuase it adds the pretense of a confict. But, real investigators know that when varying accoutns of a scene, situation, and/or experience, they must all be taken into account as not every one sees the same picture the same.

    Why do you thuink the CTists take the eyewitness accoutns and onyl extract the 3% of quotes that make it sound like explosives were used, when taken in total, it is clear that the vast majority just heard explosions that could have been cuased by any number of combustables in office fires.

    This is why CTists will always be accuses of not wanting the truth, but just the portion of the story that makes their efforts not go for naught.

  114. Strange that fire trucks can turn on and off foam with the flick of a switch on those nozzles. You can always ask a professioal if you have a question. The fact that you don’t know these things, or refuse to find out is very telling.

    You would think a CTist would want to know the truth. Why not ask?

  115. Why does every “source” link come back as “Page Not Found?”

    What are they hiding?

  116. There are many, many more shills and LIARS here, boomie:
    Alexandria VA Fire & Rescue, American Airlines, American Red Cross, Arlington County Emergency Medical Services, Arlington County Fire Department, Arlington County Sheriff’s Department, Arlington VA Police Department, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, DiLorenzo TRICARE Health Clinic staff, DeWitt Army Community Hospital staff, District of Columbia Fire & Rescue, DOD Honor Guard, Environmental Protection Agency Hazmat Teams, Fairfax County Fire & Rescue, FBI Evidence Recovery Teams, FBI Hazmat Teams, Federal Aviation Administration, Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Teams, FEMA 68-Person Urban Search and Rescue Teams Maryland Task Force 1, New Mexico Task Force 1, Tennessee Task Force 1, Virginia Task Force 1, Virginia Task Force 2, FEMA Emergency Response Team, Fort Myer Fire Department, Four U.S. Army Chaplains, Metropolitan Airport Authority Fire Unit, Military District of Washington Engineers Search & Rescue Team, Montgomery County Fire & Rescue, U.S. National Guard units, National Naval Medical Center CCRF, National Transportation Safety Board, Pentagon Defense Protective Service, Pentagon Helicopter Crash Response Team, Pentagon Medical Staff, Rader Army Health Clinic Staff, SACE Structural Safety Engineers and Debris Planning and Response Teams, Salvation Army Disaster Services, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Reserves of Virginia Beach Fairfax County and Montgomery County, Virginia Beach Fire Department, Virginia Department of Emergency Management, Virginia State Police

  117. ““Facts” in order to amount to “truth”, must be contextualized in relation to reality.”

    So, explain how you determine “reality”, when you have no experience, training, or education on any of the topics? Do you just use a canned CT website link as “reality”? Or do you use real and corroborated sources?

  118. ” do you support the PATRIOT Act, and the Military Commissions Act?
    Do you support torture, Camp X-ray, the illegal wars waged in Eurasia for empire?”

    Since 100% of those affected by those listed are people I hove no need for, then yes, I support them 100%. Since there are currently no illegal wars going on, there is no need to answer that. As for Iraq, we can start to leave and provide support for their security. As for Afghanistan, we concluded our mission there and can provide support for their transition. Lybia is a gang fight which I hope both sides lose.

    As for your freedoms, you have lost nothing since 9/11.

    I laugh every time your pretend to understand the term “cognitive dissonance”, It tells me you read a book/website and think you undertstand it. This is common for those that are uneducated to think they have learned something by reading it once.

  119. Off topic. I suggest you find a Lybia blog to make up fake stiories about Lybia.

  120. “The debate is over. Those [1%] who have awakened realize this is war.

    Yes, teh debate was over 4 years ago when the CTists came up with the last new talking point. Since it was debunked quickly, they have done nothing but parrot them from the start as if they are new.

    Look at the headline. “Shocking Disclosures” that were made 6 years ago. They weren’t shicking then and certainly not now.

  121. “I suppose the tale of Judas, myth or no”

    I would suggest you read the Gospel of Judas befire guessing.

    Hybrid and Boomer are the Coalition of the Oblivious.

  122. Question for the CTists. Think about this before deflecting your answer.

    If we all agreed for a 100% full and open investigation to be handled by 50 representatives of all sides and after all the evidence was screened and cleared, and they all agreed that there was no government involvement and there was no “inside job”, would you be relieved or disappointed?

    Please answer honestly as it is being asked to all CTists and the results are truly amazing.

  123. Can anyone tell me how many people did William Rodriguez really save? Afterall, his story has seemed to change a little bit from time to time.

  124. Why don’t you debate the thousands of eyewitnesses (“dupes”) who saw the 757 wreckage and bodies inside the Pentagon, roggie?

  125. “Then you obviously have zero understanding of the Constitution and international law.”

    So, tell me where are the violations listed with specifics? Pretending to think that by saying “agression” answers the question tells me you are guessing.

    “You have no appreciation of the fact that DC is a collection of posers who are merely puppets of an international criminal syndicate.”

    Yes, you are so much better than those in DC because you read a website and they didn’t. Ever wonder why all CTists think they are so much better than everyobdy else because they have special “inside information” that nobody else has? And if you don’t fall for it, you must be a bad person.

    “You have no grasp of social engineering, nor of the Public Relations Regime that actually rules the nation by perception manipulation.”

    OK, where did you get your education on “social engineering”? PLEASE tell us how you know so much more than 99.99% of the world. Give us that website so we can be “informed”.

    “This is why “debating” you is as profitable as arguing with a sack of potatoes.”

    Yes, again with the almighty hybrid claims. Is this all we get for a uneducated little girl from a trailer park in NJ? Why do you ignore all the specific questions we ask you? Is it that you re too smart to answer such easy questions? It is that your “CT websites” don’t have the answers? You would think a person iwth 10 years of 9?11 experience would be able to answer these in a second.

    Well? Give us your great source of knowledge.

  126. The most common answer? is a non-answer. If you read the question, you would see theintent is not to see if you believe the members, but if it were found out not to be a CT.

    So, did you want to answer the question or avoid it like a child?

    As for your question, I would certainly be disappointed if the govt wass involved and would instantly call for their arrest and trial. Since there is no crime of stating collaboration, I would have no fear of arrest. No need to take a plane anywhere other than my 2x annual trips to the Caribbean.

  127. “The “debate” is over…ask yourself why they aren’t volunteering for the debate.”

    Again? Is you mother calling you for grilled cheese? Pork and beans?

  128. “It is because the questions are too easy.”

    Oh, so you want them worth your time? I can make them as advanced as you want.

    Based on your canned questions about the alert aircraft, maybe you should ask yourself a few questions first.
    1. Looking at the timeline of the attacks, at what exact time did the FAA/NORAD/military fail to do their job?
    2. Where on the east coast were alert aircraft posted on 9/11?
    3. Once a call goes out, how long does it take to take off and go on station? Where is that station?
    4. Of the 100s of alert calls to NORAD, how many were for domestic aircraft deviating from their flight path?
    Once you can answer these simple questions, It would be easier to explain to you why there was no failure of the system.

    Something tells me you will not/cannot answer these simple questions. Be sure to source your answrers. Plagiarism runs rampant here it seems.

  129. “Is this the best you can come up with?

    I’m sorry, was this where I insert the juvenile name-calling or was it where I place my emprty effort to embellish my knowledge of a topic by pretending that a single book can take the place of true hands-on experience?

    Take your time with my questions, get some help from your little friends, and see what you can come up with tomorrow when mommy is away to work.

  130. “Perhaps I am a Racket Scientist, but I am a free thinker, self taught and rational individual. I need no 101 lessons on epistemology, psychology, history, philosophy, sociology, or intelligence analysis from anyone. I have been at this for more than 40 years.”

    Proof of no education?

    “A [High School] diploma is nothing but a pace of paper with fancy squiggles applied. I don’t buy into…appeals to authority and conformist jangle.”

    There you have it. No skills of originalt thought, no skills of research, no skills of reason, no skills of presumption, no skills of objective thought, just read a book and knows it all.

    You can’t make this stuff up. This is the best and brighest of the so-called “truth” movment? I guess truth is subjective and able to be changed person to person. I always wondered why he referred to it as “Marshall Law”. All that “humming and hawing” it seems.

    This was from his “desertation (sic)” on the topic of “city camo”. Looks like a little education goes a long way…..very little education.

  131. “You figure it out. You choose which lie to believe.”

    If you don’t know the answer, just stand up and say so. Maybe your lack of an education proves you are worthless to the “truth” movement. Parroting old, tired cliches and no new information in the last 6 years.

    This is typical. You try and get information from the bottom dwellers and you get cut/paste responses, childish name-calling, and over exaggerated huff and puff about how one is such a victim and can’t do anything about it but cry on a 3 person blog. Heck, even your anti-Semitic board posts are even bland pastes. You can’t even hate the Jews without using other people’s words.

  132. boomerangcomesback

    This is the roundabout that always occurs with individuals like IEA and Smith. It is never ending dialogue and haranguing that accomplishes nothing. They shall go on their way, with their own beliefs, and I myself will do the same. New information and revelations, if of an honest and true nature may crack this deplorable case wide open for all to see. That is my sincere hope. I could sit around debating and providing research and observations of common sense, and inconsistencies regarding the guv’s stupid “story” of events, but I don’t care to sacrifice my time to this circular jerk. Used to debate with one Tom Murphy on OEN, whom sounded a lot like you IEA. Except back then, he offered more witty and humorous diatribes than you IEA, but spouted the exact same line. C’iao.

    • Interesting that with nothing new to add, you seem to think that only the 99% that doesn’t buy the funny stories about 9/11 CTs must be the problem.

      Maybe I need to meet up with tom Murphy. He sounds like a real stand up guy. When you must rely on canned responses, childish name calling, and anti-govt rants based on “reading a book”, then you must realize that by representing such a small percentage will never be fruitful.

      But parroting canned talking points and pretending they are “research and observations of common sense, and inconsistencies” while not being able to understand how they were created tells me you will believe anything.

      Have a good life and I hope you would learn to corroborate any claim that is given to you and not to just believe it because it sounds good.

  133. “This has to be the easiest question yet…Let’s see your proof. Stand and deliver ”

    Which question? You didn’t quote it.

  134. boomerangcomesback

    Look Dipshit — you seem to have all the time in the world to run your mouth, and play games. Maybe you get paid for it. I don’t, and I don’t have the time to fool with another shillster like you.

    YOUR ad hominem is duly noted and characteristic of agents provacateur who defend the government’s childish, ludicrous, completely unbelievable “story” as tied in with historically immense LIES to first, undermine the U.S. Constitution (that longstanding document of Rights and Freedom from Authoritarians like “the Crown”), then invade and commence illegal and immoral “wars on terror” under the premise of “liberation”. LOL!

    Go choke on your own putrid accusations and assumptions. You know nothing about me. Take your “lessons” and “advice” and pretentious posturing and shove them up your ass. As with Tom Murphy, Albury Smith, and now IEAffiliates, you germs advertise your own ignorance with your words, and indict yourselves with your stance. Believe this, shitheads.

    • “Look Dipshit” then…”YOUR ad hominem is duly noted”

      No Constitution has been undermined. No wars have been deemed illegal. Since your extent of experience in the affairs overseas is CT websites giving you the info they want you to see and to avoid telling you the entire story.
      The Coalition Of The Oblivious website only has stories defending Khadaffi. Why? Is he really just a humanitarian that wants to just take care of his people? Is that what you think? I now see why you are so far from reality that you are not allowed to see the full story and since you cannot corroborate any of the claims made here, you will always be in the dark.

      “Go choke on your own putrid accusations and assumptions.” No assumptions. they are fallacies. Just facts and info based on real experience and education. Maybe the fact that you have presented ZERO experience, training, and education on any of the topics of 9/11, tells me you are forced to read CT websites and parrot what you see.

      “Believe this, shitheads.” YOUR ad hominem is duly noted

  135. Yep, you can see when the kid types his own words.

    When she can’t cut/paste, she sounds like the typical immature CTist.

    We love seeing the CT collapse in the making.

    Ever wonder why society deems education necessary?

    Maybe your literary style is the new example of what the 9/11 “truth” movement will look like after the ten year anniversary. After ten years of failure, the movement has nothing left but Hybrid’s quality ramblings shown here.

    This will get posted as a perfect example of what happens during a truther collapse at “free fall” speeds onto her own footprint.

    Sometimes, this can’t get any better.

  136. boomerangcomesback

    Guffaw!!! Tom Murphy was a whiz with pulling up info off the net. It was like he had a “team” who would do his research for him (probably did). He was quick-witted, and had a wicked sense of humor. I actually laughed many times, before he got shot down by Truth disposing with his twisted assumptions. However, he was a flag-waver and obedient soldier that would not and could not judge the morality and orders of his superiors. So, he was stuck batting for the bad guys. Those men and women who make the decisions to kill millions and DU entire countries. That particular brand of megalomaniacs. The Destroyers. Smith, Murphy fell on his face when he got stuck in his science, and became myopic. The entire operation surrounding 9/11 and the subsequent rolling out of PNAC strategy coupled with the Economic Blitzkrieg we’ve been experiencing in the U.S. and around the world are “connected”.

    It is so easy to see you guys will argue every nuance till the cows come home, and always arrive back at your chosen meme. Whatever. That’s why it is pointless to waste any time on you. Its not even fun coming up with flowery descriptions of your shitheadedness or bombastic arrogance. I could care less if you’re Gilligan or Bush, Jr. typing away. I don’t give a quack about your credentials or brainpower — many intellectuals and men of science are seriously whacked, goofy loons. Is this you? It doesn’t matter who I am or Rogue or anyone else that’s looking for the Truth, and can spot Bullshit a mile away. Your ‘tudes stink, and your defense of the indefensible is what paints your picture for others to consider.

    • “Tom Murphy was a whiz with pulling up info off the net. It was like he had a “team” who would do his research for him”
      This is common for trhose with an education. When you learn the basics of research, you learn to find facts. When you have nothing, you are forced to use canned links, use fake CT websites, or just make stuff up like Hybrid. You never get the chance to know if it is real or not, so you assume it must be since you found it on the Internet.

      “I don’t give a quack about your credentials or brainpower”
      You are a truther. You are not allowed to use qualifications or real experience, education, or training to base your made up stories. This is why you buy into fantasies such as govt conspiracies and NWO claims that have yet to come about.

      I would suggest you stick to chemtrails, crop circles, bigfoot, Elvis sightings, or anything other than 9/11.

      “It doesn’t matter who I am ” You are very correct.

  137. The collapse continues. Hybrid has failed to provide any facts on-topic and now is forced to remain off-topic for now with some childish tirade of pouting and crying.

    “…is not worthy of consideration nor response.”
    Thank God!! Finally, she will finally go away and leave the discussion to adults.

  138. “Col. Tom was an obvious plant”

    He must haev been good if he can get Hybrid’s pantuies in such a twist.

    Hybrid has failed to stay on-topic for quite a while now. She must be searching the Internet for new talking points. I wonder if she would like to teach us about “thermite”? THAT would be the funniest yet.

    I got Prof Jones to cut off a debate quickly when I responded to one of his posts. One of the greatest days of my 9/11 debating life. I wonder what he was afraid of?

  139. Hey guys,

    On the COTO (Coalition Of The Oblivious) blog, there is a post from “hybrid”, that goes off the deep end. It is classic collapse of a 9/11 truther. Due to the immature nature of the rant, I will have to provide this link as to keep within the rules of use on these boards.

    Spread it far and wide as it proves that she can’t respond to any of our questions and that she reached the end of her talking points. It will go down as the classic case of why the 9/11 truther movement has died a slow death after ten years.

  140. “As far as who I am…”
    Actually, based on your postings, we don’t care who you are. You are a child that has been exposed.
    You have ZERO credibility and now you WILL become famous as the name of the 9/11 truther that fell apart in front of the Internet.
    I got 2 responses and they are great!!!

    “Everyone knows my name here”, yes, it isn’t hard to be known by 3 people.

    Still looking up “thermite”?

  141. In case you wanted to know, I don’t live to get your approval, just to see how long you can go without presenting us with your fake “facts”.
    You see, you are too easy to be lead around. I send out a tidbit, you jump right on it and show us that you can’t express yourself as an adult.
    Each time you post, I get comments back to me to see if I can get more out of you. I am so glad you ablige me each and every time.

    It seems you can’t find anything about “thermite” in your level of education. I have seen you respond to educational information and call it “mumbo jumbo”. I think Prof Jones has a coloring book about 9/11. I can see if I can post you a link so you can help boomer with this topic.

    What ever happen to…”No more…, you’re out, flat out.”??

  142. boomerangcomesback

    Because Albury was loosing the match here to you Rogue (of course, it is impossible to substantiate the bullshit gov’t “story”, because it is one big Lie), he must have raised his hand to bring in IAEDaffiiliates to attempt to browbeat and ad hominem you or anyone else with his Pompous Ass wipings. Whatever. Standard shill technique. Along with demonizing “Truthers”, a Thinking Patriotic Endeavor, and immediately boosting himself up on the dais supposedly to look superior and hopefully intelligent. Again, whatever. YOU are an Asshole and a Shiteating Authoritarian Punk, and showing your bonafides with every word you type. Nobody wants to listen to your brand of braincheese. You are worse than nothing. The facts show you to be a Negative across the board.

  143. I realize that education is not your strong suit, but the word is “lose”. “Loose” is the opposite of tight.

    “(of course, it is impossible to substantiate the bullshit gov’t “story”, because it is one big Lie)” Actually, it is quite easy to validate and corroborate any and all portions of the CAE. I can do this at any grade level. Even one that specializes is childish name-calling and other juvenile antics.

    If you truly believed your versions of what happened, then you not have to resort to such postings. If you had true questions, you would ask them and I could respond and make up your mind with both sides of the issues. The problem is that “truthers” are not real skeptics. They are just anti-govt types that need to create the govt boogeyman so they can be afraid of a made up fear. Paranoia is such a sad state.

  144. If you want a real conversation-stopper with Harrit, Jones, or other 9/11 “researchers,” iea, ask them to demonstrate how painting explosives on steel columns will cut through them. 🙂

    • My question was “how can any type incendiary burn laterally through a steel beam?” He replied that it was an explosive form of thermite. I then asked him how can you direct an incendiary explosive? He said by painting it on. I asked him so, how did they get such clean 45 degree cuts from paint? He told me the debate was over. He said he didn’t have time to explain it to me. I told him I have 2 decades of hands-on experience with explosives, so he can tell me in about 30 seconds. I never heard from him again.

  145. Here’s a commemorative ringtone for you, roggie:

  146. boomerangcomesback

    IEAflac, you actually made me laugh there! Maybe you are Tom Murphy.

    “If you had true questions, you would ask them and I could respond and make up your mind with both sides of the issues. The problem is that “truthers” are not real skeptics”. This is hilarious bloviating, though you probably don’t recognize your own overpowering authoritarian stench. Like a skunk or a sewer. ANYONE should cross to the other side of the street, run for the hills, when your pompous fatass rolls by. You are so full of your frothy farttings you think YOU are the one to school others. This megalomania that oozes from you renders all of your blatherings as guano. But its easy to change the channel and turn off your obnoxious bullhorn.

    • “This is hilarious bloviating…”
      The guys want to know how you can write so much and not say a thing?

      I wonder what one does to generate such hate? Hybrid has shown his for Jews, I wonder if boomer is of the same ilk? Do you defend and coddle known terrorists as hybrid does?

  147. The most common word used to describe Hybrid was ‘lunacy’. I don’t make it up, I just report.

  148. “We had a great pre 9/11 meeting at the convention hall of the university last night.”

    First steps onto a university, I see? Who knows, maybe he will claim he has a degree now?

  149. Running out of something to say? Sad as the limp body of a once boisterous truther, lays cold and tired on the floor like a little heap.

    Well, I think my work is done here. Time to go onto chemtrails.

  150. To Osama bin Swimmin:

    “Full fathom five thy father lies;
    Of his bones are coral made;
    Those are pearls that were his eyes;
    Nothing of him that doth fade,
    But doth suffer a sea-change
    Into something rich and strange.
    Sea-nymphs hourly ring his knell:
    Hark! now I hear them, —-
    Ding, dong, bell.”

  151. You should have asked him why columns cut with explosives have gray slag all around the cut, iea. Which 9/11 “researcher” were you talking to?

    • It was Dr Stephen Jones. I had a whole list of questions for him, but he obviously did not want to talk to anybody that knew he was lying/guessing about incendiaries.
      After that, all his “followers” went into Hybrid mode and started with childish name calling and other incoherent mumbling. You can always tell when you pin the “truther” against the wall. they throw out canned phrases like Psyop, shill, govt agent, and other things they are told to use to delfect off their lack of knowledge of any of the topics.
      I even got a CTist to recant his claim that all the FF on scene said they heard explosives. He actually thought anytime an explosion is heard it has to be an explosive. This is what you get when the bottom 1% is not taught critical thought and how to do actual research.

  152. boomerangcomesback

    Oh. You want some answers? Here something to take some of your time up. You losers have waaayyy too much time on your hands. Its made you even more insane than you can comprehend.

    • When the title says the “experts” speak out, they had no experts. Not a single person with any explosives or demolition experience. They just had people with fringe qualifications guessing at what they think it should look like.

      I guess this goes as a qualifiication if you have no experts to agree with you.

      • Heres an expert for you.
        Dimitri A. Khalezov – is a former officer the Soviet nuclear intelligence, officially known as the Special Control Service of the 12th Chief Directorate of the Defense Ministry.
        Would also go a long way to explaining the molten metal and extreme tempreatures for a month after the event better than the proven shill Alburys retarded claim that it was ordinary combustables. 🙂

        Then again, as youre not an expert on anything either, but you seem to have no issue with putting your unqualified point of view across, except maybe if you split the word in two, ie; EX = hasbeen – and Spurt = A drip under pressure, in that perspective, youre infinitely qualified to do what youre doing.

  153. boomerangcomesback

    Yes, Rogue, any individual with observational powers and common sense can make the connection. That these Klowns take such pains to attempt to legitimize such an inhumane cabal makes them frightening creatures to behold. They should take their cirkus and leave town. Its like the Klu Klux Klan trying to sell the concept of murdering blacks as a good thing. Deplorable.

  154. I think it’s time to investigate some of the bizarre and absurd claims made by Richard Gage, not the three WTC hi-rise collapses on 9/11, since they’ve already been thoroughly investigated by much more qualified, competent, and honest people. The NIST scientists and engineers were only able to time the top 18 stories, or 242′, of the collapse of WTC 7’s facade, and determined that it took 5.4 seconds, yet Gage and others in the 9/11 “truth movement” claim that the entire 610′ collapse only took ~6.5 seconds. Did the other 368′ fall in just over 1 second? How is he even able to give us a time to the nearest 1/10 of a second for the entire collapse when NIST couldn’t because buildings in the foreground blocked the view of video cameras?
    How can he claim that the towers nearly free fell when the loose, airborne debris from their upper stories was obviously falling much faster than the collapse zones, and began hitting the ground while at least 40 stories in each one were still intact? The North Tower was only down to the height of WTC 7 when debris from the upper stories first hit the ground. Was g miraculously increased on 9/11? They fell in ~15 and ~22 seconds respectively, nowhere near the ~9.25 seconds that free fall would have taken:

    yet he begins every presentation with his near free-fall claim. He’s also claimed that the dust clouds from the collapses were “pyroclastic,” but there are no reports of anyone’s skin being instantly peeled off, and he’s claimed that the fires in WTC 7 were minor, totally contradicting these NYC eyewitnesses:

    How could his claim that 400,000 yards of concrete were turned to fine powder be true, when there was less than 100,000 yards of concrete above grade in both towers combined? Does he know how to turn 400,000 yards of concrete to fine powder with explosives without leveling NYC?
    Has he ever seen a controlled demolition that left molten metal in the debris for months? Has he ever seen one that didn’t leave even one explosively-cut column in the debris? Since he claims that explosives were planted in the core columns to start the collapses, and that it was done from elevator shafts, has he even looked a floor plan of the cores above the 78th floor sky lobby? There were only 6 regular elevators above there, plus a freight and 2 express elevators, and they were only near 6 of the 47 core columns. Several of those were in the paths of the planes, and the perimeter columns collapsed first, so he’s not even making sense, especially considering the fact that 30 or more stories of core framing stood 15-25 seconds after each tower’s main collapse was over.
    We should investigate the nonsense coming from Richard Gage, as well as his “engineers.”

  155. Roggie jabbers inanely: “The actual answer is the vast majority of the supporting steel never got above ambient temperatures. The only steel that did get above ambient temperatures were the floors that had the plane impacts.”

    The vast majority of the steel in a real controlled demolition isn’t cut by explosives either, roggie, so does that mean that the building won’t fall?

  156. ” It is time – long past time to end this bullshit.”


  157. There was “no effect” from the plane crashes and these fires, roggie?

    Gee, I think I see a little effect here:

    Are all of these live eyewitnesses lying?

    One collapsed floor is all it takes, whether because of plane damage and fires, or in a real controlled demolition. Of course the latter uses loud explosives that were not heard on 9/11, and leaves explosively-cut columns that were not found in the WTC debris…

  158. boomerangcomesback

    “I am so glad you ablige me each and every time” ~ IEA Can’t you Spell? Remember your childish accusation upthread. Super weak attack.

    “I told him I have 2 decades of hands-on experience with explosives”~ IEA. Where were you in the last weeks before 9/11. Talk about a possible terrorist! You could be IN ON IT! Now, the picture is becoming clearer regarding your errant defense of the indefensible and your wide stance. {chuckle}. See, this whole dialogue dove into the juvenile a long time ago. Later.

    • Don’t confuse a typo with the inability to actually spell. You don’t want to be a looser.

      “See, this whole dialogue dove into the juvenile a long time ago.”

      Yes, this was proven by your childish name-calling and hybrid’s continued melt down.

  159. “The fact that so many of these characters recieved promotion for what is clearly malfeasance of duty, is ground for an indictment”

    In the US, you need a crime to occur in order for an indictment.

    If not, we can drag anybody making money on 9/11 books, speeches, “donations”, etc. and bring them to trial for fraud.

  160. “As David Ray Griffin has stated:”

    Griffin is tagged as the 9/11 military expert because he is able to find old video games that prove 9/11 wasn’t possible.

    I guess after 3 tries on Microsoft Flight Simulator at finding NYC, he gave up and started writing books. This is all it takes to be considered an “expert” according to several 9/11 publications.

    “In regard to how the NORAD stand-down was achieved, many have speculated…”?

    Just say I. Pretending there are people that agree with you is a joke.

    “AWOL chain of command, combined with the four wargames that were conducted on 9/11”??

    Four? You said there were five a little while ago. Sad.

    “which seem to have included live-fly simulations of hijackings, and NORAD radar screens, which displayed false tracks throughout the attacks, ”

    Which seemed to have? That is called a guess. Adding information to radar screens not only didn’t happen, but were limited to training screens. Adding anything to live radar consoles would be a huge problem even if 9/11 didn’t happen. Who makes this stuff up? Who buys it?

    Bottom 1%ers AKA the Coalition Of The Oblivious.

  161. “…loud explosives that were not heard on 9/11″??

    Explosives? I guess if you need to change their words to make your point…

    “Because the crime scene evidence was illegal moved, shipped to Asia and melted down as scrap.”

    Moved after 20 different agencies had the chance and efforts to researchit and tag anything they wanted kept. In fact, it is still in that hangar for review.

    “1. shows the corrosive surface effects of explosive residue”
    Lack of citation noted. I guess just by putting NIST, means it is true.

    “Steel bent beyond tensile possibility [many web pics]”???
    What tensile possibliity is this? Which “expert” invented that one? Ryan?

    Taking quotes out of context must be “specialty” of our educated hybrid.

    Remember, if you want to pretend to be a “journal”, just put the word in your website. Don;t tell anyone that it is not peer-reviewed and limited to an extremely small percentage of authors without rebuttal. Not quite a professional journal is it?

  162. 1. A good conspiracy theory suggests that the government is competent enough to map out the strategy, plan the mission, subvert the individuals required to run the plot and then carry it out without getting caught. For anyone who has ever worked for government, it is known that the level of competency required to create such a conspiracy is beyond that of virtually any government – democratic or otherwise.

    2. A conspiracy theory assumes that the government pays its employees enough to remain silent. Given the untold millions that could be made by a single book deal revealing the conspiracy and the relatively low rates of pay in government, this is obviously a ludicrous suggestion.

    3. The 9/11 conspiracy theory assumes that the rank and file worker in government who helped carry out the conspiracy would tolerate and assist in the mass murder of their fellow citizens. This might be a fair criticism of senior political leaders in some states, but it is a slanderous accusation for the vast majority of government workers in democratic states.

    Tom Quiggin, Globasl Brief, 9/11 Conspiracy Theories – Debunking Richard Gage found at

    See, hybrid, it is possible.

  163. In addition to these general guidelines, it is useful to keep the principle of Occam’s razor in mind when doing analysis on major events: the simplest solution is usually the correct one. If a large airplane full of jet fuel crashes into an extraordinarily tall building at a high rate of speed, then it was probably the airplane that caused the building to fall, not a cabal of unseen secretive government operatives who committed a mass murder against their own citizens.

    One other quick general rule might be applicable as well. Any group that has the word “truth” in its name is probably not looking for the truth in the same way that any country that has the term “democratic” in its official title is probably not democratic.

  164. note to iea: In 9/11 “truth movement” jargon, explosions are ALWAYS caused by explosives, no matter when or where they were heard, and even when the person reporting them doesn’t even know that he witnessed a controlled demolition.

  165. Roggie getting confused (again): “Give yourself a break shillbark, actually it isn’t held that explosions are ’caused by explosions,’ it is that explosions ARE explosions.”

    Please note that I said “…caused by explosi-v-e-s,” not “explosi-o-n-s.”

    …then rambling on stupidly: “So, since there is so much testimony, much of it by personell [sic] that would know an explosion from other sources of loud bangs…”

    How many of these personnel are in your 9/11 “truth movement,” roggie? Would you like to count the number of signatories to the “firefighters” for 9/11 “truth” petition who even claim to be FDNY? I’ll even post the link for you:

  166. Roggie asks dishonestly: “Why did you insist that Silverstein didn’t say he got a call from the Fire Department Commander…”

    When did I say that? I’m only trying to get a straight answer from you on WHO, according to the Silverstein quote you twoofers love to mangle, “made that decision…”

  167. Regarding WTC 7: The long-awaited US Government NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) report on the collapse of WTC 7 is due to be published at the end of this year (although it has been delayed already a few times [ adding fuel to the conspiracy theorists fires!]). That report should explain the cause and mechanics of the collapse in great detail. Early on the afternoon of September 11th 2001, following the collapse of WTC 1 & 2, I feared a collapse of WTC 7 (as did many on my staff).

    The reasons are as follows:

    1 – Although prior to that day high-rise structures had never collapsed, The collapse of WTC 1 & 2 showed that certain high-rise structures subjected to damage from impact and from fire will collapse.

    2. The collapse of WTC 1 damaged portions of the lower floors of WTC 7.

    3. WTC 7, we knew, was built on a small number of large columns providing an open Atrium on the lower levels.

    4. numerous fires on many floors of WTC 7 burned without sufficient water supply to attack them.

    For these reasons I made the decision (without consulting the owner, the mayor or anyone else – as ranking fire officer, that decision was my responsibility) to clear a collapse zone surrounding the building and to stop all activity within that zone. Approximately three hours after that order was given, WTC 7 collapsed.

    Conspiracy theories abound and I believe firmly that all of them are without merit.

    Regards, Dan Nigro
    Chief of Department FDNY (retired)

  168. boomerangcomesback

    IEA ~ “it is useful to keep the principle of Occam’s razor in mind when doing analysis on major events: the simplest solution is usually the correct one. If a large airplane full of jet fuel crashes into an extraordinarily tall building at a high rate of speed, then it was probably the airplane that caused the building to fall, not a cabal of unseen secretive government operatives who committed a mass murder against their own citizens”.

    That’s really cute how you pull out Occam’s Razor and apply it to WTC 1 & 2 (your Obvious choice), without applying the same to WTC 7 where “whaddaya know?”; it doesn’t work, blowing up your conflation.

    The Obvious reason for WTC 7 coming down was as Silverstein inadvertently stated regarding “pulling it”. Explosives. Boom! Puny fires and all. No airplanes.

    You can’t wield Occam’s Razor so weakly! What’s Obvious for the Pentagon?

    Your trickery and false applications are easily seen, and telling… along with all of your other rationalizations.

    • “The Obvious reason for WTC 7 coming down was as Silverstein inadvertently stated regarding “pulling it”.”

      Can you tell me who the first person said that “Pull It” was an demolition industry to CD a building with explosives? It seems that there has never been before, nor any time after 9/11, that anyone has ever made mention to that term.

      How interesting that it was created, used, and discarded all in one day.

      Obvious for Pentagon are all the eyewitnesses that confirm the CAE. 100s all agree that it was an airliner. Imagine those that pulled tons of aircraft parts all to find out that the plane must have flown over. Maybe the 757 engines were loaded into a cruise missile?

      Yes Occam’s Raxor is still alive and well.

  169. “Meanwhile WTC7 has a collapse profile that exactly matches that of a contolled implosion.” Exactly matched? You mean that the building fell in a direction consistent with gravity?

    I guess based on your extensive experience with CDs, you can tell us all why the audio and video of both primary and secondary explosives are not present?

    What about the lack of explosive residue that would be on every single piece of debris, building, car, and dust? Not even a trace was ever found. I wonder if a certain Professor has a sample of that dust that can be tested?

  170. Roggie blunders: “And yes Alburpy “Occam’s Raxor” says you need a shave with an ax”

    Nice typo correction, roggie, but wrong shill.

  171. boomerangcomesback

    You two are the most juvenile of shills ever…except for Tom Murphy. I don’t know why Rogue wastes any of his time on you two turkeys. You’re already baked.

  172. It’s too bad that the UN and NATO prevented a massacre at Misrata and stopped Ghadafy’s righteous minions from slaughtering thousands more throughout Libya, roggie, but I’m sure you’ll get over it. How their limited intervention in a civil war equates to US imperialism has somehow eluded me, but I considered the source and it made much more sense. The evil US now takes over whole countries without sending in any troops, and Obama’s secretly in the PNAC.

  173. I don’t explain your BS for you, roggie. “Information” from anti-Semitic truther nut web sites is not evidence.

  174. Here’s an adequate “reponse” from your hero, roggie:
    “The ruling to kill the Americans and their allies — civilians and military — is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which it is possible to do it…”
    More here:
    Allah akbar.

  175. boomerangcomesback

    There’s an odd thing about Coincidences. Too many stacked upon one another increase the probability exponentially that the “incidences” weren’t coincidences at all. All the World’s a Stage. And there are many Bad Actors. Smith and IEA and Murphy — YOU work hard to support the grosses criminal atrocities, and paint the blood red actions in pastels. You seek to shift “motive” to patsies, so that entire countries’ destruction can be justified. You are as sick an depraved as the perpetraitors you “attempt” to protect with sleight-of-mind.

    For some additional entertainment, why don’t you read this latest transmission from Dog Poet? —

    Soon, if you have not already passed the line, it will be too late to Repent of your dark workings… Seek the light.

  176. I’m wondering why the government of Pakistan didn’t correct the record and inform everyone that OBL wasn’t offed recently in Abbotabad. Does anyone but the 9/11 “truth movement” know about his early 2002 demise? Al Qaeda immediately issued threats against the US in May, so maybe the news hadn’t reached them yet. Ya’ think it takes more than 9 years to learn something like that? His own family apparently hadn’t heard either.
    Another scoop from the Coalition of the Oblivious, fer sure. 🙂

  177. The “Saudi’s” [sic] and Israel’s Mossad–perfect together. 🙂

    Is every nation in the world now a “US client state,” roggie, or do you know of some that think OBL and al Qaeda were framed for 9/11?

  178. You’ve given new meaning to “proven,” roggie.

  179. Here’s someone who unraveled the fire truck mystery, boomie:
    Smacking those 2 trains together to off one guy seems a little extreme, but “they” even make commuter planes crash. You and roggie are 2 extremely courageous dudes. 🙂

  180. boomerangcomesback

    You’re a dunce.

  181. Well, this has has all been most entertaining. If I were a ref, I’d say roggie boom and other “truthers” win hands down. I hope the shills get well paid for sucking the criminals’ balls. Have a great 9/11 bishbash, SMith, AE and other shills. Remember what the joker told the thief – and what the thief’s answer was.

  182. “is that you do not comprehend that the Saudi’s (sic) are in on this”

    Who else to blame their own citizens for the attack?

  183. “it is your turn to explain the Israeli Mossad connection to 9/11, on the ’46 Drills’ thread.”

    Because discussing the 46 drills would be insane on that blog. Isn’t there a bigot blog we can go and pretend the Jews are all behind this?

  184. “Not surprising that not even a trace is found when nobody looked for it.”

    Yes, especially a certain Professor that has samples from GZ. He either won’t test it, or won’t release the results. Which do you think it is?

  185. “It is time for COTO to say good-bye to the 9/11 Quisling League.”


  186. boomerangcomesback

    “Shills get well paid for sucking the criminal’s balls”! HA HA HO HO Breathe…, HA HA HA!!! What a visual Morgana. They surely do Suck! Repeatedly.

  187. No one could fool a high beam like you, boomie.

  188. boomerangcomesback

    Crikey! There’s some funny shit flung here. Just for giggles and shit, I’d like to repeat some really hilarious slam&eggs:

    “Albuttholius” Well, when the name fits…

    “Especially a cracked actor such as you, o’tootie fruitie shillcanker, with your stinking groinbreath hissing”. A Doozy if ever there was a description fitting it’s object. {I fixed that missing “t” on stinking, Rogue; I’m pretty sure that’s the descriptive word you were thinking of…} Please correct me if I’m wrong, or attempt another wordSmith flourish to make your point.

    “WE have lifted the cap of your skull to show the whole world the pink puffy cotton candy webbed within”. Like icky sticky stringy spider webs? YeeeOWWW! Like Kramer might say on Seinfeld.

    “You obviously have failed in your mission to evangelize your looney mythology”. HEY! Who let the dogs out? Woof, Woof + + Woof Woof.
    That’s a rhetorical there — looney mythology / failed . Did these guys trademark that phrase? It sounds like a cartoon…

    Whoops! It’s More Reading Time for the Kids:

    The Truth Will Set You Free — But First It Will Make You Sick ~ JSB

    • ““WE have lifted the cap of your skull to show the whole world the pink puffy cotton candy webbed within”. Like icky sticky stringy spider webs? YeeeOWWW! Like Kramer might say on Seinfeld.”

      You have to wonder why CTists have been showing the classic defense mechanism of those that can no longer carry on a mature conversation.

      This is common when CTists cannot refute real facts and refuse to answer tough questions that show how little they understand the topic.

      Whatch how they respond to this question…

      What does molten metal prove? You hear CTists claim that molten metal was present at GZ. What point is being made?

  189. CTists sound like they quote every random webpage and them pretend it matches the 9/11 CT.

    Sure beats original thought.

  190. boomerangcomesback

    That’s BS iea. You “Mythers” have your talking points, and fit facts around them like Bush, Jr., and Cheney and crew. There is no debate with you. However salient the points made, however destructive the facts are to your hypothesis, you spout the same myth and attempt to justify The Story which is built upon lies. So what’s the point? There is none. Rogue seems to have the time to argue with you, but you guys are locked on to your view. There is a tremendous amount of information out there, and more rising to the surface all the time. I hardly believe a “real” investigation of the facts and evidence would bolster the guv’s “myth”… (*Note, the crime scenes were destroyed and emptied per direction from upon high, rendering proper forensic investigation almost moot, plus, a tremendous amount of evidence, including video tapes have been sealed for Nat’l Security Reasons (BS!), so what’s up with that?!).

    By the way, you ought to look over you and Smith’s comments to fathom why your “convincing powers” are so lame.

    And write this down > Those individuals who support the NIST study and guv “Myth” fabrication are the real Conspiracy Theorists. You guys back a freakin Cartoon plot, a Fantasy, a hopeless hapless swiss cheese wedgie of ridiculousness.

    • “The Story which is built upon lies. So what’s the point? ”

      The very fact that you pretend that the govt attacked its own citizens based on a summary of guesses, assumptions, non-expert opinions, hearsay, and outright lies.

      The fact that you and hybrid cannot refute any of my points is very telling in that you are forced to return to the juvenile dfense mechanism in a way to make your utter lack of basic knowledge of the topic a little easier to swallow.

      This is common in most CT groups as they WANT to think the gvot woud attack its own citizens, yet cannot prove how. Look at how many failed CTs threre are surrounding secret govts and secret societies. Why do you think there are so many? Becuase CT groups know they don’t have to prove it to anybody since the link is “secret”.

      When asked, hybrid can’t even link the Jews to 9/11. He just parrots ths same retired line, “the proof is obvious”. I guess he hopes it will work to the gullible, but it never works on this that understand basic rules of evidence.

      “Those individuals who support the NIST study and guv “Myth” fabrication are the real Conspiracy Theorists.”

      This is fnny that you NEED it to be false in order for your failed story line to fit. The problem is that you can’t find where the NIST reports are wrong. You just say they are and quickly change the subject.

      “(*Note, the crime scenes were destroyed and emptied per direction from upon high”
      After several months of 16 different agencies had access to the evidence . In fact, there are still tons fo material stored for further research. I guess COTO didn’t want you to know that. Sorry. This is why iot is still referred to as Coalition Of The Oblivious for good reason.

      So, what childish response can we expect from you and your playground mate this time?

  191. Kean, Hamilton, Farmer, KerrEy, and others who thought that the report should have been more critical of Bush and Cheney, that it didn’t fully explore which one gave the shoot-down order (which was too late anyway), and objected to various other shortcomings in it, do not question that 9/11 was an al Qaeda suicide attack carried out by 19 Arab terrorists who hijacked and crashed 4 planes. They have not questioned why the WTC buildings collapsed, which wasn’t in the scope of their investigation anyway, or whether AA 77 and UA 93 crashed where the mainstream account says they did. Since I know how keenly interested in the truth you are, roggie, I’m sure you’ll point all of that out when citing the disagreements within the 9/11 Commission itself, none of which bolsters any “truth movement” claims.

  192. Read up on the specific objections made by various Commission members regarding the investigation and get back to me, roggie. They don’t support 9/11 “truth movement” bunk.

  193. boomerangcomesback

    I’m not going to pull it up, but there is a very long list of Foreign heads of state, important military men, engineers, scientists, etc. that are on record stating their belief of 9/11 as a FF. Info outside of Propaganda Central in the West offers a very much Truther-leaning understanding of events as things are seen more clearly through the fog. And you guys are fog machines.

    I’m done here, and everyone else ought to move on to a new thread.

    • “I’m not going to pull it up, but there is a very long list of Foreign heads of state, important military men, engineers, scientists, etc. that are on record stating their belief of 9/11 as a FF”

      Very long list?
      1% of HS Graduates
      0.4% of Undergraduates
      0.08% of Graduates
      0.037% of Engineers
      0.029% of Architects
      0.005% of Present and Former Elected Officials
      0.0008% of Present or Former Military
      0.000013% of Present or Former Firefighters

      Within any given group, you can find anybody you want if you look jhard enough. Based on statistics, you have nothing close to “Truther-leaning understanding of events”.

  194. boomerangcomesback

    Like some wise individuals, who measure their wealth in gold or silver “ounces”, not fiat dollar price; Americans should look closely at pre and post 9/11 “Freedoms” in the USA. Even for elementary school children, it is easily seen that a great number of long-held Rights and Freedoms for Americans have been removed (illegally). Clearly stated — Americans have vastly less Freedoms and Rights post 9/11 than pre-9/11. They were STOLEN! Forget whatever claptrap “reasons” and pretense used to justify the theft.

    Less Rights, Less Freedoms = Tyranny and Fascism.

    How would a shill spin this obvious fact?

    • “Vastly less freedoms” = empty cliche.

      “Less Rights, Less Freedoms = Tyranny and Fascism.” = Paranoid hyperbole.

      Why pretend you have any clue what a real fascist society is? Do you know what a tyrannt is? Hint: Look at what the former leader of Libya did to his own people. COTO won’t tell you , you may have to actually do real research.

      I guess it is easier to rant with blanket hyperbole than anctually present factual arguments.

  195. “A “mature conversation” my ass, to stand by while you beat your dead horses like screaming two year olds having a tantrum is hardly “mature conversation.”

    Yes, childish name-calling, parroting the same tired old assumptions without any evidence, and pretending your are well-read by cutting and pasting random quotes proves you would have no basic understadning of maturity.

    I would suggest that since you are on a 9/11 blog, you stick to 9/11 topics. Pretending that the debateis over just solidifies your lack of defense of the numberous version of the week of what you THINK happened in 9/11.

    Explosives, thermite, space beams, remote controlled airplanes, cruise missiles, freefall, footprint, controlled demolition, pulverization, pyroclastic flow, molten metal. “pull it”, stand down, etc. All failed talking pionts that have 5-10 versions each. In fact, you cannot keep track of which version each of you subscribe to. The funny part is that even the top CTists can’t even pick and choose which version they want. I guess the so-called “truth” varies from day to day and person to person. Why do you think the CAE stays so consistent compared to the 9/11 CT?

    I love it when you get tough questions, make poor attempts to answer them, by pretending you did, then run off claiming the debate is over. I bet you don’t even understand the thermite argument. This is the funniest of them all.

    Let me guess, you are currently polling the other school kids for responses?

  196. boomerangcomesback

    You’re an idiot iea. And a very false pied piper. Americans know their Rights have been usurped, trashed, and stolen. How come you don’t? Not paid to admit it? Go enjoy a TSA groin tickler to protect your freedoms. I’m not going to list THE LIST of these either — for You. Go get tased!

    Sure, go ahead and call the Libya takedown a wonderful humanitarian gesture on the part of all NATO countries. Yeah, its only 30,000 people killed, WTF?! . Over a million killed in Iraq, though they had nothing to do with 9/11, 4 million displaced, and one huge fucking block party in the desert now, aye?! These numbers are probably well understated. Perhaps you approve of Madeleine Albright’s statement that 500,000 Iraqi children’s deaths was “worth it” with the sanctions that were imposed on Iraq prior to the Great War to free the Iraqi people.

    I’ve already stated on this thread I’m not offering up the Research and Scientific blow-by-blows you and Smith salivate over to twist into foreign shapes. Loads of information is available on the 9/11 subject. Too bad the guv won’t pony up on the really “good” stuff… national security concerns and all that BS. How are you expecting to compete with people’s common sense when they hurdle over your propaganda hogwash, and find the Truth sticking out of the 9/11 rubble pile like a sore thumb? . Lies, subterfuge, and disinformation can only survive in a vacuum, where reality, the facts, and truth are eliminated from the environment with extreme prejudice. But the lid cannot be kept on this boiling pot for much longer. Its a pressure cooker of blood, and the blood of the oppressed is boiling and crying out for justice! Your ilk are the water carriers for the perpetraitors. Hold on to your heads if you can when the Truth gets OUT!

    I will lift a finger in answer though — my middle one.

    • “I’m not going to list THE LIST of these either”

      Avoided the question…Check!
      Used childish name-calling…Check!
      Resorted to defensive mechanism…Check!
      Canned, fake CT wenbsite as proof…Check!

      I can only report how well you fit into the CT role. I’m sure if you paste more and more, you can get to Sheep 1st Class in no time. That way, Hybrid won’t be above you all the time.

      “I will lift a finger in answer though — my middle one.”

      Why do you suppose CTists refuse to think for themsleves?

  197. boomerangcomesback

    You’re a predictable Riot. You are most likely trained in exactly what you just accused me of, and you and Smith have been using these exact tactics all along. Applying to me what you have been doing is the ole trick of “demonization”.. and you continue to avoid the Obvious. You attacked me, denigrated websites with a simple flip of your lying tongue, and SKIPPED OVER AND AROUND the bloody facts on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and the USA. Convenient, but not effective here.

    Face it — You just can’t sell a meme that’s tired, old, proven false, and past it’s time. It stinks. It sinks. The Fable, the Myth, is history, and the Truth rising above the horizon will soon crush your dream of a NWO. Your ship has sunk.

    No more time remains for this entertainment.

  198. Who secretly collapsed the WTC hi-rises so President Obama could join NATO in giving some (<$1 billion) strategic help to Libyan rebels getting massacred by Ghadafy's thugs, boomie? Was it that wascally wabbit Silverstein again?

  199. boomerangcomesback

    Agreed. Ciao.

    • Ooops, I underestimated their cowardice. I guess they ARE the typical CTists.

      “That these jerks believe the whole mainstream lie…”

      Until ANYONE can present ANY evidence to the contrary, what are we supposed to do? Pretend they exist? That is not what a real skeptic does.

      I’m glad I finally have a forum to present real facts to the Coalition Of The Oblivious.

      No more juvenile interuptions from the playground.

  200. “It’s simple 9/11 is an inside job – and anyone who doesn’t get that by now is an .”

    Yes, it is much easier to parrot the 9/11 CT motto, than actually think and answer a simple question.

    It is as if they WANT to be called out as cowards.

    Well, as long as they don’t run away like most CTists, we can assume they are willing to keep the lines of debate open.

  201. boomerangcomesback

    The NIST “report” and the government “Myth”, manufacture skeptics by their very existence. You guys are way too drunk on the Koolaid, or whatever. The evidence that exists, when mixed with a bit of common sense leads to conclusions opposite from what you espouse. How’s that come about? It isn’t for lack of information being available. Yet you believe a “Myth” and determine it as reality, whilst calling the Truth a “Conspiracy Theory” and demonize the Truth Seeker camp. See? Both side can’t be correct. But, I cannot stand on your side and accept the Fantasy Bath. So I must search for the Truth. Because the Myth you are a fan of is hokum, and unbelievable all the way around.

  202. Ever visit the ASCE web site, boomie? Count the number of papers there that are in agreement with the NIST findings, and then compare that to the number even discussing Box Boy’s.

  203. boomerangcomesback

    Go here, and read up on one Jerome Hauer and his relationship to WTC7 and Giuliani. Consider his skills. Consider why both he and Giuliani moved their ops outside the area on 9/11:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=3e82efc6cc141df0&biw=1280&bih=525

  204. boomerangcomesback

    “New Investigative Panel Releases 13 Consensus Statements of Evidence Opposing the Official Account of 9/11”

    Ohhh, and don’t miss the new Architects & Engineers Full Length Movie:
    “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out (Full)”

    Enjoy your weekend!

  205. Mark Roberts read some of the bios at the ae911″truth” site and compiled this account of Gage’s “experts speaking out,” boomie:

    –Charles Pegelow thinks nuclear weapons destroyed the towers. No, I’m not kidding.

    –Robert T. Mote thinks the tower collapses started from the bottom: “I could never understand the ‘convenient’ vertical collapse at the BASE due to an extreme event at height.”

    –Structural engineer Dennis Kollar says, “For me the most convincing aspect that the 911 collapse was a controlled demolition is the recorded explosions on the 9/11 Eyewitness DVD.” The “recorded explosions” he’s referring to are wind noise captured by the camera in Hoboken, a few miles away from the WTC. That should be staggeringly obvious to anyone who has seen footage from close to the WTC, where what would be absolutely enormous “explosions” are not captured by any microphones.

    –Structural engineer Michael [Donly] says, “I have read the FEMA report and conclude that it is incomplete at best and a cover-up at worst.” The FEMA report? Welcome to 2002, Mr. [Donly]. You might try reading the 10,000 page NIST report. Can’t blame you, though. Richard has led by example and not bothered to read the NIST report either. (Yes, I can prove that.)

    –Engineer Edward Knesl says, “We do not know the phenomenon of the high rise building to disintegrate internally faster than the free fall of the debris coming down from the top.” Faster than freefall! He’ hasn’t even bothered to review videos of the collapses. Can these people possibly be any less competent?

    Actually, yes. Here’s what AE 911 Truth engineer Donald Messerlian believes:

    –“Seismographic evidence proved pre-planted explosives destroyed WTC 1, 2 and building 7 before the planes struck buildings 1 & 2.”

    Right. The three WTC buildings were destroyed before the planes hit. In the same vein of disturbed fantasy, Richard’s aerospace engineer is a “no-planer”:

    –”After performing some in-depth research on this subject, I have come to the conclusion that no commercial airplanes impacted the two WTC Towers. No commercial plane impacted the Pentagon. No commercial aircraft buried itself in Pennsylvania terra firma.”

    This is plain mental illness, and it’s promoted by Richard [Gage] on his website. How reprehensible, and how sad.


  206. How’d ya’ like the one about the secret nuclear weapons, boomie? 🙂

  207. boomerangcomesback

    Hey Smithers — nobody likes secret nuclear weapons used anywhere anytime. The Japanese would be the prime test case. Why are you droning on about some other “angle” that seems farfetched to your bakedness? 19 Arabs with boxcutters, with rudimentary flying skills and NO experience in jetliners surely is the flibbertygiblets of a Grand Psyop. But you defend em to the last degree? That’s pitiful Sad.

    • “19 Arabs with boxcutters, with rudimentary flying skills and NO experience in jetliners…”

      This is a perfect example of being spoonfed your talking points. The skills of the pilots were taken out of context and parroted all over the CT universe.

      To prove this, lets have a CTist tell us:
      1. How many hours they had behind the controls on a simulator for a 767? 2. If they couldn’t fly a Cessna, what kind of license did each of them have (kkeping in mind that the claim is theyu have”NO experience in jetliners”?
      3. How long does it take to learn the FMS on a “jetliner”?

  208. Actually, boomie, two 767s with ~9000 gallons of jet fuel each were what did the damage, not 5-man teams of terrorists armed with sharp pocket knives (blades up to 4″ were allowed in 2001) and the element of surprise. The nuclear devices dropped on Japan in 1945 weren’t very secret after the fact, but Charlie Pegelow’s are apparently the quiet, non-radioactive type. You, my friend roggie, and my pet cat could also be “engineers” for Box Boy.

  209. boomerangcomesback

    As expected Alspurt, you totally missed my inference regarding Japan. Mayday! Mayday! You’re off course again.

  210. boomerangcomesback

    Did you IDIOTS not view the A&E video I posted above?

    I’m done with this debate. Your agendas are seen for what they are by all who have read this thread — You peddle disinformation. A heinous crime. May Justice catch you by your shriveled balls and make you pay for your crimes.

    At 51:39 of the video listen to Steve Luce (Former Army Combat Engineer / Explosive Demolition of Structures).

    And listen to every other expert in the entire video. Look in the mirror and see that you, IEA, and every other disinfo operators lives are worth SHIT!

  211. boomerangcomesback

    Pay Attention to the experts commenting about the “fires” at 54:00. Pay attention to the extremely highly credentialed Robert Podolsky at 54:34 addressing the temperatures of the fires in WTC 1&2. Then consider that WTC7’s fires were scattered and not near as “hot” because no plane hit it.

    You disinfo operators have ZERO credibility anywhere.

  212. gor! wotta thread! well there’s an hour of me life I’ll never get back… and it’s all so… so… deja vu. Thanks for the mammaries rogue and boom.
    It was an inside job. All the king’s kapos and all the poop pundits cannot get to humpty the hostess again. Kapos shills and lackeys… History will reach for you with hideous hands…
    begone, noisome flies with dingleberry… back to your Dark Lord.

  213. boomerangcomesback

    Videos highlighted on .

    Listen to the descriptions. “Mythers” OWN the true “Conspiracy Theory”. Those that cannot process information, lack logic, and are blinded by ego, stubbornness, misplaced trust in governments, shall be ashamed of their complicity, denial, and ignorance

  214. boomerangcomesback

  215. Do American and United Airlines usually get sued and pay damages for military plane crashes, boomie?

  216. Perfect example of selective response. Ignore the many examples of how “experts” have shown to be unreliable in their “opinions”. By picking a single example and pretending it is the biggest example of errors, shows that the other 99% are too uncomfortable to discuss.

    Maybe your expertise in “liable (sic) and slander” would better be used in other cases where govt officials are accused of a crime with ZERO evidence. Do you think you could afforrd a “liable (sic) and slander” suit from Silverstein?

  217. “I would suggest this bogged down thread of over 400 comments be left as is”
    If I correctly recall, you have told all of us the debate was over about 20 times now. Now you throw out more and more claims of having knowledge of topics you refuse to answer. Which is it? You want to answer them, yet avoid every chance you get?
    “…for the sake of history as proof of the debunker’s ineptitude.”
    How can you claim there is ineptitude, when we prove over and over that I can state a case and you refuse to corroborate anything you say.
    For example, when asked about thermite, you said the debate was over. Then you presented more evidence from a CT website as if the debate were back on. I then asked another question, and you again refused to answer it by claiming the question was poor. I asked again and you then called off the debate.
    Why do you think you are so afraid to answer such questions?

  218. The closer you are to the truth, the faster Hybrid will run away.

  219. “Do stooges always ask the most stupid and irrelevant questions”

    The level of comfort the question imposes is directly inversed to the inability of Hybrid willing to answer it.

    Hybrid didn’t see the video, so she couldn’t understand the question. I wonder why “boomer” avoided it also? It was very straight-forward

  220. “We aren’t here to debate or answer your foolish questions.”

    I find it extremely amusing to see you pretend to know a subject all to fall quickly when cornered,

    I’m sorry that I do not live in CT land. I have a very successful business and a personal life. I flew to a city across the country, took in a football game, had a nice couple of dinners, and did some business with a couple of nice clients. I probably made enough in this week to equate to your annual salary.
    To hear you cry that I posted responses to “days old” messages is too funny. I guess your short attention span failed you once again.

    “Frankly I don’t [care] what you say,” This is why we get paragraphs of childish filler after each post I make.

    I make my case each time with questions that expose you utter lack of defending the CT of the week.

    What is so funny, is that you can’t/won’t answer the questions because they prove your wrong, or just don’t know. Since your only sources of information refuse to tell you the whole story, these will cause you to realize you don’t haave the facts or the whole story.

  221. boomerangcomesback

    Smith — you’re like a 2nd grader. All you have is questions. Important information makes no impression on your cerebral cortex, the adult’s answers fly right over your head because your “logic” center is unformed or deformed. Nothing… Nothing makes an impression on your concrete block. So, expect nothing in return.

    Iea — so you “say” you’re wealthy and a jet-setter. Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? Why paint yourself as another rich asshole who wastes his money on himself? That portrait is ugly to about 95% of society. By the way, the rich don’t inherit the earth. So far, you tell us that you are an egotistical SOB, and arrogant to boot. What’s new about that? Already had you figured for an asshole. How’s that? By your commentary — the facts and evidence. You leave a “trail” behind you asswipe. According to you, readers of this thread should value your scurrilous opinions because they’re small and you’re tall. You’re the same pompous disinformation ilk we can catch on FOX Snooze { “Fair and Balanced”; FUBAR } or any other garbage dumper. I can imagine your only fan is your reflection in the mirror. Wipe that smear off the glass, and make the world a better place.

  222. A 2nd grader might believe that American and United Airlines usually get sued and pay damages for military plane crashes, boomie, or that insurance companies pay guys billions after they publicly admit to blowing up their property. The one about quiet, delayed-reaction demolition explosives that collapse buildings from ~1200′ higher an hour and 42 minutes later might get past them too.

  223. boomerangcomesback

    Smith & iea — the “hits” just keep coming don’t they?!

    Your cockamamie delusions paint you as the lowest of shills. Quit asking stupid questions. All you do is keep pointing here, there, no, look over there, while considerate thinking individuals realize you are disinformation “Agents”.

    Here’s more for people who want to get closer to the Truth, rather than have shill shysters like you lead them in the opposite direction and into your dark world:

  224. Your hero thought 9/11 was funny too, boomie:

    His only denial of being behind the attacks was made around 9/17/01, and with US bombers on the way, even you and roggie would have enough sense to deny it.
    What al Qaeda leader, including bin Swimmin’, has denied it since then?

  225. Yikes!!! A double whammy! The CIA was too dumb to get a good translation of tapes that were faked anyway. I just wonder why no one in al Qaeda, Osama bin Swimmin’s family, the Pakistani government, the world’s media, or anywhere but the 9/11 “truth movement” knows that Navy SEALs offed the wrong slug on 5/2/11…

  226. boomerangcomesback


  227. Jeepers, I don’t know how “they” pulled off all of that 9/11 deception if they were THAT stupid. Bad translation on a faked tape? Yikes!!!

  228. So, now that I’m back from my vacation and a little business, let’s recall what I missed.
    “Yes, the “debate” you think you are having has never taken place.” = hybrid wants to have us explain the ACE to her, yet refuses to respond. I guess the standard CT defense mechanism kicks in right on plan.

    “The football game and dinner proving the official story of 9/11 is, less than fascinating, it is in fact pathological.” The classic diversion from facts and difficult topics is demonstrated again. It seems Hybrid purposely (I hope) avoided the off-topic banter as if it were on topic. Why? Does Hybrid think that my explanation as to why I don’t live on this debate board somehow supports his request to have me explain the ACE. Not quite sure of the intent, but she worked it for quite a while.

    “Iea — so you “say” you’re wealthy and a jet-setter.” Epic Fail. Another poor assumption by a classic CTist proves how little critical thinking works in their world. It is truly sad to see how our education system failed so many people. According to boomer, if A>B, then A must = 1,000,000. Since Hybrid lives in a poor, shared, trailer park in the south, we can assume that if I make more in a wee, that it could be a small amount and still be true.

    “What would you know about the 2nd grade Smith?” Hybrid expressed his expertise on the 2nd grade. Hmm…

    “Stupid paranoid hysterical fukkin Amerikans” Hybrid degrades herself, or pretends she is from a different country. Not quite sure what the intent was here. Must be more of that guilt complex.

    “Your cockamamie delusions paint you as the lowest of shills” Boomer ran out of things to say. Just decided to repeat juvenile attack proving original thought is not one of his traits.

    “Do you claim to understand the Arabic language toadstool?”? Is Hybrid going to pretend to know Arabic if it is translated by Swedes or not?

    “The CIA was too dumb to get a good translation of tapes that were faked anyway.” CTists take another hit to their logic. This happens a lot when overlapping theories are not vetted.

    “It took place on “May Day,” May 1st – another one of those very special days for the ILLUMINATI necromancers.” Illuminati? Seriously? Fail.

  229. Does anyone (except roggie, whom I mustn’t address) know whether the “Last Man Out” reported a pyroclastic dust cloud too, or just ultra-quiet, delayed-reaction explosives that initially blow off elevator doors and burn people the same way as flaming jet fuel, and then collapse buildings ~1 hour and 42 minutes later and ~1200′ higher than where they were detonated?

  230. Auréline Berthelot

    D’ailleurs, a propos de membre de l’Académie, ll parait que le fameux libraire Gérard Collard, qui tient la librairie Griffe Noire, envisage de postuler pour devenir académicien !!!. Je pense que ça offrirait un nouvelle élan à la noble institution, foi de Saint Maurien. Vous ne trouvez pas

  231. Thanks for any other informative web site. The place else could I am getting that type of information written in such a perfect manner? I have a undertaking that I’m just now running on, and I have been at the look out for such info.

  232. William Rodriguez’s hero story is a lie from the claim of 15 initial rescues to the claim that he was the Last Man Out. Showing his co-workers how to get to the street when they already knew how to get to the street is hardly a “rescue”. That claim is a lie.

    The fire doors were not locked from the inside. The people were not locked in, and were not sitting there waiting for Willie to come up “opening doors and letting people out” as he claimed on C-span. Survival statistics on Willie’s 39 floors were no higher than on any of the other 120-something floors under the impact zone. Willie’s claim that he saved hundreds is in fact a case of Willie stealing the true story of Pablo Ortiz, who climbed to the 89th and 90th floor of WTC1 and broke open doors that had been jammed shut by the impact of the airplane a few floors above. Mr. Ortiz saved dozens of people, and they’ve been willing to go on TV to say so. Not one of the hundreds of office workers Willie claims to have saved with his “Key of Hope” is willing to come forward.

    Willie claims that he only left the building because there was a 22-story internal collapse from floor 65 to 43. This is a lie. He didn’t see it, nobody else in the world says it happened, and if it had happened, the building would have fallen down right then. Willie needs this lie to solve a narrative problem in his story–if he saved hundreds of trapped people on the lower 39 floors, how could he abandon the hundreds more trapped on floors 40 to 88 when he left the building? Easy. They were all dead, see, when the floors fell on them. Willie’s fans believe that. But Willie’s pre-collapse collapse never happened, ans those hundreds didn’t die–because they weren’t locked in.

    Willie’s “Key of Hope” story steals its glory from the dead hero, Pablo Ortiz. Willie’s “Last Man Out” story steals its glory from the living. A dozen firefighters were behind him in the stairwell, helping Josephine Harris down the stairs, when the building collapsed. They crawled out of the stairwell several hours after the self-proclaimed “Last Man Out” had already left the building. Willie has even been known to claim “I was the last survivor to be pulled from the rubble.”

    Willie travels around the world lying about 9/11 and asking for money. He’s a con artist, pure and simple. A blatant fraud.

  233. I’m sorry, but lately I’m having a really hard time believing Willie Rodriguez’s heroic adventure. Yes I believe 9/11 was an inside job, and yes I believe explosions occured in the basement.. many more witnesses confirm that. But I don’t believe the accounts of Willie. How exactly does the first explosion push him “upwards”? Either the concrete floor buckled, or Willie is exaggerating. And if the floor buckled.. then wouldn’t Willie describe that along with the cracked walls and droppng ceiling tiles? The man with the skin hanging by his fingertips.. how the heck wasn’t he in so much shock that he’d be unable to speak and convey an explosion went off? The female security guard that Willie “pushed” out of the building.. is anbody so stupid to really he afraid of leaving their post.. even though their superiors had already vacated? If so.. then they shouldn’t he trusted in a position of “security”. And this firetruck Willie “dove under”.. why wasn’t his hands all scratched up in his first news interview? I stumble and fall on pavement.. my hands will have visible scrapes. How is it that Willie’s earliest interviews and speeches all said “1 or 2” seconds between the booms from the basement and the tower being hit, but his later interviews and speeches he says “6 or 7” seconds between the booms? 5 seconds is a pretty big discrepancy. Sorry, but Willie’s starting to sound like part of the psyops.. presented as a hero, only to lead truthers in the wrong direction.

  234. Yes, spuzzum, Willie was able to misdirect truthers for several years, and he did major damage to the movement.

    He’d inspire truthers to take his story to the media, and the skeptical reporters who should have been our greatest allies would do a little fact-checking, would find that Willie’s claims were unverifiable, self-serving, and very suspect, and would conclude that 9/11 truthers are idiots.

    He’d inspire truthers to take his lawsuit to their lawyer friends, and the lawyers would read a suit that was illiterate and impossibly and irrationally complex.

    He’d inspire truthers to take his DVD to firefighters, and the firefighters would see a strutting braggart who stole his glory from the dead telling obvious lies about locked fire doors. The people were not locked in!

    He got two hours on C-Span and all he did was brag and lie and make fools of a church full of people who believed his nonsense.

  235. If we can get 2012’s H.R. 5956 passed, this will help get to the truth.

  236. In 1948 CIA Spook-meister, Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner SR, officially created Operation MOCKINGBIRD by raising Reich’s minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment, Paul Josef Goebbels’ Nazi mass media propaganda machine in America.

    It was an illegal domestic operation designed to mimic (MOCK) the propaganda machinery Goebbels’ had so masterfully crafted for the Third Reich. Wisner who ran Mockingbird in its earliest days once boasted that the operation was like a mighty Wurlitzer … I can play any tune I want on it and America will follow along.

    Sigmund Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays, went from Enrico Caruso’s publicist to WW1 propagandist and repackaged propaganda as “public relations”.

    Wisner’s Wurlitzer has had plenty of time to mature, and it plays on; testing the molecular resonance between the ears.

  237. 9/11 was an OBVIOUS FALSE-FLAG attack by ISRAEL to get the USA to invade THEIR enemies. They use their control of the media by traitors LOYAL to Israel, to cover-up their involvement.

    Google “Israel did 9/11” for the evidence.

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  239. johnny whittleton

    Albury’s a troll

  240. johnny whittleton
    91+1 Things We Should All Know About 9/11 September 11, 2001 was unquestionably a tragic day for America and the world. While the 3,000-plus deaths on American soil elicited support and tears from around the world, now many international citizens resent or even despise the country that ratcheted up the War on Terror. But for many in the country, and a staggering number of foreign citizens, the truth about what really took place on September 11, 2001 remains under relentless scrutiny and doubt. The mainstream media and politicians love to pass these claims off as “conspiracy theories” (the threat of being a social outcast can get the best of us), but the facts tell a much different story. Here are some of the major coincidences that altogether don’t make any sense. They lead to very convincing arguments that 9/11 was indeed a false flag attack. 1 Alleged hijackers portrayed uncharacteristic behaviour the night before partying at topless bars and drinking alcohol despite being fundamentalist Muslims. For fundamentalists about to die in the name of Islam and take out Americans who represent ‘evil western values of materialism and casual sex’, this behaviour would certainly destroy their chance at 50 virgins in the afterlife. All this behaviour would certainly put them in hell. They forgot their Quarans and business cards and terrorist manual how to fly a commercial plane and a list of all the so-called hijackers. They attracted a ton of attention by bashing America and boasted about impending bloodshed the next day. Why did they risk their extremely important mission like that? It sounds like their goal was to make sure people ‘remembered’ what they had said after the fact. If the hijackers really were Muslim extremists why would they not try to put the blame on their arch enemy Zionist extremists? If the terrorists were actually Zionist extremists, wouldn’t it make sense for them to ‘set up’ Muslim extremists? 2 There is no video in existence of any of the 19 alleged hijackers at any of the three originating airports of the four flights except for a video ‘allegedly’ showing hijackers of flight 77. The video of Mohammad Atta is him boarding in Portland, not Boston. In the official autopsy report for Flight 77 none of the hijackers are named. There are no bodies for autoposies to give proof. 3 At least 6 of the alleged hijackers turned up alive after the attack and were interviewed afterward. The FBI has not revised this list even with the proof that some of these so-called hijackers were obviously not involved in the plot. It was believed at one point that there could have been 9 but there was so much confusion because of so many people still living in Saudi Arabia with the exact same name. The alleged hijackers who were alive said that their identification was stolen years before and that their exact age and date of birth was the same as the hijackers but the picture used was of someone else. So the exact same thing could have been done with the other 13. The photos of those identified could have been of living people who are fearful of speaking out or of criminals or dead people. 4 FBI Director Robert Mueller has gone on record to say that the identities of the hijackers is in doubt. The first hijacker believed to be alive was Waleed Sherii, according to BBC News. He is a Saudi Airlines pilot living in Casa Blanca, Morrocco. He left the US in September 2000 after attending flight training school at Dayton Beach. Abdullah Alazese Amari, who is also alive, was listed as one of the terrorist pilots but he claimed to The Telegraph 12 days later that he has no idea to fly a plane. Amari is an engineer with Saudi Telecom and lost his passport a year before while studying in Denver. Khalid Almihdhar is a computer programmer in Mecca. According to the Chicago Tribune 25 days after the attacks, he was watching TV at home when friends saw his photograph on the news and began to call to see if he was still alive. According to the Guardian 10 days after, Salem Al-Hazmi was not one of the people who perished in Flight 77. His passport was stolen by a pickpocket in Cairo three years prior. He was reported as working in a chemical plant in Saudi Arabia. According to the same source, Saleed Al-Gandi is a pilot in Tunise. He was reported as saying “The FBI provided no evidence of my involvement in the attacks. You can’t imagine what it’s like to be described as a dead terrorist when you are innocent and alive.” The same Guardian article written 10 days after says Ahmed Al-Nani is an administrative supervisor for Saudi Airlines. He was quoted as saying “I’m still alive. I had never heard of Pennsylvania.” He never lost his passport and found it very worrying that his identity was stolen. Mohand Alshehri, according to the Orlando Sentinel who spoke with the Saudi Arabian embassy, confirmed 11 days after that he is alive in Saudi Arabia as well. 10 days after the attacks, LA Times Reports Wail M. Al Shehri, who is a pilot whose father is a Saudi diplomat in Bombay, is still alive. Atta’s father claims his son last contacted him the day after the terrorist attacks. 5 14 of the hijackers based their training in Florida and the 5 that hijacked Flight 77 lived right outside the gates of the National Security Agency. 15 of the 19 were allegedly Saudi Arabian. If most of the alleged terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, then why did America not attack Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq or Afghanistan? If it had to attack anyone. It’s no secret that America and Saudi Arabia are business partners. The Saudis supply much of our country’s oil at a cheap rate in return for protection. It’s also no secret that the Bush family is crazy about the Saudis, doing business with them for decades. Bush Sr. was attending a Carlyle Group meeting with Bin Laden’s brothers the morning of September 11. 6 FBI Director Robert Mueller said that the hijackers could have all used stolen passports and may not have had tickets. So there’s no proof that the hijackers were members of Al Queda or could be linked to Islamic extremism. So where is the justification for bombing Afghanistan? 7 None of 4 flight crews radioed Air Traffic Control about the hijackings. None punched the four digit hijacking code. According to official records, Flight 93 had ample time to do this as the cockpit was informed minutes before they were overtaken. And some of the pilots were Vietnam veterans and should have been able to hold their own and keep their planes from being hijacked so easily. 8 None of the contents of any of the black boxes have been made public. In fact, we were told that the black boxes weren’t even found in NYC although many people involved in the ‘secret’ process of finding them claim that at least 3 of the 4 were found. Almost all plane crash experts claim that they’ve never heard of a crash where the black boxes disappeared or were crushed beyond recognition. Black boxes are made of a titanium alloy. They don’t just disintegrate. One member of the cleanup crew was there when one black box was found yet its existence is denied. There is no mention of any black box in the 9/11 Commission report. 9 None of the alleged hijackers were accomplished pilots, yet the three buildings that were hit were hit with phenomenal precision. I could argue this point forever but even expert pilots have tried to simulate these magnificent feats and have failed. The chance of even one of these planes hitting their target perfectly is slim let alone all three and especially the Pentagon crash. It is more realistic to believe that these planes were operated by remote control or were drones with ‘muscle terrorists’ preventing any on board interference in the plan. 10 Intercept times are between 10 and 20 minutes but these flights roamed the skies without interference for over an hour. Cheney and NORAD would not give permission to any fighter pilots to shoot down or go anywhere near these planes. There was ample time for these planes to be shot down. The FAA took 18 minutes to report Flight 11’s loss of communication and deviation from it’s flight plan. It took 39 minutes with Flight 77. NORAD knew for an entire hour about the hijackings yet the Pentagon remained unprotected until it was hit. The PENTAGON. 11 The two F15s that chased Flight 11 flew less than 25 percent their top speed of 1875 mph. The ones that were sent up to protect the Pentagon flew about 27 percent their top speed at 1500 mph. Two F15s flying from Long Island weren’t redeployed to Manhattan until after the second Tower was hit. How convenient! They could have been to Washington in less than 10 minutes half an hour before the Pentagon was hit!! 12 Air defense was told to ‘stand down’. NORAD generals learned of the hijackings in time to scramble fighter jets. But they weren’t deployed. All the flights took their sweet time to hit their targets. If these ‘terrorists’ believed there was an air defense system in place that could easily stop them, they would have rushed their attack so to pull it off. The odds of pulling off any of these attacks successfully would be next to nill. 13 Building 7 experienced total collapse, because of fires, when no steel-frame building before or since in the history of mankind has ever collapsed. Either totally or even partially due to fire. And this building didn’t just fall. It fell as if it was part of a planned demolition. It was a near perfect vertical fall producing only minor damage in the Verizon and Post Office buildings only 60 feet on either side of it. 14 There’s even a news report on CBS or NBC with a woman reporter telling a reporter in the studio that the building had collapsed although in the background the building was there still standing. 10 minutes later, in reality, the building was seen collapsing. Perhaps the media uses ‘fake backgrounds’ for their reporters. Regardless, the event was reported before it occurred. Where did this reporter get this information?? 15 Building 7 was an over-engineered 47-story steel frame skyscraper standing over 350 feet from the nearest tower. Public evidence documents only small fires in it. The building collapsed into a remarkably small rubble pile of mostly pulverized remains, when no steel building falling for any reason has ever in history pulverized itself. The remains of the building were rapidly removed and the steel recycled, evidently without any on-site and only extremely limited off-site examination. This rapid disposal operation went ahead despite the fact that no one was believed buried in the rubble and tidy rubble pile was not blocking any roads. 16 The building contained a $15 million emergency command centre, but instead of using it for its ostensible purpose, Mayor Giuliani evacuated his team to a makeshift command center as soon as the attack started. I understand why it would be safer to get out of that building considering the building completely collapsed in the end. But this emergency command centered was constructed as a bomb-hardened shelter. The building was supposedly not hit by a bomb. It just caught fire on a couple of top floors and then caved in and destroyed everything. 17 Building 7 contained the most important CIA, FBI and secret service files and documents in existence. The fact that this building just collapsed contradicts 100 years of engineering experience and makes it the largest and least understood structural failure in history. 18 The South Tower had less severe fires and was hit second yet it collapsed a half an hour before the North Tower. The South Tower’s core structure was largely undamaged by the off-centered jet impact, unlike the North Tower and it collapsed sooner?? Fire fighters that reached the crash zone of the South Tower described controllable fires. 19 Both towers fell straight down through themselves, following the path of maximum resistance, a behaviour never before observed in spontaneous collapses of any type of vertical structure ever. The collapses exhibited features never otherwise seen except in controlled demolitions. There were visible explosions ringing their perimeters, energetic ejections of dust at regular intervals and copious production of dust. 20 Both Towers exploded outward and were shredded and pulverized. A pattern of destruction much more destructive than normal controlled demolitons, yet this result was supposedly produced without the added energy of explosives? Intense heat persisted for weeks and months in the rubble completely unlike anything produced by known structure collapses or fires. Dust from the towers was shown to contain residues of aluminothermic reactions and active thermitic pyrotechnics. 21 The Pentagon, the heart of the military establishment of the world’s greatest super power, was hit after ample warning without being protected by any defensive action. The Pentagon is 11 miles away from Andrews Air Force Base which had two combat-ready fighter wings ready for deployment that day. 22 The spiral dive approach to the Pentagon was such an extreme maneuver that experienced air traffic controllers thought it was a military jet. The tree-top final approach skimmed objects in the yard and crashed the plane into the first floor of the building. The most experienced pilots anywhere wonder if any human pilot could have executed such a maneuver. 23 The terrorist pilot Hani Hanjour was considered incompetent by his flight school instructors and was denied rental of a single-engine plane. A month earlier. 24 Video recordings from adjacent businesses were seized the FBI shortly after the attack and have never been seen since. There was about 86 recordings of the crash and the public was only shown 2 segments monitoring only the periphery which do not show a commercial airliner hitting a building. All you see is an explosion. Granted, hundreds of witnesses on their way to work saw what looked like a commercial plane crash into the Pentagon. So, if 100 people saw it and it happened then why was all video of the crash confiscated and why isn’t there any clear video released for us to watch. 25 Despite the worst failure in history of the military to protect American civilians, and the worst alleged engineering failures in history, there were no consequences for the responsible authorities and no honest investigations. General Richard Eberhart, commander of NORAD on 9-11, was promoted to head the newly created NORTHCOM. Promoted! Other officials who “failed” (like Myers and Eberhard, as well as Frasca, Maltbie and Bowman of the FBI) were given promotions 26 FEMA was given the sole authority to investigate the collapses even though it is not an investigative agency. The team assembled consisted of unpaid volunteers! They were also not allowed to Ground Zero. They weren’t provided with the blueprint of the buildings. And the steel from the buildings had already been disposed of. The Commission Report does not mention WTC building 7 and denies the existence of the towers’ core structures. 27 NIST avoided even mentioning the earlier findings of sulfidated and evaporated steel. The final report dismisses the earlier official claims of severe structural damage and diesel-fuelled fires and blames the swift straight-down collapse on a house-of-card chain reaction triggered by a single beam breaking loose of its connections due to thermal expansion. But where’s the supporting evidence for this? And why was there no testing for explosive residues? 28 US officials consistently suppressed and destroyed evidence (like the tapes recorded by the air traffic controllers who handled the NY flights). 29 Many whistleblowers were intimidated, gagged and sanctioned sending a clear message to others who might be thinking of speaking out. 30 Such plots have been considered before. The Pentagon had a plan to blow up an airliner near Cuba and blame it on Castro as an excuse to invade in 1962. Called Operation Northwoods, it came close to Kennedy signing off on it, but his brother Robert advised him against it. Where are both of these men now? 31 In 1999, a report called “The Project for a New American Century was signed off by numerous Pro-Zionist/Israeli Neocons who are still in power today. In it, they described a ‘Pearl Harbour type attack’ that was needed to get the American public on board to war for ‘Pax Americana’. 32 The CIA has a long history of false flag terrorist attacks such as Operation Gladio in Europe during the Cold War and in Chili (Kissinger was behind this). The Israeli MOSSAD even more so, with the Lavon Affair in the 50s, the attack on the US Liberty and numerous other crimes since, like the fake Al-Qaeda cell created in the West Bank. 33 The Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, creator of the Taliban and close ally to both the CIA and “al-Qaeda,” allegedly wired $100,000 to Mohamed Atta just prior to September 11th, reportedly through the ISI asset Omar Saeed Sheikh (later arrested for the killing of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl, who was investigating ISI connections to “al-Qaeda.”) ISI Chief Mahmoud Ahmed was part of this transaction and he was proven to be sitting in an office of the giant Military/Industrial complex company the Carlyle Group along with George Bush Sr. on the morning of 9/11. 34 The US Defence Intelligence agency had a computer team called ‘Able danger’ that correctly pinpointed 2 sets of hijackers and their movements before 9/11 through ‘data mining’ techniques. The info they discovered was purposefully suppressed (their hard drives even erased), the entire operation closed down by higher-ups and ignored by Zeilokow and the 9/11 commission. It’s clear that a secret ‘wall’ exists within our government and real efforts have been made before and after 9/11 to hide something extremely big. 35 The same air traffic controller, Pete Zalewski, who handled both flights 11 and 175 also just happened to the very same controller for the unexplained ocean crash of the Egyptair flight 990 back in 1999 (full of Egyptian military brass). On 9/11, he’s heard on the tapes questioning Flight 11 with the words “yes, that’s maybe real traffic, nobody knows.’ Is this in reference to a hijack exercise? And the supposed takeover of 175 does not occur until the exact moment it crosses over Flight 11’s path already under control. 36 All 8 pilot takeovers were mostly silent, even though a ‘push to talk’ button exists on the steering yoke and when pressed allows grand controllers to hear what’s going on in the cockpit. Flight 11 is flown most of the way under the apparent control of the pilot, ex-soldier John Ogonowski, who is holding down the button so ground control can hear some kind of threatening voices. Besides that, only Flight 93 seems to have had any sounds of physical struggle in the cockpit. 37 Four of the pilots were military reservists and their friends and family cannot conceive of them not fighting back and alerting the ground controllers. One of those pilot reservists, Captain Burlinggame of Flight 77 was a top Navy pilot trained in anti-terrorism tactics. His family feels he would have not given up the cockpit without a hard fight. Later, the FBI tries to tell them that his body showed marks of such a cockpit struggle, even though the entire plane is supposed to have been virtually blown to atoms around him in the Pentagon crash? 38 A passport of one of the terrorists, Satam al-Suqami managed to be found by a supposed ‘passerby’ and handed over to a NY detective. This was found on Vesey street right after Flight 11 crashes into the North tower, but before Flight 175 crashes into the South tower. This passport would have had to gone backwards through the blast to end up conveniently at this street. No black boxes made of titanium ally, bone fragments no bigger than six inches big found at the scene but a passport made of paper remained intact? 39 The CIA purposefully failed to pass on their vital information to the FBI that could have foiled the attacks. The FBI itself had the same things happen. Special agent Coleen Rowley was castigated for attempting to contact the CIA herself and her search warrant requests to check Zacharias Moussaoui’s laptop computer were blocked by the FBI. 40 Inside traders knew about the attacks before they happened. On September 6 2001, airline stocks, United and American, suddenly had a put/call ratio 25 times higher than normal and stock rose to four and 25 normal levels right after the attack. The high on put options ended up being 285 times their average! Economy went down the shitter 6 months prior. Insurance firms and stock market had some ‘fishy business’ going on. An ‘extraordinary amount of put options were placed on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks. Many believe that traders were tipped off about the attacks and profited from the tragedy. Suspicious monetary transactions worth hundreds of millions were conducted through offices at the Twin Towers during the actual attacks. The Securities and Exchange Commission launched an insider trading investigation in which Osama Bin laden was a suspect after receiving information from at least one Wall Street Firm. 41 Cell/air phone calls made from the plane were extremely peculiar and are believed to be in some cases fake. In flight calls were made from cell phones in hijacked airplanes. Scientists and skeptics maintain that cell phones could not receive reception from the altitude planes typically fly. Cellphones couldn’t operate at 32,000 feet in 2001. Cell phones no, airphones yes. But Flight 93 had no airphones. So how could, for example, Dina Burnett be receiving calls from Tom Burnett’s cell phone from one of the planes? And that was the flight where loved ones on the ground supposedly got the most phone calls. One of the ‘curious’ calls was one between a son to his mother where he referred to himself by his own first and last name and repeatedly told his mother he was using an air phone although she did not ask him how he called her. These 5 minutes of investigative reporting uncovers more peculiar calls. And the fact that flight attendant Betty Ong (and everyone else on the plane) sound very calm for just witnessing three murders. Madelyn Sweeney, another flight attendant out of Boston for 12 years, didn’t know where the plane was headed and just before it crashed couldn’t recognize the plane was in Manhattan. No other calls that were reported to have taken place were never released to the public. 42 The Patriot Act was passed within days of 9/11. One month and 15 days after 9/11 a 342 page document was produced while much of the government was in disarray and upended. The assumption is that the pages of the Patriot Act had to of been written before 9/11 and then introduced to Congress at a moment of vulnerability. Before this Act, we didn’t have body scanners at airports, warrantless wire taps and police officers needed a warrant before they could enter your home. 43 Were the hijackers lucky on 9/11… or had an insider tipped them off? That morning, the majority of the eastern air defense of NORAD was preoccupied with a war game that left many jets far away from Washington and New York. In the first phone call between the air-traffic controller and NORAD, the first question out of the NORAD employee’s mouth is, “Is this real world or exercise?” On July 7, 2005, the day of the London Bombings, London police were also running a simulated exercise: by a stroke of amazing coincidence that exercise revolved around a terrorism bombing in the London subways. Further, Mayor Guiliani happened to be in London advising on security. 44 The Project for a New American Century (PNAC) was a neo-con think tank stacked with future members of President George W. Bush’s entourage including Dick Cheney, Jeb Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Scooter Libby and Richard Perle. In September 2000, PNAC published a controversial and aggressive study called “Rebuilding America’s Defenses.” Among very concise outlines on military expansion in the Persian Gulf, the paper deduces “the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor.” They say that if you want to find out who started a war, ask: “Who ended up with something in the end?” Post September 11, the four horseman of PNAC (Cheney, Wolfowitz, Libby and Perle) were the main catalysts for moving into Iraq despite no WMDs. Is it all just a coincidence that the policy they advocated was fulfilled after only a year of power? 45 You had both Alex Jones and Bill Cooper predict an “Osama Bin Laden” blamed attack on NYC months before. And then Cooper was murdered by police. Jones continues because he is a phony. But Jones did say the attack would open the doors for a military invasion in the Middle East, expanding the power of corporate America and the military industrial complex and eventually extend martial law to American citizens. 46 Not just one, but three passports were found at the plane crash site according to Susan Ginsberg of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks. Two in Pennsylvania and one in New York. Another was found in Atta’s ‘left behind luggage’. A plane crash which caused a fireball 100 stories high in a building that collapses to dust and debris left in tact a passport?.. A crash in which no human bodies were found besides pieces of corpses weighing no more than 600 pounds in total (and a jet engine virtually demolished) left intact two passports? Americans use state IDs for domestic travel and passports for international and non-Americans must provide either Green Cards or Passports. But a foreign terrorist hijacker boarded a plane leaving his passport in his friend’s left behind luggage. Luggage that also happened to name all 19 hijackers and their precise motives in carrying out the attacks on the morning of their deaths? Information that was reported by our media before both towers had even collapsed?? 47 BYU Professor and physicist Steven Jones studied the 9/11 video and noticed falling pieces of molten metal falling from the towers and white ash. This indicated to him levels of heat impossible to reach with burning jet fuel. He believes that the heat must have come from a substance like thermite which is regularly used in controlled demolitions to cut through steel. FEMA even stated that one of the mysteries of the WTC 7 site was the sulfidiation and oxidation on the steel which caused it to melt. 48 Never before or after have steel structures collapsed due to fire. While some steel buildings had burned a long time from fire. Despite this resistance to high temperature three of the most advanced steel structures in the world collapsed officially due to fire caused by burning jet fuel and structural damage due to the impact of the planes. 49 WTC 7 is the smoking gun of 9/11. There is no plausible argument that can justify why a building that had no direct impact by the plane would burn so hot as to cause a first-of-its-kind collapse of a steel structure. It fell at free fall speed and there was absolutely no friction after a fire in the lobby. Can you imagine 47 stories of steel, glass and concrete falling on top of itself? Without even being hit by a plane? You’d assume there’d be a natural collapsing effect of asymmetrical falling speeds. 50 Haliburton, the conglomerate that provides defense, infrastructure and energy also happens to be the company Cheney was formerly CEO of before he became Vice President. The same man who ran a company which profited hugely from 9/11 also helped start a think tank that pushed for a US military presence in the Persian Gulf to shape the world according to America’s design. Meanwhile, that man’s very same company has now quietly and comfortably moved its entire operation to nearby rich Dubai. 51 As mentioned briefly before, there was also that 2.3 trillion dollar investigation. The explosion at the Pentagon the day after this was announced obliterated the accounting office and the ensuing destruction and confusion put the case of the money trail to rest. 52 Larry Silverstein, the new leaseholder of the World Trade Center site, opened an insurance policy on the WTC which included coverage for terrorist attacks. The policy was valued at 3.5 billion but Silverstein stated that two acts of terror had occurred and therefore he was entitled to claim each building’s collapse as a terrorist attack. Silverstein and his WTC-employed offspring were all conveniently ‘away’ from the building during the attacks. 53 Bush’s brother Marvin was head of security for Securacom up until a year before the attacks. He remained on the Board of Directors until after the attacks. Cousin Wirt Walker 3 became head of security until 2002. Securacom maintained security for the WTC until its collapse and also handled security for Dulles Airport and United Airlines. This could account for how a controlled demolition could take place and how terrorists could board all of these planes. In the weeks leading up to 9/11, the towers had been on high alert due to bomb threats. So the security in the building was at an all time high. Many occupants reported numerous evacuations and fire drills in the time before the attacks. On September 6 the firm pulled all its bomb sniffing dogs out of the towers abruptly. 54 Before Dov Zakheim was the Pentagon’s top budget officer he was CEO of System Planning Corp which, through its subsidiary Tridata Corp, oversaw the investigation into the WTC bombing. This gave it access to all the WTC’s blueprints. System Planning Corp sells the Command Transmitter System which allows pilotless remote flight control, a radar simulator for target acquisition used by the Navy and a flight termination system used to destroy drones in the event of malfunction or misses. 55 The Bin Laden tapes are most likely fakes. Initially, Bin Laden denied any responsibility or involvement with the attacks. He claimed that the Israeli Zionists were behind the attacks and that the 19 alleged hijackers were set up as patsies to take the fall. Soon afterward, peculiar videos were surfacing regularly and he claimed full responsibility. However, many within the military believed he was murdered a couple months after 9/11. If he was still alive, it’s crazy that he was able to release so many videos and his physical appearance kept changing. How big his nose was getting. Etc Etc. Conveniently, he released a tape on Halloween 2004 just before the Presidential election and scared the American public into voting Bush in again. Two independent translators and an expert on Oriental Studies found the White House’s translation of the videos to be both inaccurate and manipulative, stating, “At the most important places where it is held to prove the guilt of bin Laden, it is not identical with the Arabic”, and that the words used that indicate foreknowledge can not be heard at all in the original.” Prof. Gernot Rotter, professor of Islamic and Arabic Studies at the Asia-Africa Institute at the University of Hamburg, said “The American translators who listened to the tapes and transcribed them apparently wrote a lot of things in that they wanted to hear but that cannot be heard on the tape no matter how many times you listen to it.” Some members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth believe that the man in this videotape is not Osama bin Laden at all, citing differences in weight and facial features, along with his wearing of a gold ring, which is forbidden by Muslim law, and writing with his right hand although bin Laden was left-handed 56 Eyewitnesses in the towers described bombs going off. Firefighters and policemen were among the many witnesses to hear what sounded like a controlled demolition in progress. Physists have found tons of evidence of thermite, engineers realize that jet fuel and plane damage could not alone bring such structures down and expert pilots cannot believe that inexperienced pilots were able to under such difficult circumstance fly commercial planes over 500 km an hour so low to the ground and hit their targets so perfectly. Steven Jones is one of those physicists, Nicholas De Masi is one of those firefighters. William Rodriguez, one of the last survivors out of the towers and an American hero who saved many lives that day, is one of the best known witnesses with the most interesting and well known stories. I digress. 57 Pentagon officials canceled travel plans on September 10th. AG Ashcroft refused to fly commercially earlier in the summer. Actors like Mark Whalberg and Seth MacFarlane were scheduled to be on one of the planes that hit the towers. Wahzaslberg changed his flight last minute and MacFarlane missed his flight. The Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown was told not to fly back home around the date of the attacks. Many important people were told not to fly around that date. So Americans were sitting ducks on 9/11 while all of America’s top political, military and corporate leaders and VIPs were kept out of harms way and were advised not to fly around that date. 58 Atta was a forgetful terrorist. He forget his Qua’ran in a strip club, in a taxi and in the bag he packed but would never ever need again because he was on a suicide mission. More incriminating evidence written in Arabic was found in parked cars at the airports. The conspicuous trail of planted evidence continued weeks later with the ‘anthrax attacks’ that were traced back to an American military lab. The letters sent with the anthrax were to put further blame on Muslims as they stated ‘Death to America’ and ‘Death to Israel’. 59 Military orders stripped commanders of their autonomy in responding to hijackings. The FAA banned firearm possession by commercial pilots two months before the attacks. Due to an order from the government, NORAD changed their usual protocol in June 2001 from ‘fast’ response to terrorist attacks to ‘slow’. This took authority away from the top NORAD officials. It meant that NORAD had to go through top officials in the US government first to get clearance before deploying fighter jets. According to the testimony of press secretary , it became clear after Dick Cheney in a Pentagon bunker would not give the go ahead for fighter jets to bring down the commercial airliner headed for the Pentagon. On September 12, the protocol was changed back to fast and stays that way until this day. 60 Zionist extremists believe that Hebrew Jews are God’s chosen people and have a god given right to Israel. The Muslim world and millions of Europeans and Americans now believe Zionist extremists staged the terrorist attacks to ignite the war on terrorism. That war has targeted Israel’s Muslim enemies and is being fought and paid for by the blood, lives and tax dollars of terrorized American citizens. 61 Eyewitnesses at the Pentagon reported the smell of cordite. Many said the jetliner exploded before reaching the Pentagon. Some said it hit the ground first. Parts of the facade where the wing ends and tail of a 757 would have collided show little gouging. The hole in the building was not representative of a massive airliner and there should have been much more damage. There was no engine or wings found because they supposedly disintegrated on impact. Investigators were not allowed access to the crash site until well into October! And the part of the Pentagon that was hit was largely vacant due to renovations. The section hit contained all the most important files held by government including the papertrail of information that could indicate the US government in the conspiracy. Not only that but account for the unaccounted $1.3 trillion the American government had simply ‘misplaced’ as announced by Donald Rumsfeld in a news conference the day before on September 10 2001. 62 Flight attendant Madelyn Sweeny said that 4 Middle Eastern looking men had hijacked the plane. The fact is that Israeli men are Middle Eastern men and just happen to be Middle Eastern looking. The voice of a hijacker on one of the planes reveals that the accent of one of the hijackers matches a Israeli Hebrew accent. Sweeny says as the plane goes down ‘I see water and buildings. Oh my God! Oh my God!.” She was a flight attendent out of Logan Airport for 12 years. But she thought the plane was headed for Chicago and didn’t recognize Manhattan? 63 Media kept very quiet of about 60 Middle Eastern looking Israeli men that were taken into custody on 9/11. They failed polygraph tests about their surveillance activities against the Us and were caught taping the 9/11 attacks from different angles. This indicated they had advanced knowledge of the events. 64 The evidence against these Israelis were kept classified but a leaked 60 page report from the US government’s drug enforcement agency revealed that another 120 Israelis posing as artists were also rounded up after 9/11. Carrying counterfeit Visas and Greencards, they admitted they served in the Israeli army in explosives, electronics, and military intelligence unit. Did these Israelis steal the identities of these accused Muslims. These Israelis lived on Sheridan Street in Hollywood Florida just down the street from Mohammad Atta and 3 other accused Muslims. 65 A New York Times article a month before 9/11 talks about how four foreign artists smuggled their way into the World Trade Centres just months before 9/11 and occupied studio space free of charge on the 91st floor with 14 other foreign artists. They claimed to be writing a book called the B thing. What the hell were they doing there. 66 The 30 year old World Trade Centers have always been owned and operated the New York/New Jersey Port Authority. That is until a Jewish businessman named Lewis Eisenberg became the chairman. He is a leading member of many Jewish Zionist organizations. He personally oversaw negotiations that put the publicly owned World Trade Center into private hands. Those private hands belong to two pro-Zionist billionaires. Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy. Although their bid was lower than other bids. Lowy served as a commando in the Israeli army and Silverstein happens to be the former chairman of the Jewish/Israel Appeal. With Eisenberg’s help he landed the 99 year lease worth $8 billion for half price at $3.5 billion. 67 During the moving and renovations and security changeovers, explosives could have easily been installed in the buildings without detection. Bush’s brother Marvin, who had been director of electronic security and sat on the security provider’s board, also happened to be the director of the trade center’s casualty insurance company called Houston Casualty. That company terminated their insurance coverage for the WTC just before 9/11. 68 Another suspicious company in the North Tower called Zim Israel American Shipping broke their lease, paid the $50,000 penalty and moved out only weeks prior. It is owned by Zim Israel Navigation which just happens to be owned by the government of Israel. 69 If the new owners Silverstein and Lowy, who bought the building in July 2001, knew about the 9/11 attacks ahead of time, then why did they buy a 99 year lease on the buildings? Silverstein bought the $3.5 billion buildings with only a $15 million dollar down payment. That amounts to 0.001 percent of the total. He took out maximum terrorist insurance coverage just 6 weeks before the attacks. The demolition of the buildings eliminated Silverstein’s cost for an $800 million facelift to update the not so technologically advanced 30 year old building. Once the new trade center building is finished, Silverstein stands to pocket billions of dollars a month. Meanwhile American taxpayers are stuck paying for Silverstein’s so-called losses. Then there’s the huge payouts for insurance losses. He demanded a 200 percent payout for two terrorist attacks instead of one. His banks Swiss RE and Munich RE were under investigation for advanced knowledge of 9/11 and for profiting from 9/11 on the stock market. 70 FBI agent and American counter-terrorism expert John P. O’Neill quit his job when the terrorist threat before 9/11 was ignored. There was personal friction between him, the FBI and the federal government. He had intensely studied the roots of the 1993 WTC bombing. He would learn about al-Aaeda and bin Laden. He would become the head of security at the WTC where he died at age 49 in the attacks. He was on record saying that modern groups are not supported by governments and that there are terrorist cells operating within the US. The New York Times reported that O’Neill had been the subject of an internal investigation at the FBI. The report stated that O’Neill had lost a briefcase with ‘highly classified information’ in it cotaining the description of every counterespionage and counterterrorism program in New York. O’Neill started his new job at the WTC on August 23 2001 just 19 days before the attacks. In late August, he talked to his friend Chris Isham about the job. Jokingly, Isham said, “At least they’re not going to bomb it again,” a reference to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. O’Neill replied, “They’ll probably try to finish the job.” 71 There was Barbara Olsen’s two calls from Flight 77 where she told her husband who the terrorists were, what they were doing on the plane and that they had knives and box cutters. This was mentioned in the Commission Report. However, in 2006 it was discovered that this flight did not have any on board air phones. Customer service said that Boeing 757s for America Airlines were not equipped with onboard phones. Story was changed in 2007 to there were no calls from Barbara Olsen. This is recorded in the report for the Mousarri Report. It states that she had made a call that didn’t get received at 0 seconds. Theodore Olsen was the Soliictor General for the Department of Justice but now his story never happened. Therefore, he was either duped or he made it up. The official story was based on a lie. So far, there hasn’t been a newspaper, magazine or news station to report this to the public. Olsen is quoted as saying “It’s easy to imagine an infinite number of situations where the government might legitimately give out false information. It’s an unfortunate reality that the issuance of incomplete information and even misinformation by government may sometimes be perceived as necessary to protect vital interests.” 72 At the end of Flight Attendant CeeCee Lyles ‘supposed’ airphone call from Flight 93, which we all know now didn’t have airphones to her husband there is a few seconds of air time recorded with nothing said except an audible female voice telling Lyles ‘you did great.’ Her ID was recovered from the crash site but many believe it was recovered because she wasn’t even on the plane to begin with. Her husband claims that when he checked the call he received from his wife it said that it had came from her cell phone. And we all know cells didn’t work on planes from that high up. 73 Some investors have yet to collect more than $5 million in profits they made trading options in the stock of United Airlines before the September 11 terrorist attacks. Reuters reports that Convar, a German computer company is responsible for company and accountants of New York restore their data for over 400,000 hard drives that were recovered from the WTC rubble. It recovered information from 32 different computers that insist that insider trading took place before and up to 9/11. Richard Wagner, a data retrieval expert at Convar, says that illegal transfers of more than $100 million might have been made immediately before and during the disaster. “There is a suspicion that some people had advance knowledge of the approximate time of the plane crashes in order to move out amounts exceeding $100 million. They thought that the records of their transactions could not be traced after the main frames were destroyed.” After analysis, Convar handed their results over to the FBI. 74 Trade Center was built in the 60s for urban renewal in NYC. The towers were big money losers for the Port Authority of New York. They cost millions a year to equip with the basics. Considered a financial misfit, unsuited to fiber-optic and Internet albatross. Electricity, water, heat, air conditioning, sewage and even oxygen was air tight. As modern communications connected traders all over the globe, tenancy in the towers continued to drop. They presented another problem. Their beams had been sprayed with fire proof, cancer causing asbestos that was banned in use of building in the mid 1980s. The towers were expected to clean up their act but to remove asbestos from every supporting beam in the towers would have been undoable and quotes for this cleanup ran over a billion and no insurance company was willing to bear the cost. An urban renewal project with unfathomable proportions. With the towers crashing down, urban renewal could again take place. 75 On live footage of a newscast on 911 that was only aired the once there is a plume of smoke rising from the base of the towers and not blowing toward Brooklyn like the smoke from the top of the towers. It suggests that there was an explosion beneath. Witnesses reported an ‘earthquake’ type rumbling and street level dust clouds before each tower fell. One witness was in the South Tower on the sixth floor was blown by the blast back to the eighth floor. He was able to get out of the South Tower and out of harms way before it collapsed. But the explosion he experienced was seen at street level and was videotaped. It appears to be the South Tower collapsing but it hasn’t as you can see people start to run from the building and then walk back toward it as the dust clouds back off and once they realize the tower hasn’t collapsed. 76 Molten metal contains a great deal of iron which is a product of a thermite reaction. Thermite is a powered mixture of iron oxide and and al amino and when ignited it burns at 2.5 thousand degrees. Irreversible thermite reaction can spray thermite everywhere until a liquid hot molten metal burns through steel like a knife through butter. It causes white ash to spew. WTC 7 wasn’t even hit by a plane and the same thermmite reaction was witnessed there. If there’s thermate, which is mixed with sulphur, and extremely hot temperatures that can make planes and black boxes disapper, then it can even more readily cut through steel. If there’s thermite or thermate, then there’s demolition. If there’s a demolition then there’s an inside job. Multi millionaire Jimmy Walter famously offered a $1 million cash reward to any engineer or scientist in the world who could prove, in an academic technical paper, that the three towers could have collapsed the way they did without explosives. Despite massive national publicity—the million-dollar challenge was even sent to the engineering faculties of over 100 universities, as well as a host of major architectural and structural engineering firms—there were no takers. None. Zero. The prize remains unclaimed to this day. 77 Oxygen-starved fire implied by black clouds rising from the tower. The temperatures in the building were not particularly high in the building according to firemen at around the impact zone of both buildings. Airplane jet fuel is not hot enough to melt through steel on its own. Approximately 1500 degrees is needed to melt though steel. You can’t heat the steel long enough with these fires to melt it. The fireman who made it to the points of impact did not find the heat that hot and it was estimated the fires were no hotter than 450. People from above the impact zone walked through a stairway where the fire was strongest and were fine. Brian Clark, one of those survivors, said his mission was to walk as far down until he would be stopped by flames. He said there were flames but that it wasn’t a roaring inferno. He said flames were starved for oxygen. He said by the 74th floor there were normal conditions, fresh air and they were easily able to walk down the stairs and out of the building. He and another survivor only made it a few minutes and two blocks before the towers fell. Upon entrance into the lobby, he was told to make a run for it because firemen and police believed the tower was about to collapse. Clark had not noticed any damage throughout the building on his journey down that would imply the building was about to collapse. He and the guy he saved stopped to make a few phone calls from within the building on mid building floors to loved ones to say they got below the impact zone and were safe. 78 There were people at the points of impacts standing by open windows, one woman standing right in the hole in the tower and she was not hot enough to die or jump. If she could stand there for any length of time in the middle of what should be the hottest place on the tower, then the fires could not be hot enough to burn through steel beams. This all helps to negate the pancake theory outlined in the Commission Report. You’d expect to see a whole bunch of floors piled up on each other under that theory with some core columns standing. But all you see is dust, you don’t see the mass that causes the collapse. The collapse should be slowed down and could only be rapid if all the mass had disappeared rapidly. The plane did not cut all those core columns. But obviously the supports were cut, like how demolitions normally proceed, so how could the fire have done that. Explosives are what can move mass out of the way. They cut those steel support columns and explosives produce dust. So what is said about the molten metal in the official reports. Nothing! According to Paul Craig Roberts, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury under Ronald Reagan, “It is a non controversial fact that the official explanation of the collapse of the WTC buildings is false.” 79 Nearby residents in Pennsylvania saw US fighter jets overhead and gave eye witness reports of debris falling from the sky. That debris was found, and was actually reported by the American government, 8 miles away. This implies that the plane had been shot down. Family members of the deceased got to listen to the cockpit recordings minus the last three minutes and it is believed that they were withheld because the flight may have been shot down by a US fighter plane. Rumsfeld wasn’t the only one slipped up and said a missile hit the Pentagon. One of the 9/11 Commissioners Tom Roemer also said a missile did the damage. 80 A group of FBI officials in New York systematically suppressed field investigations of potential terrorists that might have uncovered the alleged hijackers – as the Moussaoui case once again showed. The stories of Sibel Edmonds, Robert Wright, Coleen Rowley and Harry Samit, the “Phoenix Memo,” David Schippers, the 199i orders restricting investigations, the Bush administration”s order to back off the Bin Ladin family, the reaction to the “Bojinka” plot, and John O”Neil do not, when considered in sum, indicate mere incompetence, but high-level corruption and protection of criminal networks, including the network of the alleged 9/11 conspirators. Nearly all of these examples were omitted from or relegated to fleeting footnotes in The 9/11 Commission Report. 81 The terror network associated with Osama, known as the “base” (al-Qaeda), originated in the CIA-sponsored 1980s anti-Soviet jihad in Afghanistan. When did this network stop serving as an asset to covert operations by US intelligence and allied agencies? What were its operatives doing in Kosovo, Bosnia and Chechnya in the years prior to 9/11? 82 The September 11th families who fought for and gained an independent investigation (the 9/11 Commission) posed 400-plus questions, which the 9/11 Commission adopted as its roadmap. The vast majority of these questions were completely ignored in the Commission hearings and the final report. The membership and staff of the 9/11 Commission displayed awesome conflicts of interest. The families called for the resignation of Executive Director Philip Zelikow, a Bush administration member and close associate of “star witness” Condoleezza Rice, and were snubbed. Commission member Max Cleland resigned, condemning the entire exercise as a “scam” and “whitewash.”.The 9/11 Commission Report is notable mainly for its obvious omissions, distortions and outright falsehoods – ignoring anything incompatible with the official story, banishing the issues to footnotes, and even dismissing the still-unresolved question of who financed 9/11 as being “of little practical significance.” When congressmen Bob Graham and Porter Goss, who ran the probe, claimed that foreign allies were involved in financing the alleged terror network and that this would come out in 30 years. 83 Accepting victims” compensation barred September 11th families from pursuing discovery through litigation. Those who refused compensation to pursue litigation and discovery had their cases consolidated under the same judge, Hallerstein, and were as a rule dismissed. 84 The media has blacked out prominent doubters. The official story has been questioned and many of the above points were raised by members of the US Congress, retired high-ranking officers of the US military, the three leading third-party candidates for President in the 2004 election, a member of the 9/11 Commission who resigned in protest, a former high-ranking adviser to the George W. Bush administration, former ministers to the German, British and Canadian governments, the commander-in-chief of the Russian air force, 100 luminaries who signed the “9/11 Truth Statement,” and the presidents of Iran and Venezuela. Not all of these people agree fully with each other, but all would normally be considered newsworthy. Why has the corporate-owned US mass media remained silent about these statements, granting due coverage only to the comments of actor Charlie Sheen? 85 The Afghanistan invasion was ready for Bush”s go-ahead on September 9, 2001, with US and UK force deployments to the region already in place or underway. This followed the failure earlier that year of backdoor diplomacy with the Taliban (including payments of $125 million in US government aid to Afghanistan), in an attempt to secure a unity government for that country as a prerequisite to a Central Asian pipeline deal. 86 One of the largest gold depositories was stored underneath the World Trade Center. In 1993 just after the first WTC bombing, the value of the gold was estimated at $1 billion and was believed to be owned by Kuwaiti interests. When the WTC was destroyed the amount of gold far exceeded the amount of the 1993 levels. In late 2001, it was reported by the Times Online that a large amount of gold was discovered in the wreckage of the WTC. Mayor Rudolph Guliani announced that more than $230 million was recovered from Ground Zero. However, Comex Metals trading division of the New York Mercantile Exchange was storing gold bars for the Bank of Nova Scotia, Chase Manhattan, Bank of New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai banking totalling $950 million. And that’s just one company. It is believed that about $160 billion of gold was stored in the WTC. So where did all this alleged gold unaccounted for by Guiliani go? Remember the gold found in Nov. 2001? Reuters reported it was found in the bang of a 10 wheel truck in a delivery tunnel under WTC 5. No bodies were recovered. As workers got closer to the gold, authorities began restricting access to Ground Zero and were joined by FBI and Secret Service agents. One construction worker directed away from the tunnel told reporters, “If I try to go down there, they would have shot me. Heavy machinery operators worked under the watchful eye of 100 military officers. So, gold from WTC 4 was found outside WTC 5 in an empty delivery truck with an empty escort of cars. It implies that whoever this was had come from the South tower. An estimated $167 billion in gold. $200 million is found. 87 William Rodriguez testifies that the basement of WTC1 exploded before the plane hit and this was ignored by officials. But many may not be aware that another maintenance worker reported the same for WTC2, or that three witnesses to events inconsistent with the 9/11 Commission Report who went public turned up dead — one of whom reported stepping over dead bodies in WTC7 before the Towers came down. Barry Jennings, the former New York Housing Authority Emergency Coordinator and key 9/11 witness who suddenly died of unknown causes days before the release of NIST’s “amended” report on the collapse of WTC7. Jennings is on record [3] stating, unequivocally and emphatically regarding Building 7, that “explosions were going off all over the place”—while the Twin Towers were still standing! Jennings also stated during an interview that he was “stepping over bodies” in the main lobby of WTC7 as he was being led out by firemen. The lobby, he testified on video, “looked like a bomb had gone off inside it.” 88 The first of these explosions, which occurred about 7-8 seconds before the plane struck the tower was so powerful it literally threw Rodriguez upwards, clean off the floor, as parts of the false ceiling collapsed onto and around him. Rodriguez heard and felt at least three explosions going off down in the basement levels within seconds of each other. During his subsequent rescue efforts on the upper floors, Rodriguez claims he heard explosions going off “all over the building. Felipe David, a colleague, who was working at the far end of basement Level-1 across from Rodriguez, fell victim to the second explosion. David was walking towards a supply room when the entire wall suddenly exploded in front of him. Burned beyond recognition, David managed to stagger towards Rodriguez when Willy took one look at the man and froze. The skin on his face had almost completely peeled away exposing raw, pink flesh, and the burnt skin of his outstretched arms was hanging horrifically, “like sheets of loose cloth.” John Mongello was in the lobby of the neighboring South Tower when the first aircraft plowed into the North Tower where Rodriguez was located. It would be another sixteen minutes before the second aircraft would rip into the one Mongello was in. Yet, within a minute of the first plane hitting the North Tower, an elevator in the South Tower exploded to smithereens right before his eyes! Just as with the North Tower, this explosion occurred inside a building that had not yet been struck by a plane! How could a plane crashing into the North Tower possibly have caused elevators in the South Tower to explode? The esteemed 9/11 Commission never bothered to ask. Rodriguez was stunned to find that his testimony was among those marked “restricted,” and thus inaccessible to the public. His crucial evidence remains restricted to this day. 89 A few weeks prior to the attacks, he was working in a stairwell on the 34th floor, which he knew to be completely vacant. Suddenly, he heard the strangest sound—one he’d never heard inside the tower in his nearly twenty years there. It was a powerful, ominous, “rumbling” sound of something extremely heavy being rolled about. It sounded like a “huge metal dumpster on steel wheels, containing something extremely heavy—tons—being rolled around” a floor that he knew to have been totally empty—devoid even of furniture. It is worth considering that long-term occupancy (and thus control) of a whole floor would have granted occupants virtually unlimited and unobstructed access from all sides to the entire 47-column central core of the tower via the elevator shafts. By sequentially disabling individual elevators for ‘servicing,’ the occupants would have had clear access to the entire 1,350-ft central load-bearing core—from the topmost floor right down the 6th level basement sitting on bedrock. 90 Osama Bin Laden is listed as one of America’s 10 Most Wanted for his alleged involvement in the WTC bombings of 1993 but he is still to this day not listed for involvement in 9/11. It’s been reported by many journalists that the FBI is on record saying that there’s not enough evidence to connect Bin Laden to 9/11. A great quote from Robert Fisk of the Independent “I wondered, after thos images from New York last week, whether Bin Laden was not as astonished as myself to see them. Always supposing he watched television. Or listened to the radio. Or read a newspaper.” 91 On September 11, 1990, George Bush Sr. spoke in a news conference and spoke for the first time about the New World Order that would change the world at 9:09 PM. It was entitled ‘Toward a New World Order’. Here is the transcript. Mr. President and Mr. Speaker and Members of the United States Congress, distinguished guests, fellow Americans, thank you very much for that warm welcome. We gather tonight, witness to events in the Persian Gulf as significant as they are tragic. In the early morning hours of August 2d, following negotiations and promises by Iraq’s dictator Saddam Hussein not to use force, a powerful Iraqi army invaded its trusting and much weaker neighbor, Kuwait. Within 3 days, 120,000 Iraqi troops with 850 tanks had poured into Kuwait and moved south to threaten Saudi Arabia. It was then that I decided to act to check that aggression. At this moment, our brave servicemen and women stand watch in that distant desert and on distant seas, side by side with the forces of more than 20 other nations. They are some of the finest men and women of the United States of America. And they’re doing one terrific job. These valiant Americans were ready at a moment’s notice to leave their spouses and their children, to serve on the front line halfway around the world. They remind us who keeps America strong: they do. In the trying circumstances of the Gulf, the morale of our service men and women is excellent. In the face of danger, they’re brave, they’re well-trained, and dedicated. A soldier, Private First Class Wade Merritt of Knoxville, Tennessee, now stationed in Saudi Arabia, wrote his parents of his worries, his love of family, and his hope for peace. But Wade also wrote, “I am proud of my country and its firm stance against inhumane aggression. I am proud of my army and its men. I am proud to serve my country.” Well, let me just say, Wade, America is proud of you and is grateful to every soldier, sailor, marine, and airman serving the cause of peace in the Persian Gulf. I also want to thank the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Powell; the Chiefs here tonight; our commander in the Persian Gulf, General Schwartzkopf; and the men and women of the Department of Defense. What a magnificent job you all are doing. And thank you very, very much from a grateful people. I wish I could say that their work is done. But we all know it’s not. So, if there ever was a time to put country before self and patriotism before party, the time is now. And let me thank all Americans, especially those here in this Chamber tonight, for your support for our armed forces and for their mission. That support will be even more important in the days to come. So, tonight I want to talk to you about what’s at stake — what we must do together to defend civilized values around the world and maintain our economic strength at home. Our objectives in the Persian Gulf are clear, our goals defined and familiar: Iraq must withdraw from Kuwait completely, immediately, and without condition. Kuwait’s legitimate government must be restored. The security and stability of the Persian Gulf must be assured. And American citizens abroad must be protected. These goals are not ours alone. They’ve been endorsed by the United Nations Security Council five times in as many weeks. Most countries share our concern for principle. And many have a stake in the stability of the Persian Gulf. This is not, as Saddam Hussein would have it, the United States against Iraq. It is Iraq against the world. As you know, I’ve just returned from a very productive meeting with Soviet President Gorbachev. And I am pleased that we are working together to build a new relationship. In Helsinki, our joint statement affirmed to the world our shared resolve to counter Iraq’s threat to peace. Let me quote: “We are united in the belief that Iraq’s aggression must not be tolerated. No peaceful international order is possible if larger states can devour their smaller neighbors.” Clearly, no longer can a dictator count on East-West confrontation to stymie concerted United Nations action against aggression. A new partnership of nations has begun. We stand today at a unique and extraordinary moment. The crisis in the Persian Gulf, as grave as it is, also offers
    • Wow – Johnny Whittleton, thank you for your extensive and detailed post. One of the best posts I’ve ever read ANYWHERE and I am a vigilant post reader as so much information happens under the article in the comments. I hope you don’t mind if I share it on fb etc. I will include a link to this article of course.

  241. Nonsense. You guys are crazy. You spent so much time looking for false facts that you ignore the real ones. And no, there was no explosion in the basement before the plane crashed into the building.

  242. How do you know what didn’t happen?

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  254. Great article except that the writer’s credulity about a blatant con artist torpedoes his own credibility. The last mainstream news article about Wizzie LiedRugAs was in Der Spiegel a couple of years ago. It concluded that Wizzie was trying to pass off a $1 bill as a $20 bill, but he might just be crazy enough to believe his own nonsense.

  255. Willie claims that he saved hundreds by “opening doors and letting people out”. But the people were not locked in! Death statistics show that Willie’s claims are a lie. Only about 100 civilians died under the impact zones, and most of these were trapped in elevators or slow to get down the stairs. Survival rates on Willie’s 39 floors are no higher than on any of the other 120-something floors underneath the impact zone.

    Pablo Ortiz climbed to the 89th floor, right under the impact zone, and broke down doors that were blocked by debris. He saved dozens of lives, and the people he saved went on TV to tell about it. Willie stole Mr. Ortiz’s story and pretended that it was his own. Mr. Ortiz died on 9/11. It is believed that he was trying to rescue people stuck in elevators when the tower fell on him.

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  262. It’s difficult to find experienced people on this topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

    • Willie did not save hundreds of lives. His claim that people were trapped behind locked fire exit doors is absurd, and death statistics show that survival rates were no higher on Willie’s 39 floors than they were on any of the other floors under the impact zone.

      Willie appropriated the story of a true 9/11 hero, Pablo Ortiz, who cleared away debris and opened stuck doors on the 89th floor. Mr. Ortiz died on 9/11 and was not around to complain when Willie stole the story and pretended it was his own.

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    • Be sure to read the comments too. Willie Rodriguez’s hero story is uncorroborated, unsupported by evidence, impossible, stolen from a true hero who died on 9/11, and it’s fraudulent. Willie is nothing but a common con artist. Truthers know this now, though Willie fooled them for too many years.

      • Yes .. your so right Brian .. us “truthers” are the one’s to really watch out for … look at all the trouble we’ve caused throughout history to date .. and Willie .. wanted to be rich and famous that’s why he became a “truther” instead .. cracked logic .. tell those people your working for .. to write you another script.

        • Willie’s not a truther. He’s a liar. His story is impossible and corroborated by no one–except one guy who tells so many different versions of the story that he seems to be trying to cause trouble for Willie.


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  268. Wow It is incredible how many pathetic shills are even STILL commenting on this written 3 years ago. Almost EVERY comment is just someone new, who ends up posting 10x in a row talking to himself, trying to disprove Willy’s testimony. It just further proves that “powers that be” STILL need to have hired help in going through the internet and trying to disprove ANYTHING THEY POSSIBLY CAN that goes AGAINST the “Official Report”. I mean come on, NO ONE who is an actual genuine person would find this page and put so much work into writing comments trying to disprove what everyone knows was an inside job. I mean damn, They just keep commenting after the person before tried saying the same ol “Silly old willy is losing is marbles, didn’t save anyone, lied and continues to lie 10+ years after the fact about a few details that he “witnessed” yet were never publically released (just because he’s mexican and cannot be trusted obv), and all the other bullshit you PAID Shills try to get people to believe. I wish I saw all these sooner, I would love to chat with some of these “genuine Americans without an agenda” and love to see all the stuff they can “disprove” and all the while always trying to belittle and discredit the person their attacking.

    • It is good to try to disprove anything that goes against the official report. That way you know what criticisms of the official report are lies, and which ones are true. Why would anyone other than a shill want to support criticisms that are not true.

      I’m not trying to disprove “inside job”. I am simply pointing out that Willie’s story is provably a lie. He’s a con artist. His story is a scam. He destroys the credibility of his advocates.

      BTW, he’s not “mexican”.

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  270. Where are the security cam footages showing the “pane” missile striking Pentagon?
    The countless unanswered questions has for long testified that
    – 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB =D –
    Willian Rodrigues is a TRUE HERO!
    Bush is a pathetic-pathological-void L.I.A.R.

    • William Rodriguez is a con artist. His impossible hero story fooled people who believed him when he told them what they wanted to hear, and who should have been more skeptical of his fraudulent claims.

      If Willie’s Key of Hope saved hundreds of lives as he claims, then a thousand should have died on the floors he couldn’t reach. They didn’t. Only about 100 civilians died underneath the impact zones–mostly trapped in elevators or slow to get down the stairs.

  271. Reblogged this on hangouts4singles and commented:
    interesting reading

    • Interesting, but if you miss the fact that William Rodriguez’s hero story is a lie and a fraud, spreading it may hurt your credibility.

  272. Interestingly enough, when the planes hit, a fireball went down the elevator shafts and blew out the lobby and basements almost immediately. If you were in the towers, how would you know the explosion occurred before the plane shit?

  273. How can two planes go unnoticed flying toward the twin towers? How do the twin towers fall perfectly? How does the third smaller building that not hit by anything crumble to the ground? Why the sudden blame go toward osama bin laden? Why the slaughter of innocence in the middle east? Why the sudden oil pipe lines that quickly emerged after? What about the Malaysian flights recently one disappearing and the other blasted from the sky? Inside jobs of course we know this. This is our planet our people our world and there is fight within as to what happened and WHO is telling the right story? It’s irrelevant. The facts and as a people what are we going to do about it? Who has control of what goes on and when and why and what are we going to do? There’s always something going to happen to enslave and suppress people. What as a people are we going to do and why is this happening? Government and Capitalist people are turning against us because we don’t care for money or enslaving people or damaging the life of this planet. How are we going to stop their work agendas? Those inside men should have been prosecuted. We all know who rigged 9/11 and they got away with it. What are we going to do what can we do?

  274. Dear Brothers,

    I really have wondered, why the US would do such a thing, until the wars which took place against Iraq. But is it not the Bible prophecy that the Nations which holds the maximum power and the Nations which says in God we trust actually makes himself higher than God? Please Read. (Daniel 11:32-39).

    Well, I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we are separated from this worlds politics. Everybody has imperfect nature, so do our brothers and sisters. But the person who actually does all kind of wrong, might still be with us, still he will get his destruction from Jehovah itself. I can see from what Rodriguez did, he is a man who had the sense of duty, commitment and devition. Do you know you never to shot gun to fire on the sun. You just need God to act on them, the perpetrators who actually invovled in 9/11. Do you know they never can escape. I will show you why? Please read ( Psalms 94: 20-23). If you can read the whole chapter it will be good.

    I am not comforting with the scriptures. If you truly believe in what is said. Then Jehovah is in your side…when he brings the destruction, he will make sure he will completely sweep them away.

    Please associate with one of Jehovah’s witnesses, please do not believe any rumors about them. I am not saying that is the most secure place . But it is indeed the far most secure one, 10x 100 times and more. (Psalm 91)

    With regards

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  276. Wouldn’t bombing the bottom floors make the top floors more unstable? If you want to down a tree don’t you hit it at the bottom? Same physics. The towers were brought down by simple physics, no different from toppling your block tower for your six year old. The planes only took the collective mind of what was happening below as well as help to weaken the structure. I will believe that there were others who would benefit from an economy made strong by war after many bubbles were created by overzealousness. You can think for yourself if you try… Try it.





  278. can’t believe how they’re many people today after 15 years still thinking it was a terrorist attack… if you take a quickly look at the facts, you’ll easily realize that the “official truth” is a complete lie.

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  280. And the Holocaust was fake too!!!!

    • I cannot believe people do not see what’s been right in front of them! Who had just spent 8 years (too) long in the Oval Office a few months before September 11, 2001? So they actually believed they would win another and unconstitutional term(so to speak)

      Keep in mind said political ties and international association. The educated person/s will know already what I’m referring to.
      But a little extra that not too many people know about at this time, it’s not a group of two-a partnership if you will. Nope. It is three people and it’s been this way for a very long time. Just like the experts say, and it is a fact- denial is a wonderful place to be, until that moment you wake up and finally see that’s where you’ve been! People need to start accepting the fact that, at one time, we/ they/ whomever wholeheartedly believed in her so staunchly that we almost allowed her to completely ruin our country. Has anyone opened their eyes YET? She is truly a wicked and vile creature. Her husband’s bad, but she is even worse. So tell me- you think a kid of theirs is going to be some sweet angel? Lol. She might even be the worse one out of the three. She’s dreadful. And then her kids? You didn’t know she had any right? We never hear grandpa and grandma so proudly mentioning anything about them, hell they have nothing good about each other to say… ever. Wonder why they never do anything that’s family oriented… day trip, shopping, vacation, mom daughter time, father daughter time, grandkids time… why don’t they do these things?

      People, don’t kid yourselves. Evil is everywhere. So is good too. But to be honest, doesn’t matter who’s side or who voted for her.. She doesn’t care and she wouldn’t help save an American anyway, she loathes Americans. Christ, just be HAPPY she’s not in the Oval Office, busy auctioning ALL of us off to countries in the middle East. In above comments, a Kim, believes the Holocaust was fake. Lol.
      What was that again young grasshopper? You don’t believe a high powered person would exterminate ppl, man made genocide? Wake up and smell the coffee. Omg. That’s pretty bad to honestly think 6 million people would fake their deaths? Or maybe they actually never existed, is that what Kim means?
      Well congrats to Kim, she may make top idiot of this comment section! How embarrassing. … holocaust is fake? Smh. I’ve heard it all.
      I wonder how she’d feel to know she didn’t make the cut?
      Oh well. No big deal.
      Do minimal research on the Clintons and their… ‘circle of friends’ that usually end up dead…
      And of course, read up on the kid, Chelsea! After all, she has played A HUGE roll in this. She’s worse than her mom or dad. 3 peas in a pod.
      Last time I heard anything about her, she was converting to muslin. Evidently she gave mom and dad each a copy of Koran
      And one day everyone will lie, everything is going wrong in our country now is solely the clintons fault. They are the nucleus. Because that’s what they’ve wanted!
      The end

  281. Thank-you. The truth will be told and the vile maggots will pay the price!!!

  282. There is a video somewhere wherein this news crew was shooting a documentary about being a fireman I believe…that video as I recall shows the first plane coming in over head and you can hear it roaring towards the North Tower, and you can hear before the impact, a huge boom from the base of the tower. This, in addtion to scores of eyewitnesses who claimed or indicated a bomb or significant blast in the base of the tower, i.e. all the windows blasted out, guy with his skin burned off from a fire ball from the elevator shaft, have me convinced. All the other evidence is interesting, too. And I did not know those 9/11 witnesses started dying mysteriously like that years later if they started poking around. Reminds me of the Kennedy assassination. But if what is suggested is true, than this is the most evil crime ever committed and on a massive scale. I can’t see why though? Really? To kickstart the American war machine? (I ‘fought’ over there btw). At any rate, we’ll probably never know or really care besides a small legions of theorists, unless Bob DeNiro does a movie on it….These two pieces of evidence, the eyewitnesses and the video are most telling at least that there were bombs in the basement and likely throughout the building.
    Let me see if I can find that video… At the end you can hear it and see it shaking the camera as it sits on the curb.

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  284. So what’s the motive? Why plant explosives when the planes were going to hit anyway? The difficulty in pulling off such an inside job is surpassed only by the sheer absurdity of an inside job being pulled off within seconds of an unrelated kamikaze attack by coincidence. I think it more likely that in the confusion, the witnesses were merely mistaken about the timing of the explosions.

    • Why plant explosives? To make sure the towers came down. Only if the towers collapsed could the WTC earn the name “Ground Zero”. Since the towers were designed to survive a crash with a 4-engine jetliner (and the attacking airliners had only two engines) the attackers had no way of knowing that the buildings would collapse.

      IF the towers were brought down with explosives, then it was hardly a coincidence that there was a kamikaze attack. Whoever planted explosives would have known about the kamikaze attack in advance.

      What’s so difficult about an inside job? The towers had 15 miles of elevator shafts. There was an elevator renovations job going on at the time, which would have provided cover for construction-type activity going on in the elevator shafts. Most of the main structural columns of the towers were accessible from the elevator shafts.

      • So who stood to gain by the towers collapsing, and why would the explosives go off before the planes hit?

        • The military-industrial-Congressional-security-media-lobbyist-bankster complex stood to gain from the towers’ collapses.

          There’s no reason to think that explosives went off before the planes hit. Willie Rodriguez is a liar, a common con artist. A washed-up con artist. He’s busted now.

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  287. It is a nice fable to believe that airliners that crashed into the twin towers and that brought them down to powder dust on street level. Facts disclose another meaning to this fable. What do you think blew the towers apart at different levels of the upright building? Certainly not airliners! High explosives were planted throughout the buildings and that is what explains how those building blew apart at different levels which eventually brought them down. Keep believing the fable that airplanes did it. That was the plan of the perpetrators that planted the high explosives in the building before the airplanes arrived, New evidence has come out that mini nuclear charges were planted in those buildings. But not many people read now days. Too bad, keep the believing the fable, (Reference: America Nuked on 9/11 by Jim Fetzer and edited by Mike Palecek.)

  288. i can’t believe this. even it is so long time a go but it really remind me the worst thing ever happen in American history. God bless.

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  292. What a bunch of b*******. Very little of what this guy says has any truth to it. And he was not the last one out before The Towers fell.

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