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  1. Do you really think Obama is perpetrating and orchestrating all of this awful military mayhem himself? Hi’s just a pupper to the perpetrators, just as any American president is or would be. It’s the condition imposed on any elected U.S. president by the powers that really be. If he wants to be in office and do anything at all that he wants to do, he is required to go along with policies and horrendous practices such as you portray in this mocking video. Don’t you know any better? Why don’t you make a video about that instead? At least, it would appropriate the blame accurately.

    • Certainly not. COTO knows the Committee runs it all. Unfortunately puppets sign death warrants. executive orders, trade agreements and legislation for his handlers. Puppet pens are WMD. Gotta make fun of them. It’s humor in tragedy. Good theatre don’t you think?

      • HufferdCruzeiro@aol.com

        Thanks for responding. I don’t really think so, no, it’s too dead serious. I’m a writer, and if a screenplay I wrote, entitled EVIL VANQUISHED were made into a movie and globally distributed, I am confident it would expose the planning echelon (what you call the Committee, I the Board of Trustees), blow their cover once and for all. I will attach it in case you can find a couple of idle hours and are moved to help find it a decent production. Please respond. James Hufferd, Ph.D.

  2. I don’t see the link Doc. Quite accomplished in writings. I wrote a screenplay after 911 false flag. I submitted in a contest similar to greenlight but I guess THE CONSPIRACY I named ‘THE ASSENT’ was not the fodder hollywood psy-ops was looking for. I had a friend in Hawaii with script experience who said it was good, minus screenplay format. If it were to be done at this point it would just be a historical documentary. What I found really odd was the fact that during my move from FL to NC, the computer, back up, prints never arrived with the Israeli movers who handled my possessions. such a coincidence.

    I’d be interested in the link. I’d also be interested in your take on South America, the NAU, NASCO, the TPP trade agreement and Agenda 21 in general. We can be found at the qaeda of “Coalition of the Obvious’ https://cotocrew.wordpress.com/

    Where has the COTO REPORT team gone. Is it a sabbatical?

    • HufferdCruzeiro@aol.com

      PD, you haven’t yet grasped the vital point that the world populace will never oppose the tiny top controlling cadre that’s stolen everyone’s wherewithal and freedom until they know it even exists. That’s by far the biggest, overarching need in the world. Mull that fact and quit merely preaching to the choir as you’re doing. Universal knowledge that there ultimately exists a single controlling and oppressing power is paramount to its overthrow. And that’s what my screenplay could produce if made into, let’s say, an Oliver Stone movie with global distribution. James Hufferd

  3. The biblical interpretation, the conspiracy’s interpretation, the main stream’s and the populace’s interpretations are all over the place. I had to research it from King James to Coleman’s committee of 300 I’m hardly preaching to the choir when the choir are blaming Obama, Government, Bilderberg, CFR, Jesuits, Jews, Muslims, Russia and Wallstreet as the cadre you speak of, then it’s easy to preach the universal knowledge that good and evil exist together and without one there would not be the other. Where the physics and theology meet is the knowledge of how to exploit the power of this energy. I find it easy to expose examples of the One World Order and how each movement or event is staged or exploited for the purpose of this agenda. I also present things they have never heard of such as scalar fields and fullerenes.

    ” I will attach it in case you can find a couple of idle hours and are moved to help find it a decent production. Please respond. James Hufferd, Ph.D.”

    I still do not see this attachment or link Dr. H. If you have something to impart, I’d appreciate you providing it.


    • HufferdCruzeiro@aol.com

      OK — just tellin’ ya — the whole unsuspecting public needs to know about the cavil of controllers pulling the strings from the top, because until THEY (we ALL do), no and reflexively react, no significant or lasting changes are going to happen. Your choice — if you want to spin your wheels. James

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