4 H1N1 Vaccines Approved for Use

The FDA announced that four manufacturer’s vaccines for 2009 H1N1 have been approved for the very short “fast track.”

What I found cheering about it, and really it’s All I find good, is that Baxter and Merck are NOT among them! Well, for USA anyway.

Best news would have been None, but be grateful for small mercies, CSL appear to have been using a leptin adjuvant, Made from trees in some Vaccine info I did find. But I would want to be double checking that, as what they say, in proposals for a brew, may not be what ends up. Results may change ingredients.

Pity the BAD effects with Squalene don’t stop some from using it still.

AAAAND…the Winners Are….


Astra Zeneca


Sanofi Aventis

However, in EU, sorry folks, It will be 3!

and they are…

GSK, Baxter, and Novartis.

That choice should not be a surprise, seeing Baxter in particular has such good friends over that way,

FDA approves four H1N1 swine flu vaccines

Notice the mention, too, in the article that Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner at the FDA, described the approvals as “good news for our nation’s response to the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus”. A press statement from the agency added that the products are manufactured using the same processes and the companies have a long record of producing safe seasonal influenza vaccines.

Global preparation

Given the scale of the vaccination effort underway in the US approval is a boost for the companies involved. Sanofi is the only company so far to respond to the development, describing it as a “key milestone” in the immunisation process.

I consider that the last 2 words have a silent missing word, between them. immunisation PROFIT process.

Patent and shareholders will be extremely happy.

As the treated grow, so does the proof of Safe , or Not?

If its Live attenuated, so the  risk of Viral shedding, increases.

I am looking for that info still. A bit hard to find , oddly enough.

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