Morgenthau unveils the new ‘axis’

bob row ahmadinejad_chavez_morgenthauBy Bob Row

Mr. Robert Morgenthau has revealed himself as the new American super-hero. He exerted his penetrating insight powers to foresee hidden facilities in Venezuela’s remote places where the still non-existant Iranian weapons of mass destruction are going to be stored. No probe, no evidences, but, does anybody doubt he knows what he is talking about?

It is the old “first time a tragedy, second a farce” scenario (thinking of Cuba’s missile crisis). The problem with this kind of nonsense is not one of these “evil doers” has mastered the nuclear cycle. Argentina has, but (despite friendly ties with Chávez) it also has an unsettled feud with Iran because of the latter’s involvement in the bombing of the Jewish communal Center in 1994.

The truth is these countries are major oil producers and are more concerned with their huge social problems than with Armageddon. But undependable regimes have found a common enemy; so are subjected to the ruthless “character assassination” delivered from the moral Olympus where Morgenthau rules.

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9 responses to “Morgenthau unveils the new ‘axis’

  1. US says Venezuela and Iran form new axis of evil. More likely, it’s their oil the US wants.

  2. Resource wars are as old as Colonialism. But this isn’t the 19th century anymore. And there’s no way in hell we can afford 500,000 man occupying armies.

  3. Hi Rady,
    I feel honored you posted this almost unchanged (and thanks for clearing the paragraphs). If you note any grammar or spelling errors, please, correct me without hesitation. Sometimes I write quicker than my English grammar guessing allows. My best.

  4. I read Iran recently admitted to a secret nuclear power plant. Was kinda shocked in that I expected WMDs to be a complete fabrication of Condi Rice

  5. It’s still a bit to early speaking of WMD. According the report ( they informed the International Authority they are enriching uranium at 5% (for electric power), far under the 90% needed for a bomb. In doing so they show themselves ready to negotiate inspections.
    This said, I don’t think they are angels. But the regime (which is far more complex than the flamboyant Ahmadinejad) has avoided risky adventures, the kind Hussein was prone to, until now. Except funding proxies, that is.

    • sure, nuclear power and nuclear weapons are two different prospects… but I think it makes it easier for the US press to spin Iran as evil for having ANY nuclear facilities.

  6. See Glenn Greenwald on Iran hysteria:

    “UPDATE III: Iran’s top nuclear official claims to be shocked by the West’s reaction to the second enrichment plant, since they disclosed its existence to the IAEA a year earlier than required by the NPT (i.e., they disclosed it 18-24 months before operability), and also said the site would be open to full IAEA inspections. So what “rules” exactly did Iran violate here? Additionally, Iran claims it opened a second, secret enrichment site in order to disperse its assets, so as to protect its civilian nuclear program from an Israeli air attack, which has been threatened many times. Steve Hynd argues that claim is both plausible and rational.”

    Plus the US has known about this plant for years!!What’s new is Iran openly discussing it.

    Maybe if they’d had a hidden nuclear arsenal for decades and kept making war on their neighbors and refugees captive under siege, we might need to take some action….

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