Bugnadoes! Vortices of Mosquitos along Missouri River (video)


Due in large part to all the flood waters along the Missouri River we have a lot more bugs around. The tree tops, ditches and cornfields now “smoke” with bugs at dusk. One night I found this crazy display of bugnadoes, vortex formations of bugs. The first night I saw them swarms of dragonflies were around, flying through them eating them.

A few stills here: http://www.extremeinstability.com/2011-7-4.htm

Anyway, I was going to wait to make a video until I went over more times and maybe found even better formations and shows of them. I’m finding it rather hard to top this one particular night. It’s easy to find them but hard to find such huge numbers, which made seeing things a lot easier. It’s also a small window of time after sunset when they are easiest to see. So the trick is finding where the larger numbers are that particular night and finding an angle and shooting them, before it is simply too dark, which comes fast.

While mosquitoes were nailing me at the time, I don’t think these are mosquito swarms. Something else, I think anyway.


Next video by 

MISSOURI — Imagine you’re tooling down the highway, maybe some Dave Dudley playing on the stereo, when you notice what seems to be black fog looming on the horizon. Getting closer, it becomes clear that the cloud is composed of hundreds of thousands of individual creatures, all buzzing crazily in the shape of a weak tornado. Congratulations: You’ve just had a brush with a “bugnado,” a rare insectoid twister somewhat like a locustcane or cicadaphoon.

From the available evidence, a bugnado is spawned when heavy rain or floods and optimal temperatures cause insects to hatch en masse, conjuring dense colonies of bug life that ascend into sky-darkening breeding frenzies. These super-swarms of gnats or mayflies might not have enough power to tear houses from their foundations like an EF-3 tornado, but certainly can send a vehicle to a series of costly appointment with the car wash. Some swarms are so dense they can appear on radar. The motion is a lot more intense and fast than I’m sure the images lead onto. They are much like dust devils in their motion and changes. It’s sorta crazy bugs or anything living could form something that nature makes, like a perfect vortex…. It was always like one living breathing entity.


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