Radioactive Water Pumped into Mississippi River

Video by WJTV

Radioactive water released into river at Grand Gulf
By Keven
Natchez Democract

PORT GIBSON, Mississippi — An unknown amount of radioactive water was released accidentally into the Mississippi River late last week at the Grand Gulf Nuclear Station. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is investigating the incident, but suggests the release poses no public health hazard.

Entergy Nuclear, which operates Grand Gulf, filed a report with the NRC explaining that crews located standing water at the plant last week after the area experienced heavy rains.

Water was found Thursday at the Unit 2 turbine building — which is an abandoned, partially constructed building — and began pumping the water into the river.

An alarm apparently alerted workers to the presence of tritium, a byproduct of the nuclear reactor processes. The pumps were turned off stopping the flow. Investigators are not certain why tritium was in the storm water or how it got there.

“Although the concentrations of tritium exceeded EPA drinking water limits, the release should not represent a hazard to public health because of its dilution in the river,” said Lara Uselding, public affairs officer with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Region IV.

Tritium has several uses, including being a component in triggering mechanisms on thermonuclear weapons systems. The substance is often used in conjunction with phosphor material to create permanent illumination for items such as wristwatch dials and night-sights for firearms.

Information from the United States Environmental Protection Agency suggests exposure to tritium increases the risk of developing cancer, because tritium emits low-energy radiation and is processed through the human body quickly, it is considered one of the least dangerous radionuclides.

2 responses to “Radioactive Water Pumped into Mississippi River

  1. so hang on you wanna tell me that the tritium was found in this abandoned reactor building this can only mean that either,someone’s trying to cover up the illegal storage of nuclear materials/waste or some nwo special false flag ops team used the perfect location to assemble suitcase nukes,either way,if i was as crazy as i am i’d say that there seems to be a global concerted effort to drastically increase the amount of radiation exposure to all organisms

    • that’s something, isn’t it? The NRC tells us we have nothing to worry about, of course. And Entergy tells us it has no idea how the tritium go there.

      can you spell G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E?

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