Watch Scott Noble’s Counter Intelligence (full film)

counter intelligence scott noble 2012Intro by Brasscheck TV

A detailed and fascinating authoritative history of the CIA. How it came to be, who started it, and what it really does.

Counter Intelligence I: The Company, a Scott Noble film,, (2012, 119 mins)

“National Security”… The justification for:

– sabotage
– assassination
– coups
– manipulating and falsifying elections
– economic dirty tricks
– setting up death squads
– bank fraud
– drug trafficking
– sex trafficking
– spying on citizens

…And anything else they find themselves in a mood to do.

Here’s the history of one of the organizations that carries out National Security State’s whims: The CIA.

Part 1: The Company (118 mins)
Part 2: The Deep State (125 mins)
Part 3: The Strategy of Tension (55 mins)
Part 4: Necrophilus (116 mins)
Part 5: Drone Nation (50 mins)

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One response to “Watch Scott Noble’s Counter Intelligence (full film)

  1. I know very little about politics, but I know from the corruption of science after 1945 that:

    Much of the international news has been staged since the end of WWII, when frightened world leaders agreed to take totalitarian control by forming the UN and hiding from the public:

    1. Japan’s atomic bomb facility in Korea that Stalin’s troops captured in August 1945.

    2. Neutron-repulsion, the source of energy in cores of

    _ a.) Heavy atoms like uranium
    _ b.) Some planets like Jupiter
    _ c.) Ordinary stars like the Sun
    _ d.) Galaxies like the Milky Way

    No member of the US NAS , the UK’s RS, or the UN’s IPCC has yet accepted a standing invitation to publicly address nine pages (19-27) of precise experimental data from the world’s top research facilities that falsify the post-1945 standard (consensus) models of:

    1. Stars
    2. Nuclei

    Click to access Chapter_2.pdf

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