On the ground in Libya: ‘NATO is destroying our country’

NATO bombs Benghazi, Libya

COTO BREAKING NEWS: Eyewitness account describes the evidence that NATO’s invasion of Libya constitutes multiple war crimes. This is a military coup which the Libyans will resist for as long as they live.  For more info, see Lindauer’s recent piece, Going Rogue: NATO War Crimes in Libya.

By Joanna Moriarty

TRIPOLI:  We have so much documentation that it make your head spin. We spoke with 250 rebels who were released by the Tribal Leaders with the blessings of Ghadafi, the stories they tell of the atrocities that they did are horrifying we have them on tape. We also have many rebels that are documented admitting all the atrocities that they themselves committed. But, here is one truth that is irrefutable – the 2000 tribes of Libya are the actual government here, if anyone does not know this then they do not know Libya.

These tribal leaders released 150 rebel prisoners 3 weeks ago, 10 days later another 250 were released. There were about 20 foreigners that witnessed this magnificent show of forgiveness, we have this on tape. There is another release of 200 prisoners in these coming days.

Go to Benghazi and you will not find one single prisoner because they have all been killed. This is a hard fact. Anyone that says they interviewed prisoners in Misurata is a liar. The Misurata prisoners that were released said that they were paid 2500 dinar for every soldier they killed and another 1000 dinar for burning the bodies. This is why there are no prisoners, so who is believable 250 prisoners on tape or someone who will not even give his name and makes statements that are unbelievable and unverifiable.

Here in Tripoli, the people say, please tell them to come to Tripoli and speak to us but they will not come because they don’t want the truth. They would like to ask these liars to PROVE what they say, they say none of their lies can be proved. Yesterday was Ghadafi’s birthday, they bombed the H*** out of this place yesterday, many many people crying and big damage, but they are not breaking the back of these people. They had parties and shot off fireworks for 3 hours, we were invited to a wedding because they wanted to show us how life continues here and they celebrate life every day.

NATO is not bombing the rebels in the East. NATO is working for the rebels. People don’t dare complain about the rebels. They are scared for their lives and their family lives. We have met many people who have escaped these place with their lives, but most don’t want their names out because they have family left there and if they show their face or publicly speak about the rebel atrocities then the members of their families that are left will be killed. We know this from first hand, one of our group had this exact problem and could not be filmed, his father called him and said the rebels saw him on TV and if he spoke out one more time against them they would kill his brother one by one and then begin with his other family members.

Today we went to the Roxis hotel. There was a large group of women and children holding signs up that said “tell the TRUTH”, “thank you Qatar for killing our people”, “thank you NATO for destroying our country”. WE love the leader of our revolution, M. Ghadafi. I stopped and took photos and the women came up to me instantly, they thought I was a reporter as all the reporters stay in the Roxis Hotel. They were quite angry and said, TELL THE TRUTH, we want to see the TRUTH outside of Libya we are sick of the lies. One lady had a very small boy with her (maybe 3 years old) he was dressed in a military outfit, he was black, she said you see my son, even our children will fight against this terror, we will never accept NATO or the rebel RATs. [Note: the Libyan people call the rebels “rats.”]

This is literally everywhere in Tripoli, tonight thousands were on First of September street in support of their revolutionary leader.

In all the time (5.5 years) we have come here we have never heard of oppression by Ghadafi, the people have great respect and love for him. They all wear green and wear photos of him around their necks, believe me the Western news is so far from the truth they are on another planet. We have never seen anybody beaten, harassed, in prison, in fact we have been days and never even seen a policeman unlike our trips to Cairo where armed guards are on every corner, with tanks around Mosques on Fridays. Believe us, before this mess, it was safer in Tripoli than in Houston.

This is not the Libyan way, they don’t pass out Viagra, this is from the Western mind – I may explode before long, cannot suffer fools lightly and these people have mouths that are not connected to souls.

The final two verifiable truths about the atrocities committed by NATO and the Rebels and the US and UK are:

1. The leader of a tribe of 1 million Libyans living in Benghazi was brutally murdered in his home by the rebels after a kangaroo court which was broadcast in the news on TV here in Libya by Dr. Shakeer. The million people tribe wanted to retaliate against all the rebels, the other tribal leaders and Ghadafi told them please do not kill all these people as there has already been too much bloodshed in Libya. Does this sound like a tyrant?

2. Two days later another pro Ghadafi person was murdered, his head was cut off and placed at the door step of the security office in Dharna (he was a tribal leader) the outrage by most of the population in Dharna was expressed in demonstrations of disgust against the rebels and at the end of the day, the green flag of the legitimate government of Libya was flying. The three major tribes in Dharna proclaimed that they had had enough of the death at the hands of these rats and the Council of Shame as they call the revolution council in Benghazi.

All of these facts are true and verifiable by video and by affidavit of those present, this liar cannot prove one thing that he is saying.

The word of some paid CIA mercenary is not worth ****.

Susan believe us when we say, we have huge amounts of documentation, we are collecting it every day. We must file war crime charges against Obama, Sarkozy, Cameron, and NATO.

Question the Libyans constantly ask is: “Who are these countries to dictate who our leader should or should not be, we will pick our own leader, we ask for a vote, let us vote and then you will see who should be our leader.” NATO will never dictate to us, if they impose their puppet leader upon us, we will have another revolution and throw him out, he will not last one week.

The biggest population is Libya as you know, is in the west, the more NATO rains down destruction upon them the more they back Ghadafi. These are a strong and resilient people, they have an ancient culture and they are an endangered species. Misinformation is the tool of the West not Libya. We have nothing to gain by helping these people (except our souls). One cannot stand by and witness this type of tyranny without doing everything possible to stop it.

God Bless them, I pray they will survive this siege that is upon them.

This is an email from Joanne Moriarty, who’s on the ground in Libya*, sent to Susan Lindauer earlier today, June 8, 2011, which Susan provided to COTO Report and which we are leaving unedited. 

*Errata: Originally recorded as a Tripoli “resident”

24 responses to “On the ground in Libya: ‘NATO is destroying our country’

  1. That’s exactly what I’m afraid of!!! A wildfire war that will torch all of the Middle East. How dreadful— Even Americans who are junkies for cheap Middle East oil should be afraid of that. How could we conceive this strategy, and perceive it in any positive light? It’s insanity.

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  4. Friend of Libya

    All I see are a bunch of questionable claims with absolutely nothing to back them up.

  5. Susan LIndauer

    Ah well, you won’t be waiting for long. All sorts of documentation is coming out of Libya right now. Processing it requires converting the files, vetting them & getting them on a secure server. We’re getting everything together before we unleash it on the public.

  6. FindingGhandiji

    I want to state that my problem has nothing to do with the facts necessarily that are being delivered, but possibly who they are being delivered from.

    Facts find missions have currently been underway by the GCFPIL. However, they have affiliations to Avalon, who’s President’s name is Joanne Moriarty.

    The same Avalon who is considered a conglomerate of Libya oil company Green Libya.

    Fun things, right?

    • interesting info, FG. I can see why a Libyan oil conglomerate would be interested in stopping the bombing of its nation.

      here’s some info I just gathered, prompted by your comment:

      Global Citizens for Peace in Libya
      which lists Avalon International Trusteeship as a partner.

      Then we have this comment at Peace News:
      Peace group mix-up?

      We’ve just become aware of a new group “British citizens for peace in Libya”, which seems to have started in April, rapidly upgrading itself to “Global citizens for peace in Libya”, which carried out a second fact-finding delegation to Libya on 14 May. GCFPIL is closely linked to “Avalon International Trusteeship”, which describes itself as “a good standing Nevada Non-Profit Organization which has dealt with humanitarian activities for many, many years”, but which also appears to be part of “Green Libya Petro-Services Inc”. More next issue!

      A web search for AIT turned this up:

      Avalon International Trusteeship
      Status: Active File Date: 10/22/2001
      Entity Type: Domestic Non-Profit Corporation File Number: C28328-2001
      Annual List Due: 10/31/2011 List Fees Due: $25.00 (Estimate)
      Entity Age: 10 Years, 8 Months
      Registered Agent:
      Incorp Services, Inc.

      2360 Corporate Circle Ste 400
      Henderson, NV 89074-7722

      The President, Secretary and Treasurer is listed as:
      Joanne H Moriarty
      375 Stephanie St
      Suite 1411
      Henderson, NV 89014

      The Director is listed as James Moriarty, at the same address.

      Now looking at Green Libya Petro Services, we do find AIT listed:

      GREEN LIBYA Petro-Services Inc., acts as a conglomerate of companies dedicated to perfection and absolute customer satisfaction; namely

       TERRA Management Ltd., in engineering services for industrial sector.
       ERW Solutions Ltd. (Demining & UXO), Seismic Analysis Ltd., of UK.
       The Development Initiative of Zimbabwe.
       Avalon International Trusteeship,

      And then there’s this wikileaks cable published in January by UK Telegraph:

      Al-Qadhafi’s African Union: Obstacles to Success, Opportunities for Engagement

      Gadaffi named King of Kings; elected Chairman of the African Union in 2009. This Feb. 2009 cable totally disses Gadaffi.

      However, Keith Harmon Snow at Global Research

      says that the AU is but “another elite organization designed to serve western exploitation — or run by a cabal of thieves, at the very least, who all have the goods on each other, and so none will ever challenge the way things are — while the people, the masses of Africa, everywhere suffer.”

      After ground forces had already penetrated Libya, on Feb. 23, Glen Ford at Black Agenda Report

      wrote this:

      “By the time I had my encounter with Khadafi, 40 years later, in late October of 2009, he was still calling himself a socialist and sworn enemy of capitalism, and pushing his Green Book as a universal guide to social justice. But Khadafi had clearly reached an accommodation with the United States and the rich men of Europe. White and Asian corporate guys were everywhere in Tripoli, the capital, which was bursting at the seams with construction projects built by foreigners for foreign corporations. Libya and its six million inhabitants had become a full-fledged corporate “destination,” and Khadafi’s armed forces were in constant collaboration with the crack forces of the U.S. imperial war machine. Khadafi might tell visitors to his huge, personal tent at a military compound in the city, that he remained dedicated to destroying “capitalism,” but Washington, London and Paris didn’t seem to be worried.”

      • Global Peace Libya

        Hi Rady, Joanna & Jimmy Moriarty have been raising funds through their Not-for-Profit Avalon International Trusteeship but not one cent has been utilized for Libya. No one know how much has been raised and the Moriarty’s are making all sorts of claims of bringing in Food and Medical Equipment as well as shipments of emergency supplies into Libya when not one item has been delivered. In fact they hardly venture out of the US$ 850 a-night Hotel Room in Tripoli, they claim to be paying for the room and other expenses out of the Avalon International Trusteeship Administrative funds, and they are more like characters out of Sherlock Holmes movies than Humanitarians. The Moriarty’s also claim to be friends of Susan Lindauer to whom they say they have passed on stories, photos and other valuable information, much of this they claim to be investigated by them when in actual fact they have plagiarised from the works of others who have been on Fact Finding Delegations. It is becoming apparent this is another “Three Cups of Tea” and a repeat of the Greg Mortenson fraud except this time in Libya. For your information, they are not authorised to even suggest that Global Civilians for Peace in Libya are linked to Avalon International Trusteeship and have been asked on several occasions to remove any such reference from their website. Kindly get in touch with us should you require any further information by email globalpeacelibya@gmail.com.

    • Global Peace Libya

      Dear FG, you are absolutely correct in your observations, by conflating GCFPIL with Avalon is completely distorting the picture, Joanne & Jimmy Moriarty are in Libya to seek out new business for their companies dealing in Oil. They also have raised funds through Avalon which they use for their personal comforts like First Class Travel as well as staying in very expensive rooms with adjourning Offices where they conduct business alongside their false claims of being in Libya to assist with getting the truth out to the world. They are plagiarising the majority of the information they claim to be fist had accounts. Global Peace Libya is aware of their actions and monitoring the lies and distortions being made by these two scoundrels.

  7. Thank you for that. I’m glad other people are interested to research into this. If you take the conglomerate that makes up Green Libya, TERRA is a group the collects seismic data, while ERW (meaning Explosive Remnants of War) specializes in removing landmines, essentially. On the Green Libya website, one of their key goals is to provide “EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery) Technology to areas that are clear of ERW. So putting some things together, one company collects data on an area, then one removes all the danger, then one digs for oil, correct? The Development Initiative, as far as I can see, is just an extension of this cycle in Zimbabwe. So just exactly where does Avalon International Trusteeship come into play in this plan?

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  10. Hi, I’m Susan Lindauer— So that everyone understands, plagiarism doesn’t apply. I am interested in primary sourcing– that’s first hand direct depictions of the events, mostly obtained from refugees. Joanna Moriarty has delivered those to me, but you will notice that my articles credit that wider network of “refugee coordinators.” and “Global Peace for Libya.” I think that I rarely mention Avalon or Joanna at all. The point is not to credit her, but to call attention to the atrocities and war crimes suffered by the people themselves. And that’s what my articles strive to do.

    Any one else is welcome to provide that documentation to me directly! I will gladly accept it!

    • Global Peace Libya

      Hi Susan Lindauer, what you need to understand is the Moriarty’s are raising donated funds through Avalon amounting to over $ 2-million after making claims they are closely linked with you. In addition, they are making claims in Tripoli of having access to information supplied by you gained from your former CIA buddies who are keeping you and by extension, Jimmy & Joanna updated on developments. This as you can appreciate, true or false are very dangerous games to play in the current climate. They are making some astounding claims like flying in Senators and Congressmen directly into Tripoli Airport as they will have the UN imposed No Fly Zone lifted for this specific flight among many other amazing claims. If you are part of this and all this is true then obviously this statement is null and void, but if you are unaware of their actions then we suggest you consider your dealings with the Moriarty’s post haste before they make trouble for you and everyone around them. The information they are supplying is genuine but has not been as a result of their investigations but that of others who have risked everything to get the truth put and should be credited for their work, not the Moriarty’s who seem to be taking credit for even the sun rising in the mornings.

  11. WOWW?????!!!!! Seriously???!!!! They’ve been raising money off an affiliation to ME??? I’m scratching to wonder how that could be possible?? Sorry, but I am COMPLETELY in the dark over that. Joanna keeps saying she has no money at all. And I never guessed that anybody would reference me to raise money (especially since I have not gotten any of it myself) And Lord knows, I need it! If they’re raising donations off my work, I would have a right to get some of it, I would think???

    This is also the first time I have heard about planes flying Congressmen from Washington into Tripoli. The Moriartys would have no special access taht would cause the no-fly zone to be lifted.

  12. Just FYI– I asked the Moriartys about this, and they got quite perplexed. I am deeply sympathetic that rumors move like fire in a war zone. Truly I am. I understand how it happens. But I can assure you this suspicion about the Moriartys is not accurate. Even if they tried to raise money, citing our collaboration, all finances are tied up. Thanks for letting me know though.

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  14. Levantine (@LevantineA)

    “Global Peace Libya” is an increasingly well-known troll on twitter.

  15. Vlar Schreidlocke

    What companies are the Moriarty’s affiliated with? I can find little info on them via Google searches. You would think that if they really had billions of dollars in contracts at any time in the past 10+ years, there would be some mention of it somewhere and their involvement. I am curious about any details of the backgrounds of the Moriartys.

  16. The obscurity around the Moriarty’s is not uncommon when people have something to hide.

    That said, even if we dismiss alleged “rumors” and just focus on their actual reporting, anyone who regularly reads news from the original Libyan sources can see that nothing they have ever said is new, original, exclusive or even accurate.

    They reported a few months ago that the entire south of Libya had been liberated, which was the exact opposite of what actually happened. Their lies deflected attention away from horrendous atrocities that were being committed throughout the South against resistance fighters, Libyans with black skin and savage massacres taking place in other areas of the country.

    Here the truth about Sebha was published:

    When white privileged Americans say they are official voices for the Libyan Tribes, it’s nothing short of insulting.

    The Council of Libyan Tribes as well as the various components of Libya’s Resistance have their own websites, their own news services and they circulate their news, statements, documents widely, even using facebook.

    Here’s their facebook page and yes it’s official:

    The best sources documenting crimes in Libya are:

    News from Libya featuring Libyan voices:

    Even VOR Arabic feature regular interviews with Libyans from all walks of life, telling the world what is really happening in their homeland:

    At a time when the Libyan people are speaking to the whole world, as an act of solidarity, let’s listen to them and not let their voices be lost.

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  18. Ali muhammad lashari

    It was the alliance of satanic forces against a wealthy and we’ll settled country under a well-known ruler, who provided each and every facility to the citizens of his country. His sin was only not to bow before these forces. Is today libya is peaceful, IS everything going ok. What a injustice perpetrated by USA&her allies.

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