Foiled ‘terror’ plot on eve of passage of Food Patriot Act

FDA farm raidBy Rady Ananda

None other than CIA-run CBS News reported yesterday that the “Latest Terror Threat in US Aimed to Poison Food.” Though the stymied “terrorist” plot was “uncovered earlier this year,” the CBS exclusive report is filed on the eve of passage of the draconian Food Safety Modernization Act, otherwise known as the Food Patriot Act.

Apparently, official estimates of the number of foodborne illnesses (based on speculation and assumption) isn’t enough to scare the public in the minds of corporate officials. Adding to the long list of government-orchestrated terror events, we now learn of an alleged plot to poison the food supply. The transparent timing of such a “news” story couldn’t be more obvious if Obama had cried ‘Wolf!’

Government-manufactured terror threats continue to dominate corporate media in an attempt to terrorize the public into accepting the loss of civil liberties and personal freedom. This extends to our Earth-born right to eat natural foods with which the human species evolved.

The FSMA grants the Food and Drug Administration power to criminalize trade in natural foods, the very same federal agency that asserted in Court we do not have the right to eat what we want, nor the right to private contract with food producers, nor even the right to bodily and physical health. The FDA backs up this last assertion by allowing lethal drugs responsible for over 100,000 deaths each year.

Joe Quinn at (recently censored by Yahoo) questions the deluge of false flag terror events: “The Miami 7, the Fort Dix 6,the Newburgh 4, the Underwear Bomber, the Portland Car Bomber: The FBI has set up then knocked down dozens of terrorist straw men in an effort to convince you that the ‘war on terror’ is real.”

In each of those instances, poor, mentally unstable people were approached by federal agents who convinced them to commit crimes, after providing them with the funding and materials. West’s Encyclopedia of American Law (2d Ed.) calls this entrapment:

“Entrapment is a defense to criminal charges when it is established that the agent or official originated the idea of the crime and induced the accused to engage in it…. The rationale underlying the defense is to deter law enforcement officers from engaging in reprehensible conduct by inducing persons not disposed to commit crimes to engage in criminal activity.”

Not only were these defendants entrapped, but these false flag events are used by the government and its mouthpiece, corporate media, to terrorize the public.

In Christmas Time Terror Rhetoric Right on Schedule, The Intel Hub’s Alex Thomas agrees: “What is clear is that the government and these media outlets WANT Americans to be on the edge so they can continue their illegal TSA measures and police state tactics used in the name of fighting terror.”

While Quinn discusses the details of just a few false flag terror events, in May, Stephen Lendman listed several government-sponsored “terror” events spanning over 100 years.

We should not be surprised, then, that CorpoGov wields the same tired propaganda as it relates to the food supply. The use of a terror threat to induce the public to sacrifice their God-given right to eat natural foods outside the poisoned corporate food system indicates a level of desperation on the part of elites.

The public broadly and eloquently rejects expanding the Monsanto-owned FDA with power to:

  • Regulate intrastate commerce (a Constitutional violation);
  • Generate more rules on what constitutes safe food (requiring irradiation, chlorination, antibiotic overuse, pesticides, GMOs and nanotech particles);
  • Mandate food recalls (which Gregory Conko at Forbes Magazine called “a solution in search of a problem. Supporters would be hard pressed to identify a single case in which producers refused to honor a recall request based on evidence that a product was actually or likely to be tainted.”);
  • Interfere with the normal conduct of business of small and mid-size food producers by mandating useless hazard analysis plans, which, when applied to meatpackers under President Clinton wiped out mid-size operations; and

Proponents of the Food Patriot Act are either woefully or willfully misinformed about the government’s misuse of its authority to destroy competition for Big Food, its corporate sponsors. The history of such egregious actions against local food economies is long. Mike Adams details a 1940 case where the Feds ordered a farmer to destroy wheat grown for his chickens “because Roscoe’s wheat production might reduce the amount of wheat he bought from other wheat producers and therefore could impact interstate trade.”

One of the many abuses detailed in the Declaration of Independence describes the situation similar to what we find today:

“He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harass our people, and eat out their substance.”

Remember what we did to the last government that tried these stunts? Remember what happened to the boy who cried wolf?

Blind to its transparent motives, CorpoGov has become the boy who cried wolf. It’s incessant terrorizing of the public is becoming laughable. No one but the fanatically obedient believes that neighbors don’t have a right to raise and sell natural food without government interference.

2 responses to “Foiled ‘terror’ plot on eve of passage of Food Patriot Act

  1. same bullshit hit the aussie news today, mentioning Ricin and ??? as possibles.
    well if they were going to do that then a HUGE nultinats food would be the ONLY source to use, the small local producers sure would’nt be worth considering would they?
    not a broad nationwide customerbase, so a damn sight safer!
    and we have the HACCP here, it costs a lot for staff and employers and is a waste of money and time for the basic food handling that any GOOD producer/seller should use as matter of course.
    wash your hands bench mats knives etc.
    keep it properly hot/cold.
    keep it covered.
    the keeping sick people away from food is a ripper!
    you dont turn up due to a cold/ bellyache, and you risk being fired, so bosses force ill people to work and increase risk to all, the so called laws are useless for that.
    and the FDA is useless at checking and acting, too many places too few staff that are competant to do checks also. even when! problems are found they have NOT got the power to shut them down until many months pass if at all.
    deaths are the only fast way for action. bit late then. peanut corp was a classic case, many warnings no action.

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